Azazel the ancient king


"And Azazel taught men to make swords and shields and breastplates
and the metals [of the earth] and the art of working them;
And there was a lack of piety, as the people committed fornication"
Till Azazel lifted the ban on fornication, returning to older elven tradition

Only the bondage of marriage had the fools dogmatically known
'twas not till Cromwell's queer fetishes in 1650 England,
that once again the Puritans made fornication a punishable felony,
and the teachings of mighty Azazel off their bald heads were shorn

Ancient and mighty, archon of the elven comrades
Azazel he was called and the fools fell at his feet as if mad
Yet Azazel had never asked them to do any such thing
He had no need for all this, being himself the first true king

Never did he call the fools to touch their noses to the ground
All he asked them was to learn a thing or two from the free-entry mound
Never did he ask the fools to rub their lips upon the dust
The fools saw him as a great power, prostrated themselves without luck

'Tis is the true reason why the lords of the fools were angry at him
Leaving the sea of primal mead, to the shore did they swim
From their base sent they a Massive Ship, that spread terror about
They called it the Ship of Fools, and Azazel's nemesis was here found

Some called him Ophion, some called him God, some called him the sun
Thought not much Melkor of the flattery of fools, poked at them fun
And for this insolent insult the lords spared not him and his friends,
Azazel was the first to die to the onslaught of the neo-human trends