The first principles of World geopolitics


The first principle of World geopolitics #1: the important Mediterranean

Why does Tolkien say, "Sauron of Middle Earth"?

Indeed you'll see that the most important place in earth... is Middle-Earth.

Here we study the circumstances of an important sector (or front, or theater) of western Middle Earth.


Roman Empire at its greatest extent



Byzantine Empire at its greatest



Ottoman Empire at its greatest



Why are the people and economies of Spain and Greece always oppressed these days?

The economists say, "because they belong to PIGS, that is, Portugal, Italy, Greece and Spain".

What a foolish "logic" (syllogic) that is!

Why was Libya attacked? Oil? Gaddafi's tyranny? No, but because it is in the Mediterranean Ring, and Gaddafi was refusing the global syllogicians' cabal's hypocrisy

Why is Syria threatened? Evil Syrians? No... rather, the syllogicians are trying to erect a parody of Rome and Greece... An Empire of the Mediterranean Ring.

Bob Dylan: "The times, they are a changing"

Change, change, and in all such things related to change, what we must determine is the rate of change to confirm our thesis.

Thus rollback 60 odd years, to Nazi Germany, and we find that they were also advancing along the Mediterranean ... to grab the Mediterranean Ring



The First Principle of World Geopolitics #2: The capacitor

The political importance of Italy stems from how it is the "capacitor" of Europe, as a piece of land jutting out from the mainland (that is why the papacy exists in Italy, or why fascism began by taking root in Italy).

Similarly India is the capacitor of Afro-Eurasia, and thus politically important.

Similarly, Africa is very important (but due to Africa's sheer balkanization and poverty, it is Egypt and Israel which, as the handlers of Africa, effectively become important)

Islands are similar but even more politically important, which is why the UK is most important in the European context, and Sri Lanka and the South East Asian Islands (including Taiwan) are most important in South East Asia context, politically.

The First Principle of World Geopolitics #3: big and small


(To be understood in context of the terminology as laid out in chapter 1 of my fourth book)

Syria Lebanon
Spain Portugal
Tamil Nadu Kerala


The First Principle of World Geopolitics #4: normatively repressing the logicians

(To be understood in context of the cosmogony (importance of "7 kings" and "6 kings") as laid out in chapter 6 of my fourth book):

A typical trick of boxing out the logicians and thus giving them, normatively, minimum power (even though they have higher status, that comes to naught due to low power)