Help me make a documentary on dopamine

There is an inevitable change that must occur in the Information Age, and it is already occurring, but far too slow and violent for our liking.
At the core of this change is:
Neurosis-related non-logical behaviors must fall out of favor, and vanish into obscurity -- much how the human's tail vanished!
This change is logical and worthy, as it implies:
  • increase in happiness of all people
  • the political unification of the world (all agree to the same objective logic). 
* note: pro-chaos people, don't worry, organized chaos will be permitted, as shown in last paragraphs here
This change defines reform; it is the only way out of climate crisis, warfare, or general global illogicality crisis
If this change is so good and important, why has it not been implemented already? Because:
  • Until now, concepts like  logic / syllogic, which have finally been demystified thoroughly, were poorly understood, or unconfirmed. 
  • The syllogician would claim to be logical, and there was no way to refute him by the metaphysical argument which he invariably rejected ever since the times of Kant.
  • The syllogicians were often in a majority; they opposed what they did not understand.
However, with the findings made by Droog et al. -- the limitations of metaphysics have been overcome.
However, my thesis is very logical, and that is not completely a good thing, because unfortunately, as everyone is in a hurry, ease of communication is inversely proportional to logicality of content.
My works are not like the "unputdownable" books of fiction which are easier for syllogicians to grasp.
So how to take the message to most?

We can still project its message, and thus win support for the logical change worldwide.



By making an educational but fun-to-see film warning of the danger associated with lack of (objective) logic in mentality, and designed to engage and educate the public, but grounded in Lakatosianistically solid science.
However, until I get help from you, that is hard, as I am a young adult logistically unable to make such documentaries, but ready to help its production if the resources are in reach (mental resources being more needed).
But the proposed content -- based as it is on my cracking of the first principles of molecular neuropsychology -- has much more scientific merit than what you see in some old, largely metaphysical thus doomed videos.

We should collaborate and release a film to be seen by the conservatives of the world, who'll thereby listen to logic, as they too want to ultimately avoid depression and dementia. It is a golden opportunity of the information age that we must seize. I can do most of the lead work for the production, given my excellent grasp of the subject.
Invitations for collaboration are invited from scientists as well as laymen who have the minimal logistical resources that documentary-making calls for.
Just email me.
The philosophical justification for the documentary is revisited here.
What we can have in the documentary....
Partly -- we can talk about the many new theories in my thesis, leading up to the conclusion (convincing the majority Neo-NTs that they can be happiest, internally, if using logical talent, which is the talent most dependent on Norepi and least dependent on Dopamine).

Part of the video can involve us explaining through diagrams (scientifically grounded ones) and fast-forward it; that is a methodology similar to this video (on a related subject but scientifically weak, unlike my thesis).

The aim is simple, to justify an individualism-encouraging policy; discourage groupism (nationalism, racism, ethnicism, and other syllogical neo-tribalisms, which involve abuse of patient's Receptive System and consequently, neuropyrosis disease progression). 


In a nutshell, the film will show why useless activities -- cause depression, dementia etc. -- because they involve a large dopaminic component; the mentality with more of these is, in terms of electrical density, quantitative activity; but man is supposed to have qualitative mental activity (i.e., a large Norepic component). 


We can end the documentary video by showing...


If groupism is deemphasized, what will be the result? 

This is how a substitute logical substrate might be (an example) -- a society designed for the thriving of individuals, where
  1. Logical talent is repeatedly called into practice by the environment's nature.
  2. Touch with nature, interaction with whose complex entities are so important to the development of logical ability, is preserved as much as possible. 
  3. Individuals are physically separated (normatively live in individual houses), so that there is no hazardous formation of herds. 
  4. Qualitative exploitation of resources replaces the quantitative exploitation of resources (as in the exponential rate of growth of economy in capitalism).
An educative documentary video is the best way to project this new science into the public world.
  • Surely you will soon understand  this proposition's great potential -- especially given how the alternative means of world unification have failed.
  • After all, if one aims for anything less than world domination, he is bound to fail
  • (rather, world domination by objectivity, rather than by you or me, or some alliance of tribes... if people use any other means than (objective) logic for world domination, they are bound to fail).