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Written by Anand Madhu Last Updated (11 November 2015)


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#10: Rama vs. Parashurama (2015)

Rama vs. Parashurama
The Origins of the Conflict between the Sixth and Seventh Avatars of Vishnu

Comrades of old, break-up foretold! And the schism so created, sunders the world!


Now this is a critically important book, because it:

1.    Explains the dichotomy within mankind more precisely and remarkably than even Hegel with his limited idea of thesis vs. antithesis, or typical factionalists with their limited idea of us vs. them.

2.    Carries a vision for how to go about uniting mankind and ending the troubles of modern times.

3.    In one fell swoop, explains history from 10,000 BC to modern times without going into the potentially boring petty details or losing sight of the big picture.

4.    As someone said, a philosophy of history is more important than history by itself – such is this book.