The origins of Fatal Familial Insomnia


For a background, read this.

See 5:55, in particular

Also, see 0:24, shows that the poor lady's right brain is not very active, since the muscles on the right side only are active, which means that the left brain is super-dominant (that is obvious also by her sister's command of body language i.e. facial expressiosn etc.) ...  

Another one of these Neurotypical Prion diseases, ,, Mad cow disease, shit, the cow, like the dog, a product of inferior human minds, an unnatural, artificial creature
Some rogue gene has entered the genome... Don't say that it has happened for no reason... the person lost self control... there was definitely a personal role involved, as Einstein said, "God doesn't play dice."
The problem is that there is no choice out here. The dopaminic syllogical system seals their fate. X is what they'll do. They'll say Y is what they want to do -- not because they see its value, but because others are saying that Y is what should be done, and if someone forces them to do it, they’ll do that, but NT democracy doesn’t usually result in all NTs forcing one to do what is right. Thus, they will go about it eloquently and with a seeming complexity, which fools those who cannot tell syllogic from logic... but X is what they'll do. Deconstructing the seeming complexity you'll find that there was no metaphysical thought behind it, it was merely a striking rearrangement of what was memorized... all emmissions are nearly as they were when found by the senses, no value-addition. All this is within the scope of the enteric brain's dopaminic extensions in the Prefrontal Cortex. This receptive syllogical talent of the sophist... is something completely differentfrom the Norepic logical talent of the Socrates. Using the dopaminic system alone –  as people nowadays do, assuming themselves to be clever, though their thought process is merely a complex and verbal-involving permutation of what goes on in the any basic mammal's mind – leads to depression, just because of the nature of Dopamine. It overheats the brain (causing neuroinflammation), leading to things much more serious than depression, if the person tries to overcome his inferiority using the Dopaminic neuroprocesses alone.
... So, had a great time installing the false popes and "escaping" as wealthy merchants in Venice? 
Brain felt on top of the world by being alert enough? So, their dopaminic system was "wise" enough to note all clues , not let one thing go from the surroundings, and in the situation of social intrigues, land on all 4 feet?
Ah, the mechanism of evolution takes note of these great new skills! Their brain actually becomes different! The genes change, in order to preserve these great skills ! 
And soon, the "wisdom" increases! The mechanism of evolution increases your robotic mind's license, increasing the faculty of alertness in a very general way ! So, now, have a great time with Fatal Familial Insomnia! Never be able to sleep again ! You robotic mind knows what is good for you, as per evolution! 
Poor souls will be wondering, why them? 
you might see it not, the whole world might be by your side helping you delude yourself, but YOU REAP WHAT YOU SOW... your children are YOU, they reap what you sow... These poor children of intriguers, even if not themselvs at fault, reap the bad harvest....

Syllogicians should understand that it is good to assume the general presence of logic in all things in nature (especially your own body and mind)

This is the intrinsic LOGIC OF THE ALL, the LOGOS, one might call it God, if you will... It is silent but central, though the syllogicians believe that what is heard is central, rather than what is silent.

NTs have a high rate of "thoughts." They justify to themselves their petty "logic," fooling their conscious, but I guess they ought to be told that ... reality transcends what is in their "conscious" mind... it has a separate existence ... and at the end of the day, nothing except that matters. If they say ignorance (of such logic) is bliss, and prefer casuistry, believing that it is "good" ... evils will rain upon their heads...

Droog merely want to tell them that, when that happens, they should not seem surprised...

 it is not a result of nature, but a result of Neurotypical "thought" process.... absurdities of such magnitude could never be expected from nature... it is indeed a strange and unexpected thing that NT syllogical faculty also evolved as per the logics of nature...  I guess the problem that exists here is not the syllogician by himself, but the way the syllogician has been exposed to the products created by logicians. These 2 add up causing a violent reaction as the herds of syllogicians takes what seems good to their parochial mindset (Dexter's sister DEEDEE comes to mind), and leaves the rest, thus sentencing all artificiality to corruption and ultimate collapse... though at least the natural design is at least perfect enough to remind him of his inferiority, by giving him that mental state (deficiency of Serotonin linked to feelings of of inadequacy and inferiority)

What evil have these children done to suffer FFI? Nevertheless, if they retain control, they'll be fine, I'm sure...