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The Punks/Droogies of England and beyond (The Neo-NoldorΨ)

Written by Anand Madhu Last Updated (25 May 2015)



Neuroscience thesis, written for the layman!


Download my newest, edited thesis: Proof of Matsuyama's theory reg. Neuronal Microtubule collapse being the root cause of Dementia progression

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Update: Some of the most exotic secrets of Egypt, the socio-cultural capital of the world, have been found!


Along with Strucker of Germany, Farouk of Egypt et al., Sophocles Sarcophagus of England will shortly return to lead the Droogies to victory!




"Droog" is not just this writer's name...

'Droog' comes from Russian drug (друг) meaning 'close friend'.

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In this sense, "Droog", or "Droogie", is used in the invented slang in Anthony Burgess's dystopian novel A Clockwork Orange (1962) to mean a "A violent young gang member" of Alex's gang of "Droogies". Violent? Gangster? No, that's not the real meaning of "Droog". That's just anti-Droogie propaganda, anti-Aspergian propaganda, in a broader sense; it is the linear thinkers' instinctive fear of nonlinear thinkers ("Aspergians"), which causes them to slander the latter. We discuss all that here.


Support logical internationalism -- become our fellow Droog/Droogie!




Those lines 'round them eyes, though lookin' neat, do not decide whether you're a true Droog or not... It's a far deeper thing!


Nadsat is a mode of speech used by the members of the Droogie subculture in the propaganda novel/film A Clockwork Orange.


One need not know nadsat to be a true Droog.


A real Droogie is one who understands the philosophy of, and collaborates with, his fellow Droogies -- to set things right in a world whose artificial aspects are often wrong.



Why indeed must we collaborate?

The problem of the isolated Aspergian (the stereotypical Droogie is "Aspie") is that he is a nonlinear thinker, who thinks logically but cannot communicate in the style of the linear thinker. That obviously builds up tension when the herds of linear thinkers try to repress the un-understood Droogies, who are by nature individualists and thus disadvantaged; so we think of things like the USSR..


An international network of punks:

Droogies derive from across the world -- "Nadsat is basically English with some borrowed words from Russian. It also contains influences from the German language, and some words of unclear origin". Philosopically (and that matters a lot, even up to say 80%), you are a true Droogie if you know what you want, and what you dislike... We oppose the theater of the absurd -- by force, if necessary!


The Droogie manifesto, in a nutshell:

We want:

  • Greenery, in particular food forests for all humans..
  • Happiness and freedom from depression/dementia for all humans:

We want to rectify the modern situation in which humans are literally addicted to other humans and deficient in novel objective interaction, which results in a painful deficiency in Norepic, and a fryingly huge number of dopaminic brain processes/circuits; by replacing quantitative inter-human interaction with its qualitative counterpart, we want to greatly reduce the severity and incidence rate of dementia (which recently claimed a woman aged 31 in Sydney) in humans, and bring it down equal to the near-zero incidence rate of dementia in wild animals (i.e. not including domesticated cows or dogs, who also suffer from dementia-like diseases e.g.: mad cow disease)..

  • Love, justice, respect for all humans, who must be the Kings of all animals, not the most trashed and helpless animals in this world!