The king of the high places


The orcish rider Orobas was distinguished and brave
Mostly the genius who first tamed the horse, rarely the knave
Many an elfin damsel was saved by the army of his land
when seized upon by mobs led by fools demanding her hand

Called "centaur" of old by the lordly fools who fancied elfin dames
Orobas was undermined over the years by social games
The knaves invaded, stole horses as well, and plundered all around
Many were the innocents who used to go missing, never to be found

Orobas the High rode in defence, guided by Morgoth's gifted hand  
But barbarians were always more than orcs, mankind was on quicksand
Usury finally stole the fleece, and though the Pass was guarded
Fafnir's sons had been replaced by St. George, who was relatively retarded

Until by the Valar of the post-Sauronic age, Orobas was unseated
Never thought anyone that Orobas himself would be ill-treated
Terrible indeed had been the curse of The One, the Doom of Mandos
Not centaur nor werewolf nor serpent survived the ancient poison curse

Orobas was enslaved as time went on, made the horse of St. George
His lover Circe was also killed and thrown down the Darial Gorge
The elves tried to call him, call him to the king's seat
But the madmen came instead, killing Ruthenians and Chechens for meat

And now at last reduced is Orobas from the archon of the earth
To a disenfranchized demon robbed of all but his self-worth
Orwell describes the crisis, the absence of diplomats like Orobas:
"Meetings are longer held, instead, a committee of pigs runs the farm."