Unedited latest thoughtstream (Draft)


Clues that few can use from FF8 (scroll down for review):

5 key Googleable nouns, germs of​ deep thought, if you want to understand the besieged, respect-worthy meta-Greek "defensive philosophers" from FF8 Cipher (Athens, Lesbos, Moria) and Rhodes (Rhodesia, butterfly)...

Sitting in their hidden and in any case impregnable strongholds, this syllogicians-dominated, coerced "forefront of western/Greek academia" are shown as having capacity to infiltrate "the logical team" (led by a greatly infiltrated Dragon "the Rock", and a decisively-cipher-controlled hostage nobleman, the "devil" himself, Vin Diesel, kept in line by the darkest and most murderous of threats).

Though I sympathize much with the cycle of the types played by Vin Diesel, I almost have more sympathy for the characters portrayed by (Little Nobody), Statham and his mother, and of course the Boss Baby, who plays the son of the Vin Diesel character.


FACT of the day:
Did you know? 16/4 is World (true) Asperger's Day. It is rare, around 1 in 100,000, to find people like me with true Asperger's Syndrome*
* there is another far more common type of 'Kannerian Asperger's syndrome' as well, which can be readily differentiated from true Asperger's syndrome.
True Asperger's Syndrome is a "logically functional if at times syllogically mediocre brain", a type of brain designed for natural and objectively logical (not illogical compromisist) civilizational surroundings. It is capable of self-care unlike the brains of clinical Autists or Neo-NTs if permitted objectively logical policy by what is unfortunately an increasingly unpermissive, Neo-NT-dominated society.
AS is clearly equivalent to extreme right brain dominance and has a genetic plus epigenetic basis.
I'd written long ago a drafty, unedited document on Asperger's Syndrome:
A fuller, more structured set of essays on the fundamentals of neuroscience, starting from first principles, is recommended to understand it all, but it is lengthy, one will have to warm up his pineal gland in order to read it. If all else fails, just try kick-starting i.e. like read each sentence multiple times if that's what it takes to understand at the start...
Latest Neuroscience Thesis (http://www.djedefsauron.net/index.php?option=com_rokdownloads&view=file&Itemid=146)


(* Remarkable at least to myself and a few other elites who were unfortunately too scared to me to ever talk to me and discover my harmlessness)


Though I am remarkable primarily as an atypically efficacious thinker [self-taught (new-style)],

I am secondarily remarkable in how I was the single most important "new-generation" (post-2003) gamers in IIT Madras.


Didn't realize that I had had back then sometimes fought for dubious sides, or sides which didn't let me in to the privy esoteric critical secrets they knew, critical secrets which I was never even aware existed.

I was used, in a sense.

My skills and position were exploited by others for great profit, who gave not even the least bit of that to me.

What they gave me or at least tried to give me, was something else.

Pseudo-friends who tried to drown me in cigarette smoke, and there was one guy who, about 10 years back, tried and failed to get me to try Ketamine, which I recently found out was also called "date rape" drug and which must work by numbing your perception for a while.


No wonder it's called a horse tranquilizer...



But later, also, I often fell into the same error of fighting on the wrong side in competitives.



By ignorance and miseducation.

Lapses of concentration or the worst form of terminally misguided effort to help the side of logic and love.

Thankfully, by now my education is sufficiently complete. I think such errors by now are impossible due to my crystal-clear understanding of society. I need no esoteric knowledge, I have mined out all the knowledge that I need, that humanity ever needs to save itself!


But before that... I may have been wrong, often.




Uninspired minds reactively speak of replacing workers with robots and Artificial intelligence, how about replacing translators with​ natural intelligence (while of course giving them glorious alternative livelihoods) - how about making English a compulsory primary international first language worldwide. Ban all world languages if that's what it takes to make learning English at least as mandatory as drafting during wartime. Avoidance is considered worse than defection and Illiteracy is punished, or at least corrected by 1 year in jail with air-conditioned English classes...



The Russians will be won over only towards the end maybe, but they too will be won over ultimately. Actually, some of them have already been won over -- by the Englishmen and maybe even I can help on that front. Politically, always try for individualism, beware of herdism! Groups, even if initially well meant, always fail e.g. how the inheritors of the ideology of communism twisted its meaning and failed its originators...


Meta-Fast and the furious 8 meta-review
If indeed not anything else, the one thing the true ffs follower knows is to swing with the ffs flow, like "nataraja", the dance of the falsely accused devil whose family has been kidnapped and kept under the threat of gun, the flow of the great but unfree and manipulated meta-Cuban hero being put in a very hard position by a dark force whose messenger is a classic Mata Hari "evil temptress", a Greek Amazon warrior who herself is of course a bit unfree and manipulated.
Camus used the term "ageing adolescents" for misguided adults, but the term "ageing baby" is evoked by the exponentially more painfully unguided representative forerunners of the poor generation z, seemingly doomed, arrested by Windows 10. 
One good thing potentially sayable about them is their what can be called post-Jennerian revolutionism. Yay! Looks like the boss baby (Horus the younger) is back in power... 
Yay, because the generation z will finally be free perhaps.
Within a safe utopia.
Doing no harm to unsuspecting​ others.
Contributing truly to society.
Thriving and taking forward a happy humanity..
Pundits copy pasting stale marketing falsehoods about the millennials is worth ignoring but I'll tell you a rare, freshly derived, exotic marketing trick to understand the next Gen... the easiest way to understand generation z is by understanding their fast and the furious mythology.
To not know this has often proven the classic fatal weakness of the otherwise relatively humanitarian ideology oriented average millennial ideological elite.
No wonder the generation gap between z and me, a leading example of the latter, now to be closed .. a gap resulting from how i had never seen a fast and furious film, those that i only now understand are about (more than just) competitive meta racings. Seeing a Star of much beauty next to my cousin in a similar film had also perhaps thinking more​ of​ all this...
After family guy's​ stewie, the latest and cool representation of the great baby was of course in boss baby, but he makes a hapless cameo in the new film "the fast and the furious 8". Easily THE most elaborate, difficult (but fulfilling) to interpret work of neomythology ever written (even a harsh critic like me must admit to Cipher's intelligence and God's wisdom to have so beautifully crafted a film! One can say if there's just one film to understand in your life, it's this.  Thanks to my Gen zer cousins for booking my ticket. Wait yet, the only way to completely understand that movie is a simple 3 step process.
1 watch and understand the films i made (the secrets of the ages), see the matrix and dark city before understanding if required.
2  watch boss baby
3 watch fast and the furious 8...
If you ever embark on this path, fear not for time for it can only here well be spent, instead try and use your pineal gland to steer your nonlinear thinking, and look forward to and enjoy your norepinephrine windfalls!


And a day or 2 later... Steam... is back! Or was back a day ago already. East Asian servers not online maybe but I'm back in Steam servers lol. Through my logical choice of enemies and matches, rather than the typical form of negotiation, trade, and base-building, I (seem to) share an excellent rapport with the community, although I've never communicated with Steam representatives. My relationship with the community is as an individualist contributing gamer, different from the typical factional warrior style. Also my style of gameplay was "anti-sniper" or more generally "anti-marksman" type of gameplay, rather than the much more common "marksman" type of gameplay. Most marksmen, or "common infantry", are not real, trained soldiers anyway, if you go by the statistics they are at higher risk of killing women and children and are obviously used as cannon fodder though I hate idea of that tactic ("the trooper"), I hate war, or even the idea of WAR to end all wars.... just saying, to get the point straight and hopefully elude misquoting fools with agendas.


Finally, it is here.The logical conclusion of the historic trend detailed in my website. Outed from Steam CS GO lobbies -- only temporarily, i hope -- for rage-quitting a high level CS: GO competitive, because my ping/latency (450) was thrice as high as that of my teammates (150)... and the other teams' averaged say 50.... should allow a free man at least one such rage quit from a comp., especially when he, busy as he is, has so little time to play and keep sharp... one can still redeem his footing; play MOWAS2 competitive heh heh heh.

Have to still hope to make the time for that...


You know what this film reminds me of?
That scene from "Dark City" where the "insane", similarly convinced ex-detective Walensky throws his shoe at the "spying cockroach"... and is there a solution to this mystery....?
Self-evidently this is a modern metaphor. A reference to the "BUG", a small, James Bondish audio receiver/transmitter ... hears what you say (IF what you say is worth monitoring), and transmits that info, can be uprooted now and then but is always replanted...
And as the last scene shows... if you catch it once and for all by taking out its planters (who pretend to be your type)... if you outsmart them, they will resort to violence (in their style, working through doppelgangers)..

Freedom vs. Duty

~ or ~

Beyond Good and Evil -- Hyperangelism among certain lower-rank militaristic elites (~ Duty faction of Yanov)and Kejriwalism among leading professorial elites (~ Freedom faction of Yanov)in academic institutions: an informal case study on the social dynamics of the 4 (TN) Air Sqn (Tech) wing of the NCC in IIT Madras

Without going into too much detail, the NCC, or National Cadet Corps is a different version if not equivalent of the possibly Babycorp/elder kid-linked "Boy Scouts" common in the developed countries.

Of late, it has been in the news...

2017, Deccan chronicle:- " iitm best engg. college in India" ...


Empowered, the omnipotent academics blatantly displayed their power of proclaiming whatever the hell they want and being publicly lauded (the classic tradition of the "fallen angel" dominated academia):

"Iitm profs prove that aspirin cures cancer"!



But we are here to discuss not that, but the effects of and counters to what one may call the Kejriwalism among some of the most leading professorial and more typically administrative elites of IITM, who are, if important, mostly fallen angel-linked movers and shakers... yet the biblical idea of a "fall" does not imply their hearts are incapable of empathy.

At​ least these fallen angel (ideally "Gnostic black sun") type elites usually did try to help a few (at least their rare, powerful "fallen angel", and lower-ranked "watcher" type of students, if not necessarily other angelic or misclassified stray (in fact, true neutral) students like me) -- against the injustice of regimentalization perpetrated by the largely "angel"-dominated NCC.

The NCC detachments were 'angel'-dominated at least ideologically i.e. at least in theory if not in reality; for, in a slowly-eroding reality, often we saw that fallen angel generals, not lowly captains, had the final say.

So this injustice was... the unjust regimentalizion of the mostly angels and watcher "NCC" kids among the 18-19 year old newly-joined IIT children, the whole lot insultingly known as "freshies", some of who were denied football by stonewalling, threats, or outright violence resulting in, in at least my case, broken ligaments (well, ask Sudhir Shekharan (callsign Yahoo) who was charged to carry out the execution of my right knee.... or, well, ask anyone from that batch who was "in the know". Probably for some other reason, Sudhir's poor brother was punished? As Schizophrenia was induced into his brain. In no way should one surmise that maybe I was behind it as I was  nobody; it was some angels (or "angels") perhaps?

So, back to that particular "pedagogical militarist fundamentalist" NCC-division's undeniably well-watched Duty core ideologists...

So, these "angelic" NCC militarists at the IIT NCC camps, trying on behalf of the relatively "angels" -linked army to do what they ever dreamt about -- completely uprooting the fallen angels from IITM -- tried and​ failed, year after year, to find the "secret fire" (fallen angel/watcher agents in the university social order) and bring about swift regime change, by uprooting the hidden fallen angel elites and watchers within the resident academic community. And this is a generic cycle seen in every other internationally reputed university.

So these NCC guys in military fatigues (later as a CS-playing Melamade school recreationalist as an IITM "senior", I used to regularly wear military fatigues, which must, as i now realize, have come across as intimidating, but that was unintended then! Experience of projection of such an aura on my part -- an unintended and unreal (it was all pseudo-bark, and incapable of bite) but misperceived as a real, dark, threatening aura by select classmates who were also power elites -- this has happened to me before, in school, more than once.

Seen only by that select few watchers and initiated and not by me or others, it must be a terrible aura due to my origin and potential "Baron Pampa" legacy -- but, given that that I cannot ordinarily dream to live up to this legacy, and never knew about it, my aura though maybe remarkable was all pseudo-bark, and incapable of bite. To be honest and digress, I am only now coming to understand the world and this legacy and aura, and now that I think of it, it seems that, while such would historically often be used for great evil historically (as a rampant Black Naga misled by Hathor); it can also singularly be used for great good.

So, these NCC guys in uniform... they forced children like me (ultimately only because many of us were falsely suspected of being, politically, angels... or "angels"...) to embark on feared weekend morning drills, marshaled onwards by watcher-complicit student warlords like the famous scarface Raghuveer Reddy (if i remember the name right) .. aided by these relatively luckier "head-boys", the NCC militarists enthused a few.

It was I who usually led the fightback, by masterminding escapes from this torturous hell, which i now speak of. I, "anarchically" enough, regularly led my friends and followers into protest... disobedience... if not rioting!

While the students as a whole cultivated between themselves a  complex system of timed bunks and proxies, i personally spearheaded several disobedience based peaceful mutinies, evasions of NCC "duty", classically evasions of training in which kids in their late teens were broken, bored to death,  abused by militaristic marchist instructors while their classmates back at homes, were just learning how to socialize with girls!

As our next step, the case study may be further detailed. One day, summer NCC camp in the scorching city of Madras, while the luckier children, that is to say those would not be called "children of the damned" as I perhaps would be (but no, I am and always have been still lucky) -- while the children luckier than me got to go to NSS to learn how to become watchers, ultimately maybe even "channelers" or "astral projectors" -- all in all mostly patsies, stool pigeons, and at best agents under the angel/fallen angel/"angel"/"fallen angel" power elites (something which our likes never had the chance to do but might not have chosen even if we had had) -- so that day, in summer NCC camp in the scorching city of Madras, In the earliest of the great escapes and quasi-Gandhian (or more accurately, peaceful) protests against "Duty" that I remember -- during that day, amidst a ludicrously​ long march in the hot vacation -- one such band of ours, in the shameful army or rather Khaki uniform and all, escaped to "mandakini" and certain other senior hostels abandoned for the killer summer vacations (but the sympathetic fallen angel professorial elites had left 2-౩ hostels unlocked for the watcher children, which were prepared with comfortable beddings, available to the watcher children at least, the luckiest of whom could even have benefit of a computer from a generous senior (people like me in our first year had mostly no access to the friendship of seniors -- the Sarayuites).

So we escaped to Mandakini, and got to avoid marching (and I have a similar, maybe related aversion to dancing)!

No more were we stuck in the camp; NCC had barricaded Sarayu during vacation; every other part of IIT Madras was under lock and key, like a curfew ordered by the combined powers... other things too happened or at least were meant to happen that day, of this fact one can be sure... given the locked and​ unlocked zones which resemble the rigid frontlines of war (barbed wires, curfews, free fire zones, moats and concentration camps) prohibiting the free movement of humans.

In hindsight, I can even sympathize with Buddha & Fart, 2 "mandakini" watchers who were my neighboring roll numbers in my classes/department, and were forced to attend NCC merely to keep an eye on me, it may appear, but who though comic were otherwise of faultless character (while I am from an apparently angelic dynasty, in my stated hate for NCC regimentalisation I might resemble a fallen angel ideologist like Nietzsche, but that is not because I am anything like Nietzsche, but due to how I am stray, technically "true neutral".

Buddha and Fart, the eventually very successful (they enjoyed rich placements in a sacred oil company) watchers, to their defense escaped with me to mandakini that hot day, and again proved themselves about 2 years later by following me as I opportunistically bolted one day from a humanities class I couldn't be caught attending when the back of the replacement teacher, who preferred to take attendance before the class started, was turned to the board.

Another achievement worthy mention was the act of taking cover in the tail-ends of, or in the middles (or hidden "dark sides") of the raghuveer reddy-led marchists, the  cohorts marching in unison; happily hop and skip unseen by the drill-masters, unpunished, in the middle of the marching scouts.

Probably because I happen to be from a (potentially) angelic line, however... the all-powerful IITM-NCC combined intelligence, manifesting its actions through the combined executive top brass (which can be called the Secret Intelligence of those parts...), one day, funnily feeling in a punitive mood, noticed my defiance; for the crime of escaping an arduous session to see a film (permission to watch which already had been explicitly denied beforehand) in the humid, mosquito filled OAT (open air theater) within the campus -- one lady-less nevertheless relatively romantic (at least when you compare it to NCC) evening -- I was caught after daybreak with a handful of others and summarily sentenced by a kangaroo court to perform a strenuous and hurtful frog jumping exercise that was by far the most painful punishment i had ever had to endure... and, I would guess, these can be called the mid-stage, deeply-educative stages in the formation of my rebel-like personality that later evolved finely, to become more significant. The concluding clue, of course, is that both factions' HQs are located in Yanov train station, as shown in the game Stalker: Call of Pripyat.