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A couple of videos I created in mid-2017:





Very high IQ is not a mental disease merely because medium-low IQ is typical thus high IQ is "abnormal".


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Wilful misdiagnosis:
My edited version of a few paras by D. Livingstone:
In the 1970s, Martha Mitchell was diagnosed with "paranoid mental disorder" for claiming that the Nixon administration was engaged in illegal activities. Many of her claims later proved correct, and the term “Martha Mitchell effect” was coined to describe mental health misdiagnoses when accurate claims are dismissed as symptoms of "madness".
The problem with peasant democracy is the people’s sole reliance on conventional sources of information such as the education system and the “free press". The truth often turns out to be far stranger than the fiction the masses have been fed. So strange in fact, that it’s possible to easily denounce the few who question the mainstream narrative, by labeling them “conspiracy theorists,” or even labeling them "schizophrenics suffering from extremely dangerous paranoid delusions".
Derived from the Greek words schizo and phren, to mean “split mind,” schizophrenia is a disorder whose symptoms include confused thinking and the absence of typical behaviours. For the layman, it is difficult to tell schizophrenia from the normal behavior of a neurodiverse personality, for example the rare, nonlinear thinking high IQ individual. Very high IQ is not a mental disease merely because medium-low IQ is typical thus high IQ is "abnormal". That is a typical neurotypical fallacy.
Worse can ensue if the dissident is caught and dragged away for "treatment" in isolated premises.
Methods to break the mind of a captive are not new. For example the Soviets, as well as the CIA in its MK-ULTRA operation, were found to have used anti-psychotic drugs to dull dissidents' brains, and even induced schizophrenia-like effects by the administration of certain drugs. It's certainly not hard for a mad scientist, an example is Hitler's notorious doctor Morell!
While some forms of suspicion may reflect a mental disorder, suspicion and skepticism is not generally a disorder. The powers are in a position to decide what is “real” when it comes to key (political) truths; the disciplines of neuroscience and psychology, and especially psychiatry, must be carefully detached from politics, otherwise they will be used to suppress critical thinking and ostracize critical thinkers.
For example, the World Health Organization’s 10th revision of the International Statistical Classification of Diseases and Related Health Problems (ICD-10) lists the characteristics of “paranoid personality disorder”, as including: “preoccupation with unsubstantiated ‘conspiratorial’ explanations of events both immediate to the patient and in the world at large.”
The label confirms the concerns identified by the British Medical Association, that psychiatry possesses a built-in capacity for abuse: “The diagnosis of mental illness permits the state to detain an individual against their will and then insist on "treatment" under the excuse that it is "in his or her own interests" or "in the wider interests of society”.
In 1958, the first African-American to apply for admission to the University of Mississippi was committed to a state mental hospital. In the early 1970s, American institutions were routinely using neuroleptics to emasculate the fertile brains of the "dangerous" critics of corruption. Various cases emerged in Massachusetts, California, New Jersey, Ohio and other American states which claimed that forced neuroleptic treatments were a violation of human rights.
The suggestion that the consideration of the possibility of wrongful abuse of power -- is “paranoia” -- is a cowardly ad homimen fallacy deployed by the political powers to sabotage public debate. In Manufacturing Consent, Noam Chomsky remarked that the phrase ‘conspiracy theory’ has an effect of discouraging institutional analysis. The truth is that a healthy skepticism of the activities of those in power, is necessary. Any populace is only as good as the people who rule them. All worldly power is fallible, and must be kept in check by the citizenry. However, the media and academia, who might even operate through government, police (if not the army, which is much harder to misuse, although even that can be done), as well as corporations find it easy to corner, ostracize, and destroy those who speak of logical governance, who are often left to fend for themselves.
As such, "psychiatrist" is a typical costume of the modern assault peasant; this is admitted in culture, if not in the peer-reviewed halls of academia:


A Monk isn't necessarily an Orange because of the orange color of his robes... for he's more likely to be a mango - etymology is more reliable than fashion...


Post-Kantian perspectives on humanitarianism:



My Quora answer to "What is the cause of the mental depression that the world is going through?"


The modern world’s mental depression is the mass-psychological reflection of mass-societal dysfunction due to analytic dominance of an increasingly idiocratic civilization, some of whose main aspects are:


  • At a collective level, economic dysfunction due to end-stage capitalism
    • this creates insecurist regimes dominated by reactionary herdists, a regime insecure of thus murderously suspicious of individuals and individualism, dominated by cartels that block reform to survive e.g.: alcohol, tobacco, oil, pharma, arms, or “education” lobbies*… soon to be joined by water monopolies apparently!)

* whose “infallible experts” “profitably” teach falsified “history”, low-quality (“pro-herdist”)

legalisms, and falsehoods in economics, healthcare, or lately even physics!



  • The insecurist regime’s centralized prescription of poor instead of good habits:
    • sitting too long instead of an active lifestyle
    • “economically viable” but poor eating habits instead of food forests
    • marriage instead of free love
    • “legitimization” of tobacco and alcohol abuse and vilification of natural antioxidants


Why does the insecurist regime* do all this?

* the shadowy symbiotic sum of the insecurist components of modern regimes


The cause is the organized sociopathy that has infiltrated governance, this is caused -- not just by the rise of sociopathy as a “viable human talent”, but more directly, it is a result thereof:- hateful Malthusianism (generalized anti-humanitarian justificationism)... and this ideology of narrow-minded "analytical" reactionism has an ancient legacy, having evolved from an old, shadowy “syllogicians’ self-defense” network”.


(And now let’s come to the next reason, which also provides a more direct answer to this question:)


  • Psychological dysfunction at a personal level due to:
    • poor teaching methods promoted by the infallible insecurist regime, which churns out slaves instead of full-fledged individuals
    • Mental anti-evolution (regression or devolution), whose 2 aspects are:
      • Promotion of Herdism and linear thinking talent (whose main applications are herdist: communication and social traction as in typical unremarkable “careers”).
      • Annihilation of pro-individualism humans & nonlinear thinking talent (whose main applications are worldview development and thinking, and of course all is not lost since thinking is the biggest gift that man can have, with many applications e.g.: competitive gaming and even general pathfinding in the world, as in the rare careers that are remarkable..
    • This mental devolution is directly linked to such observations (end of progression of Flynn effect, shrinkage of avg. brain size over the ages)
    • And this, genetic regression, coupled with epigenetic factors linked to insecurism in mispolicy, is the hidden cause of the world’s mental depression (and much worse e.g.: dementia).


More on the various aspects of this problem are discussed in my further writings in this website.


Until reform takes place... the old dystopian* trends, listed below, will continue:

* Or "modern therefore utopian"... every fool who has ever lived has believed his "victorious" herd's views to be "modern therefore utopian".


  1. Why Most Published Research Findings Are False
  2. Alzheimer’s Cases to Triple by 2050
  3. Gap between rich and poor 'keeps growing' - BBC News


The solution?

Thankfully, it can be defined in rather exact political terms... some have tried. For example:


To avoid being misunderstood, let me say: - my political views are not aligned with those of Triarii, which has been called “neo-fascist” (though I openly admit that fascism is misunderstood by most. And I am not anti-semetic)


I'm in favor of the philosophically consummated Ra (a stable Third Sun), upholder of objective logic globally... king of all 3 realms (heaven, hell, earth), not necessarily the typical 2-pronged one (king of heaven and earth) as with Triarii...


Thus, for example, if Triarii says "Kneel down for me", "New world order" etc., I do not agree, I may not agree with, for instance, the Council of Rome.

In any case, why do they say such things?

Blindsight...? The Third Sun went kaput a long time ago, now staffed by weak and ill-advised Sun-Black Sun coalitions (as in the pope-antipope bloc in Italy)...


As for the historic Roman empire…


I find some of its syndromes (specifically war and bidentic (instead of tridentic) power (leading to ultimately meaningless and impotent tendencies as in Mussolini fascism) unsettling sometimes...


Rome was mostly not a pro-Third Sun Empire.

But one of the later emperors did "worship" a concept of 3 suns, you know? I read about it long ago, didn't realize the importance of it back then... damn, can't recall his name...



The Chief Application of my Philosophy (a summary)



(most are not expected to understand this, so read on...)



Case Study -- Emperor Aurelian:


A bit of centrally-relevant history to help you understand how this (unifying the world overnight) works:


Aurelian, personification of Sol, "restorer of the world"*, officially instituted the Sol Invictus cult in Rome... blessed by the Third Sun, Rome expanded...


* On conquering Palmyra, Aurelian became Restitutor Orientis ("Restorer of the East") ... but most importantly he was restitutor Daciarum, the "restorer of Dacia" (which he ultimately was forced to abandon due to not enough emphasis on the Third Sun philosophy).


The Roman Empire by 271 A.D before the reconquest of the Palmyrene Empire and the Gallic Empire by Aurelian:

File:Map of Ancient Rome 271 AD.svg


(It was after the Gallic Empire was conquered that Aurelian became known as "Restorer of the world", and when the Roman Empire reached its peak...)



General outline of the Mission:


1.) To liberate civilization's policy structures from the toxic dominance of the subjectively logical "analysts"  ("Neo-NTs")...



(To be precise, the "analysts" are left brain-dominant syllogicians, not (right brain-dominant) logicians) ...


2.) To make civilization more dominated by (objective) logic ...

E.g.: the ideologies detailed here... What "Diplomats" by nature promote (I'm more of a "diplomat" according to the Myers-Brigg test...)...