The Psalm of liberation


(a short poem on the true reason for the Soviet Union's collapse)





Our great Soviet Union, liberates the world

Giving Castro free nuke to castrate Wall Street's Midas slaves of gold

Though it is not as if dark is not found where the moral Sun is

As Ribentropp reminded Molotov -- the dark is not necessarily evil !



Our great Soviet Union must liberate the world

An eye for an eye gave habitual blindness to all of its leaders

Gesell showed once and for all with miracle of Worgl,

Fixed the great depression and yet whole world is blind to usury's evil ?!!


The great Soviet Union liberates the world

Even the lumpen; for even Turks can be moral Christians

They feel they vote for choices in western "democracy"

If their mainstream is so brainwashed, why can't ours also be?


Our great Soviet Union would have leeberated the world

Had not the capitalists plied us with krokodil and vodka

An Internationalist utopia was just delayed, not lost,

Will Putin solve, once and for all, the mysteries of Rasputin?


Our Union is not just a herd of Turkic males since it leeberates the world

It caters to the want of females too, Pussy Riot is worse than Lady Pasta!

And I have heard but I can't confirm that some bear is on the hunt

The confusion is whether it's the Pole "Baloo", or the polar bear

Some claim it is the Panda who Mr. Pi has called, "pretty aggressive"!


As Pussy Riot's great cuntry would have shown

There will be no more talk about want of things,

The regime shall manufacture what you need on a one-size-fits-all basis!


We are the bear that hath an old frenemyship with Cipher and the minions

But we'd work for our enemies if duped by Pseudo-Chomsky's linguistic ruffians!

Cipher, Rhodes, Rock, or Vin Diesel, who is king of northern submarine base?

Nobody knows, defence minister seems to have died lonely death in the Kremlin!!



The only reason it collapsed is we believed that Christ's soldier equalled god himself!