The Secrets of Egypt and the Mystery School of Babylon


Dear Friends!


Information age humanity gets closer to the final victory!

The riddle of the Sphinx has been solved!

The mystery of the Egyptian demon Schesmu, the secret of the schisms that lacerate humanity*, has been found!

* E.g.: The Protestant Catholic schism, the blacks/whites schism etc.


I have found a lot more about Egypt, and have written the one book which anyone really interested in Egypt needs to read (you'll find out about this book in this page; and yes, in my opinion, my book does make things much clearer than Massey's earlier book).


To stir your interest in the mysterious land of Egypt:



How did I find all this?

To begin with, Tolkien's literature, which is actually critical history encoded as seemingly trivial myths by history's victors, was decoded...


In his voluminous writings, J R R Tolkien speaks about the mysterious kingdom of Numenor.

Working on a hunch, I compared his account of Numenor to ancient Egypt, and found a perfect match. The story of Numenor, which looks meaningless by itself, was, when decrypted, found to be the encoded history of ancient Egypt!

Putting the little data that is available here and there (archaeology, Egyptology, Tolkien etc.), the true story of what went on in the courts of the Egyptian kings, has been found, and it is a grand story not objectively covered in the bibles, a story everyone should know...


Thus I've released a new book (this link contains newest version; below links contain old drafts)


Main thesis:

  • (Refer link 1 and link 2 for background)
  • Here is the main thesis, about how Tolkien's Numenor is the same as Ancient Egypt, proven by proving the equivalence of respective monarchs.


Here is one of the main details in the work, the history of the Illuminati, covered in 2 stages:

A: Here is the history of the Kih-Oskh brotherhood -- how arose the brotherhood's mainstay in the West, the Ziggurat Etemenanki at Babylon, which is represented by Tolkien as the "Barad-Dur, evil Tower of Sauron with Sauron's eye on top"

Tolkien's Barad-Dur:

equals biblical Tower of Nimrod at Babylon:

equals the real-world Etemenanki:



The Red Pyramid, which arose as an ally of Sauron's Etemenanki:

B:But then arose the Illuminati during the reign of Khufu, and Khufu built the great pyramid which put all Egyptians into slavery -- creating a parody of Sauron's tower, thus seen as an eye in -- not a tower -- but a pyramid, the one of Giza -- thus rose the Mystery School of Babylon (which had its moments of logicality, however*) in the sense of the pyramid-eye symbolism):

* But later the Mystery School of Babylon became fully pro-logic, in the Danvers era, as shown here


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