Open Letter to the world's neuroscientists, psychologists, and scientific-minded laymen


Dear scientist,

About 2 years ago back I'd mailed you a preliminary presentation regarding Dopamine's and Norepinephrine's very important "quantum neuropsychology", so to speak. Trust you are fine, since then!

Finally I've finished the editing, converted my theoretical framework into a book. Please find it attached for your review (please download it and see if any chapters are relevant to your field).
Alzheimer's disease, the costliest disease to society, is rapidly increasing in prevalence. It may well be called the pandemic of modern times, wreaking havoc on the elderly people (some as young as 40) of the developed nations, especially America. With only a few weak hypotheses, the cause of dementia is not understood; all proposed medicines have either failed clinical trials or proven ineffective. This book carries a much stronger, relatively broad-based theory of dementia causation, via a model that supports a much-overlooked 1989 theory by Matsuyama about how pervasive Microtubule collapse causes Alzheimer's disease. The model reveals that the brain's psychological functions are carried out by neuro-circuital systems containing myriads of Dopaminergic and Norepic microsystems; it proposes that, due to greater (heat) burden upon some neurons' microtubules because of excessive electrical signalling in certain characterisable ("high RQ") types of brains -- certain microtubules in such brains break down, causing the collapse of neurons, leading to Alzheimer's disease or other dementias.
Chapter 10 in the attached document carries the theory of Alzheimer's disease progression, but the other chapters are equally interesting.
Anand M. Kumar