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The New Punk Manifesto

Written by Anand Madhu Last Updated (23 November 2014)

The Case for Neurodiversity: This website is concerned with the most central and fundamental realities which define mankind and its culture, and it is therefore related to the Greek γνῶσις (Gnosis), a noun which meant, to Plato, a body of higher knowledge absent in most men. The most fundamental detail that determines and defines all other details in society, is the distribution of brain types across humanity. It is a poorly understood matter, and the “new thesis” accessible on the left contains some ground-breaking new insights on this subject. The mental differences between humans (and the resulting need for a neurodiversity-based civilization) are usually ignored by establishment educationists, psychologists, and other academics. But mentally, humans are as diverse as the lemurs of Madagascar, which had started out as one species, but diversified into many physically dissimilar subtypes. Though, in the case of men, even if the species is the same as such, and the physical differences are trivial, the mental differences are profound. Remarkably the most important of these mental differences have no significant relationships with the politicized or apparent “differences” among men i.e. race, gender, ancestral origin, color, nationality etc. And the mainstream view that one of the mental types is "right" or "normal" or "ideal", and the other types are "diseased", is partially wrong, and partially an inversion of the truth. Finding some of these exotic truths have opened the doors to finding other critical truths. From our crow's nest, the great socio-economic problems of mankind become easy to solve. The solution involves flipping over architecture on its head, as we’ll see. Hopefully the reader can join me in that project! Hopefully he can sustain himself here until he gets to know the gist of what is conveyed!

Of course, reading this website and its offerings may not be as easy as, for example, eating. But readers are assumed uninformed. Verbosity shifting focus from reality into words, as seen in most analytic (popular or academic) traditions, is avoided. Though "merely logical" non-fiction may initially look hard to one whose right-brain is out of practice due to lack of exercise – if the reader is of that type -- if he persists, he will soon see a major increase in his insight and conceptual ability. Logical writings, as opposed to fiction / fiction-type (axiom-based) analytic frameworks, are thus direct components of Gnosis.




Latest Update: I've released the third edition of what can be called my most important book:


Lordship of the Fifth Column

Sabotage in the Nazi Party: infiltration atop the hierarchy


Find the book here



Punk Music Beautiful Words


Well, the above picture's author got it wrong too, but it's ok; the world's best things are never easily explained. For true punk (the "Sid Vicious" brand of punk) is not so much about music at all; it's about how the people, particularly the bright-minded youth, push an international sub-culture which aims to forward a philosophy of equality and justice... This they do by comic music (to draw the crowds) as well as action and thinking (to educate the crowds); this website expedites the thinking part.


In particular, we want something, a fundamental change in civilization... we want to make civilization functional for all human beings (or indeed animals), whatever their brain type (which determines their political leaning).

Generally, this website contains stuff like:

  1. the science of how syllogic-centric and logic-centric brains work, simplified for the layman.
  2. The science of an ideal, logical meta-architectural structure for society
  3. Empirical study of human society: interesting, previously unseen, theoretical takes on history
  4. Random pages (such as this one, poking fun at "jerks" aka herd-based imperfectionists, erroneously called "NTs")






This website is dedicated to the original Scholarly Punk, John Simon Ritchie aka Sid Vicious, who was, as Lydon says, "Good with concepts"... and who, at a mere 20 years of age, was framed and murdered by Far Right syllogicians. "In its original incarnation, the punk subculture was primarily concerned with concepts such as equality, freedom, anti-authoritarianism, individualism, direct action, free thought and non-conformity. Some punks have participated in direct action, such as protests, boycotts, squatting, or property destruction [In a capitalistic culture, "property is theft", as Proudhon said; so let's reform it!]. An attitude common in the punk subculture is the opposition to selling out (abandoning of one's values in exchange for wealth, status, or power. Selling out also has the meaning of adopting a more mainstream lifestyle and ideology). Authenticity is important—the pejorative term poseur is applied to unscholarly "punks" who do not understand the underlying values and philosophy [read this website to know all that]. Anti-establishment [anti-capitalism] attitude is an important part of the punk subculture". Anarchism, or rather, left-libertarianism [concepts satisfied by Greenwood], is important to the (scholarly) punk. "There is a complex and worldwide underground of punks committed to libertarian socialism as a political ideology".

Poseurs: "Right-libertarian Punks" and "Nazi Punks" reject liberalism and socialism in favor of free market capitalism & indiscriminate ownership of private property. Iggy Pop, for example, campaigned for Ronald Reagan. "Nazi punks are different from early punks such as Sid Vicious, who incorporated Nazi imagery such as Swastikas for shock or comedy value". Due to a massive influx of Post-punk or regular poseurs, "punks" have become "hippies with mohawks" -- it is in this situation that the Scholarly Punk once again regains importance. PS: You can play an instrument, but, as the pioneers showed, Punk is not primarily about musical skill; music is useful only as a rat race-stopper and crowd-puller. Note: Taqwacore is a punk subgenre centred around Islam. Many of them openly reject certain traditionalist "interpretations of Islam" (e.g.: stoning to death).




Our message is simple:

  1. The scholarly punks have discovered the Norepi-centric science of happiness; happiness is directly contingent upon the usage of IQ and high level EQ, rather than RQ, the umbrella of dopaminic instincts/talents explained later in this page.
  2. Mankind must understand "our" science if they seek happiness...
  3. (if they do not seek happiness, they should realize that they are wasting their lives!)
  4. Thus the scholarly punks need you to familiarize yourself with "our" science and ideology, even if its expression is rough and continental, and even if you, given your history of a formal education, may be of an analytical rather than a theoretical bent of mind.




Dear Droogs, as I might call you!

Let's celebrate, for the greatest mysteries of the human world have been solved!

For instance, the underworlds (Hades, hell) have been found!

The biggest of the underworlds appears to be in Kiev ("Cave"); and important ones are in Holland as well (that is why -- "Hell"-land), but important ones lie in Siberia, Mesoamerica, and Mesopotamia as well... some appear to be in the South East Asian islands.

They're almost everywhere, it would appear... but the bigger ones are politically important...


The "aliens" or "sentinels"* spoken about in myths like the Matrix, have been found to be elite Aspergians besieged in the underworlds**; luckily, the besiegers have been found to be good people, just a bit afraid (inappropriately) of what may ensue if the status quo changes!


We must tell them (the besiegers of Hades): They have no need of worry!


* Also called darkspawn (Dragon Age) aka Lycans aka  "dark elves" (in various myths, and even in Tolkien -- dark elves are closely related to Avari elves e.g.: native Russians/Eurasian Avar -- the fault of these elven kindred was to have rejected "Creation".

** for a review, play STALKER: Call of Pripyat; the tunnel to "Pripyat" from Jupiter plant, is an analogy of the underworld passage, and the Monolith of Pripyat are the dwellers of Hades. "Pripyat", as in the game, has no serious connection to the real Pripyat.



This message of a good peace, from the Aspergian community, will surely be received better than Xerxes' messenger in Sparta!