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Alexander the Great:


Brief biography of the WW2 era's most important character (no, not Hitler):

Alexander Alekhine heroically fought nationalism after the murder of the tsar.

In the best way possible: by in-game victory rather than lowly herdist violence.

Almost immediately after the liberation of Paris, Alekhine publicly stated that he had to write antisemetic articles for the Pariser Zeitung before they granted him his exit visa.

The nationalists could only slow him down by creating visa issues or camping across the Atlantic!

"After the fall of France (June 1940), Alekhine fled to Marseille. Alekhine tried to go to America by traveling to Lisbon and applying for an American visa. In October 1940, he sought permission to enter Cuba, promising to play a match with Capablanca. This request was denied".

"After World War II, Alekhine was not invited to chess tournaments outside the Iberian Peninsula, because of his alleged Nazi affiliation. His original invitation to the London 1946 tournament was withdrawn when the other competitors protested. While planning for a World Championship match against Botvinnik, Alekhine died aged 53 in his hotel room in Estoril, Portugal, on March 24, 1946. The circumstances of his death are still a matter of debate. It is usually attributed to a heart attack, but a witness to the autopsy stated that choking on meat was the actual cause of death. At autopsy, a three-inch-long piece of unchewed meat was discovered blocking his windpipe: murdered by the herdist extremists. His burial was sponsored by FIDE, his body was transferred to the Cimetière du Montparnasse, Paris, in 1956.

I haven't the time as of now.... anyone wants to ghost-write a full biography? I will advise the author on book structure and skeleton of the narrative. Will easily be the best biography ever written... by far. This book will become wildly popular.. but requires a good writer.

He was not an anti-semite.


And of course, this is not really the photo of Alexander Alekhine:


The adventures of the frontier psychiatrist:


"When Hitler was troubled with grogginess in the morning, Morell would inject him with a solution of water mixed with a substance from several small, gold-foiled packets, which he called "Vitamultin". Hitler would arise, refreshed and invigorated. Hitler gave a packet to Himmler, who immediately became suspicious and instead secretly ordered one of his SS physicians, Ernst-Günther Schenck, to have it tested in a laboratory. It was found to contain methamphetamine. On at least one occasion Hitler ordered his private train stopped so that Morell could inject him without worrying about the train jostling.



The Czechoslovak president, Emil Hacha, fainted. Morell injected stimulants into Hacha to "wake him up", possibly methamphetamine. Hacha soon gave in to Hitler's demands.




Stalking is permitted:


Hey offline stalkers, it's not as if I don't see you!
Actually, I like it! Typically, girls are encouraged to "stalk" us ;)

We don't mind it at all rather we are thankful when you try, but take care not to do it wrong.
How to close distance with the "difficult" hunter male?

Girls feel free to try and stalk us, but refine your approach. We get nervous when you beat around the bush too much, may even cause us to run away from the place.

Feel free to tell us if you have a major (fate-linked) problem, that'll probably make us pity you, our noble heart will often even directly rescue you - if you are articulate enough, cute enough, and especially unjustly wronged enough.

We're rare, but like to hang out and make friends in public places (town squares etc.).

We're optimists, making out with you is what we're looking forward to too!

But don't expect us to talk much (if you beat around the bush or act too much like a peasant).

Don't expect us to seduce you with body language or spontaneous eloquence.

Expect (if you're very good) clumsy verbal attempts from our end, excuse that.

An Indo-European cultural elite who doesn't speak English is more likely to end up doing something that will make us classify him as a barbarian.

If you're more into verbal communication, please learn a bit of English.
I don't mean increase your vocabulary by merely mugging typical expected words, but learn how to use the typical uncommon words by practicing conversation (about ideologies and things that are interesting to articulate, and not persons, sports, weather and social networking).

As the great Hershaw said, your English is good, let's mate... good luck!

Don't come in herds, like with one or more "hidden"* agents you conspicuously** talk to before inching closer, that will freak out any individualist, haah, we'll run (successfully) and you'll fret over wasted time.

* Especially if your agent wears a military uniform, hahaha.
** when you approach, where else but centered around you will a hunter's eye be?

And if we run, don't judge us, however powerful you are, however true your beauty.

All past first-time unlucky beautiful comets are cordially invited to try again, the overwhelming majority of you were great, maybe I was too busy running to pay attention!

A true beauty will be mentally beautiful as well, bold enough to spot a gentleman and initiate conversation, preferable beginning with topics of general interest, without fear of being publicly misjudged by the gawking ministry of love's anti-PDA plainclothes police spies and bystanders, heh no sweetheart, they don't matter, they won't touch you under the government's watch, the government won't touch you under the army's watch, the army won't touch you under the special forces'/military police's watch, and the special forces and military police won't touch you under the watch of local competitive gaming champions like me, and as for me, hah! I'm not interested in touching the uninterested girl ;)

Maybe hard to ask, but try judging the silent thinker by substance, not appearance...

If you're mentally healthy and honest, and feel sexy and feminine about yourself, go for it!

Even if you're a stranger... no that is not "slutty", the undomesticated female is the best!

I hope my offline stalkers read this and inform the rest, good luck landing an elf, heh ;)

Oh well, speaking of that, I guess the important point, is this: If you are always going to behave as if you came merely because the mango sent you, don't come, maybe! Don't expect me to dance to the mango. Instead, go back to him and try telling him that it takes 2 to tango.



On FB Walls:

FB is linked to 3 types of walls: profile walls, the walls they create between people, and THE WALL whose bricks they are trying to reduce all people to, in this way.



FB creates walls between people by blocking worthy friendships, by for example hiding the "add friend" button, waylaying inbound friend requests, or just rendering inaccessible the profile of your new best friend (well that's what IG is for).

While a peasant or scared juvenile can't be blamed for habitual hustling, it isn't befitting of these power elites of noble descent (as I believe)..., people see in the information age; all know all, ultimately. It's like "the emperor has no clothes" situation. Again, don't blame me for saying this, we thinkers don't usually speak, and for every 1 like me who sees and speaks, there are 100 who see and do not. It's not as if the truth will get out from here, heh no, it is already out. More generally, the notion of secrecy is invalid, a placebo that enriches only the quack who prescribes it, a self-deception.

I know it will take a heroic effort from Zuckerberg's side, but I think he is capable, he is advised to adopt this diplomatic mission: fix this... Lest Facebook's top executives end up like Khodorkovsky...


A chicken farmer from school?

Saurabh Arora: "Just ordered a chicken and an egg from Amazon.

Will let you know ...."


Me: I get the feeling that your boss will be wondering who will come first, chicken or egg, only to see that neither will come first or ever, at least not as effectively enough as required! You might get an eggplant from Amazon instead, hehe! But no, really, good luck with the chicken, buddy! But you must work hard to avoid the dark end of an underinformed chicken farmer like Himmler. Learn from history, he was strong for the war's duration but liquidated in the end. You must put real good effort, don't worry I can advice you if you want, hehe, no really. Hope you live more than the few years Himmler led the chickens. Hey, take care man, it's a dangerous world. Watch out for the knife! Don't look here, I won't be the one sending it, I wouldn't have allowed Himmler's death under my watch, it is sad that the Brits killed him without hearing his opinion. Someone like me would have heard Himmler's point of view, you know I like you just like I like just about anyone else. But take care buddy, among diplomats (in Myers Briggs context), mediators like me are rare, most diplomats are protagonists who may not have pity on chicken farmers or indeed any kind of farmers. Take care, for I know it may be hard for you to have nothing to do with the chicken and eggs, fate is for most a powerful substrate. Not for me, different story. But if I ever use the Morse code "knife", pay heed and clean up your act (that's the only way! Himmler didn't get away by blaming his fate), clean up your act because unless you do that, the diplomat-protagonists are coming for you. Better listen to diplomat-mediators like me, I hope you live long, bud. don't get me wrong I am often in favor of the German continental style.
Personally i believe that Himmler was a misunderstood and well-meaning guy, just that chicken farming and egg-theivery is an extremely difficult, even impossible act, and also though I don't like giving a lecture on morality i must say that chicken farming is a bit irresponsible especially today in the information age, it is not worth it, you know... diplomacy is a better idea. Heinrich Himmler was right on many things (I too would discourage conservative reactionism like marriage, macroeconomic intransigence, and the banning of weed, all policies close to Himmler I believe; I too would encourage a liberal culture, like Himmler; but surely Himmler was wrong in the way he went about authorizing (even if not personally!) the killing of top German thinkers within the OKW (etc.) and outside Germany using the "Secret" Police (SS).

Know more about "diplomat-protagonists" and "diplomat-mediators" here:

Diplomats don't convince each other by subjective logic, so don't look to me if you want help stopping the diplomat-protagonists without accepting an objective position!

This is how the world of diplomacy works.
It's not about mangoistically making a lot of friends and controlling them. I trust You'll understand what I'm saying, Saurabh old pal, and do the right thing. But don't worry too much if you cannot, we mediators are there to help, and don't worry if you're not cut out for heroism! If not you, someone else from your camp will see, one day. You're capable of making this point across to Amazon, buddy i believe in you!






Prince Harry the Great:

"Brexit" said the low IQ extremists, banking upon the channel to help them divide and rule Europe!
But LOL this, then:
I congratulate Harry, true son of his beautiful mother Diana!
And the backward-looking demented generations are being forced out of "power" (or rather, being given true power: potential freedom from depression and dementia!), the chicks and kids' reformers alliance is restoring objective logic to the world!
Macron of France was one example, the next potential hero is:
May all help him find his destiny (of putting objective logic back on track into Saudi Arabia, and then of course, Turkey. And the few "pro"-subjectivity regions remaining in the rest of the world will soon follow suit.)
And very important, in the near future, keep your eyes on this:
And Americans beware, do not let the fools' alliance coerce Trump into using the very large US army base in Qatar to make any unwelcome trouble!
By the way, if Harry said that -- this... is clearly not merely fake news (Harry is taking such as cover):
This, then, is the fake news:
Oh, the reformers are winning! Unfair economic system and systematic murder of life will soon be a thing of the past, yay! Sociological singularity is near, friends! Uhh, by that I mean all people. The concept of enemy is but a literary fraud; there are only discovered friends and undiscovered friends...

Facebook and "artificial intelligence":

FB AI says good afternoon to me?
Bah, waiting for the day when Markus Zuckerberg will!
"AI" is such a misconception, all that an "AI" does was cleverly programmed by a human, there is no such thing as AI.

(Looks like a Malthusian attempt to "devalue" humans... Absurdus maximus, the human is not an artificial thing, like some money, for him or her to be devaluable!)

The cleverer the programming, the more it seems artificial. Thus a better term is AHI, or Automated Human Intelligence.

In any case, the above statement proves (for those who need direct syllogical proofs) that the idea of technological singularity (in brief: "a machine ai can be more intelligent than humans") is absolute fiction.

AHI can only do quantitative simple learning, not qualitative complex learning, at least given present half understanding of neurons (neurologist-academia understands only the rote-like quasi-pavlovian dopaminergic side of learning, not the axonic/norepic side) and resulting half*-engineered state of current "neural networks". In theory it is possible to reverse engineer norepinephrine/axon-like advanced associative/calculative function... but why would one want to (attempt to) do that when the human being (ideally) is already the perfected implementation of that architecture?

* much lesser than half, actually.


Well, the rot seems to go much deeper.

Since a few days back the "Add friend" option does not show up on some profiles I find most interesting. FB, it seems, does not want me to make any good friends. Same thing from the other side, when I showed a really interesting Hungarian guy my FB profile, there was no "add friend" option that he could click. A pity, I really liked him. I will meet him again! Another example, when a really interesting fellow from Krakow sent me a friend request in front of my own eyes, I went back home and checked, that friend request never turned up. Something fishy! No wonder Obama (Zuckerberg's agent) was denied another term, Hillary Clinton (similar) or Morsi (Hillary's ally) were denied power. Well that's a lesson for all the inflexibly Aspergian-unfriendly types, they can't just be doing a biased style of hustling and still expect to outrun the arrow of the hunter all the time.

Luckily for them, they still have an option: contact someone like me who represents the informal/dormant hunters' federation diplomatically. Well, our policy is clear, from our side it's an open-door policy; Zuckerberg et al. know what's to be done to get through that door; and we won't be the ones to close it.

Though it's true that most don't see the Hustling, it's also true that a few like me do, just that we tend to not talk about it. Until they go to court and argue about their innocence, in that case we still need not talk, we can just, for example, release Hillary emails. Reality speaks for itself. And the errors and hubris of the past ("we came, we saw, he died") will return to haunt them, precisely to the extent that they unjustly haunted the silent ones.

Hmmm, I guess Facebook should become open source (in the more meaningful sense of open source) as well. They copied Orkut and bought Whatsapp anyway. In the well-known style of businessmentality -- injecting money (largely ill-gotten money) into others' ideas... money accumulated probably largely through usury... so stolen. No less than a white collar crime in my book. We all hate such systematized "legal" robbery... devaluing and robbing thinkers, rewarding cunning capitalists who, as justification, summarily declare themselves "public-minded" ("at least more than the Germans, who are all like Trotha".. what an absurd thing to say, but you and I well know why we can much more understand the Aspergian spirit than most others). At the same time, these "power elites" hide themselves, and don't directly state their points of view, mainly because a discussion will prove such to be ultimately invalid, if at all plausible; and because they feel they are actually getting a pretty good bargain! So... while I wouldn't completely agree with such a cartoon*, I can well understand the concerns of its creator, and such are valid... As always, both sides have their points; the trick is to understand this... and work towards balance in the world (sociological singularity). At the risk of appearing politically incorrect I must say... I would not so harshly criticize that cartoonist, I would definitely not label him "Hitler". Well he could grow up to become like "Goering", perhaps, but not Hitler. As you of all people would know best, Leif Ekblad -- herd warfare, debate, and pseudo-debate are activities outside the scope of our Aspergian brains' participation... what other tools do we the thinkers have, apart from art and, god forbid, force... if it comes to that?
* this cartoon:

On marijuana:
I'd raised something like this point* with Dr. Melamade once, but I think he didn't answer.

* Specifically, the dangers posed by those who peddle "spice", passing it off as cannabis. Spice is basically poisoned cannabis. According to my friend from Latvia, it is ravaging the youth of Eastern Europe, and as such the only solid justification of pro-prohibition politicians, is the clear and present danger of spice. But of course, pro-prohibitionists are themselves psychopathic. In the war of the psychopaths thinkers should not end up as collateral victims!

Clearly the only solution is HOME-GROWN CANNABIS.

State-regulated cannabis is not a good idea in the days of war and false economics.

The only surefire (and ultimately, total) victory we can harvest from the history of anarchism, is this:

At least we can be responsible enough to grow our own cannabis, I'm sure all here will agree? Even if we have access to good stock, we must farm our own, only then will the innocent children of Eastern Europe ask why we farm it ourselves.
More news on this battlefield here (but I didn't write any of it, nor read it! And I can't be sure it's not propaganda, just use your mind, as usual)

The editors of a famous Indian newspaper have overstayed their welcome in the ranks of true Hinduism (which is tolerant by nature) by publishing a blatantly crazy, pseudo-scientific article:
Absolutely baseless pseudo-science!
That article is a vulgarly prudish attempt to "scandalize" (big) breasts (ridiculous, I know) and, apparently, to corner empathy for the world's patients of sexual dysfunction and disease in general... could have instead used leaf.
And thus the verdict is out:
While in most situations the COW (by which i mean the holy cow official, cow being the ancient metaphoric representation of the far-from-heaven "I" power that is definable as "the secretary of heaven") -- should indeed be abided by and respected (being the "secretary of HEAVEN", which ideally has a logical regime) -- it is definitely not beyond criticism when some wayward "agent of the secretary of heaven" (e.g.: the "Hindu" newspaper outfit in this case) -- "officially" publishes such "facts" with no basis in biology (what I know of biology, and I know much, definitely suggests that prolonged breastfeeding is better for the IQ of the child).
These moralistic fools will next try to criminalize PDA, ban breastfeeding in public, and reimpose the strict form of marriage...
The cow is supposed to be Shiva's vehicle, rather than the other way around. So I advise democratistic extremists to free Mount Kailash? They shouldn't worry, today, Shiva is not necessarily a "destroyer" unless the ignorant force him to be, let him (+ his true friends) turn to mankind and they'll see, he is just an old hunter-style nobleman who has long since accepted that, in his infancy, he shouldn't have cut off the original Brahma's fifth head (a grave error dating to when Shiva was more warrior than hunter, the original 'brahmahatyadosha' whose misinterpretation probably has been abused in 2 ways ever since: quantitatively: to justify the subjectivity of ignorant "brahmins", and "qualitatively": to (quite secretly) manipulate the cow/"democratic" mankind against Shiva's quest to uphold objective logic (well that's no secret to a self-taught student)... no longer, certainly. Doomed to fail*, in any case, are those who fail to see that a "consensus of subjective logic (opinions)" is no valid replacement for objective logic, at best there can/should be a synthesis of the two (and indeed we all must talk about that, an interesting and worthwhile topic).