Feanor vs. the Lords of Oilassey


As of now, this epic needs a lot of editing by a number of wise people!

It must be converted to proper hexameter..

This epic is more in the style of descriptive mythology than cryptic mythology. Those who don't understand certain names or terms should use Google..




The Sons of Feanor and the Lords of Oilassey


The land of Oilassey, full of trees but bleak

A foul stench cloaked its eaters of fire

Lords were whose problem-solving skills were weak

Its economy, mainly tributes from the Shire


The Lords of Oilassey hated the rains

For "power" they'd sacrificed the crown of their brains,

Their rule driven by fear, jail and whip

Maintained by an ever-tested balance of arms and quips


A popular type of Vala, lord of the swarms,

Word root behind the word “fool

But Azazel’s Valar were unlike those

who saw not logic in metered discourse



Azazel, 5600 BC, did chance upon

Eurynome's naiads of the Sea

Curiosity by none was left unrequited

Let love or lust be free


The Flag of Oilassey still flew

Seen far and wide if the wind blew

Miriel died when the heroic Vala Feanor was born

He who swore the Oath of Feanor at Mt. Hermon



Most of the "angels" did then "burn"

The Valar matured and defected en masse,

In the Darkening of Valinor did they turn

It was as if the wild herds had discovered grass