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Written by Anand Madhu Last Updated (02 August 2015)

I'll be brief...



Continental philosophy.


To regain power, control over your own life.




Aye champion, your time has come. You're at the right place! Listed here are my works of nonfiction, mostly free to read; these reflect off a uniquely* accurate worldview, fortified by the answers to mankind's chief mysteries, built over 7 years.

* Unique, for one needs much nonlinear thinking talent (Aspie talent) to make a decent worldview; and that happens to be my primary talent:


So have fun with the nonfiction, visitor!



#9: Roots (2015)


Based on my prior research, this work is about TRUE etymology -- the most monumental picture book ever drawn!

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#8: The Droogie Manifesto (2015)