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The editors of a famous Indian newspaper have overstayed their welcome in the ranks of true Hinduism (which is tolerant by nature) by publishing a blatantly crazy, pseudo-scientific article:
Absolutely baseless pseudo-science!
That article is a vulgarly prudish attempt to "scandalize" (big) breasts (ridiculous, I know) and, apparently, to corner empathy for the world's patients of sexual dysfunction and disease in general... could have instead used leaf.
And thus the verdict is out:
While in most situations the COW (by which i mean the holy cow official, cow being the ancient metaphoric representation of the far-from-heaven "I" power that is definable as "the secretary of heaven") -- should indeed be abided by and respected (being the "secretary of HEAVEN", which ideally has a logical regime) -- it is definitely not beyond criticism when some wayward "agent of the secretary of heaven" (e.g.: the "Hindu" newspaper outfit in this case) -- "officially" publishes such "facts" with no basis in biology (what I know of biology, and I know much, definitely suggests that prolonged breastfeeding is better for the IQ of the child).
These moralistic fools will next try to criminalize PDA, ban breastfeeding in public, and reimpose the strict form of marriage...


Killin' Ton:


We all like to give erring children another chance*.

*but note, to "a chance in the classroom" is not really a chance (but of course that's the point of "education", is it not).


But with time, people grow, at least in size...


Who or what, is the fool?


A mature fool is often one who in his youth has failed to study and understand the fool.

He is dangerous given his strength in numbers.

He is dangerous given his ego, which is directly proportional to his idea of his own "status" and inversely proportional to the "status" of the person in front of him. He considers the strength of his argument directly proportional to this abstraction of ego rather than its underlying logical structure.

We all know the fool cares about appearance, not substance.

What is lesser known is that due to a common mental disease best described as "domestication", he believes that projecting an image of how he abstains from good things makes him look "moral" (a heuristic that over-values acceptance in a backward tribal substrate).


His domesticators "agree" (and they involuntarily domesticate each other as well).

(this, then, is the vicious cycle that has caused man's brain to shrink over the last 20,000 years).


Image result for bill clinton pinocchio cartoon


Thus, although he has heard about how Bill Clinton lied about "merely staring at Mango Lewinsky, and never touching her, leave alone leaving samples in her knickers" -- he readily believes it when the same Bill Clinton says "I merely kept the (weed) joint in my lips, but never inhaled". Gotta give it to Obama, who was relatively frank about his use.
Anyway the latest Wikileak, a hacked email from Hillary Clinton, shows how the Russians have always known that Bill not only inhaled weed, but injected it from behind to cure his cancer. Well, I guess he should have started inhaling when he had the chance.


(PS: I didn't mean to offend Bill Clinton or anyone else).




I think i can find out about a well-entrenched Sakaar Vala elite ...

Friendship between the Valar and the most central rep of "the mortals" will achieve our purpose of world all-round logicality.


On love:

Liking, love (and at times even lust) are all the same (varying extents of that whose most awesome expression is when it is to the maximum extent).

Efficiently, characteristically Aspergianishly, I even think the idea of "friend" is stupid... what, is someone not anyone my friend?

The world suffers a most inappropriate lack of gentlemanly caddishness...

Guys chill out, just be cads, females are not all evil, some of them can help us can save the world. In fact, undomesticated females are more receptive to logic due to a sturdy corpus callosum and inter-hemisphere communication.



Aurelian the Great:


I can't stand it if anyone insults Aurelian...

Any academic who holds the same views as his colleague is at best redundant, at worst corrupt, and in any case ought to be ruthlessly and immediately sacked...

Who is the typical academic historian, but a fool paid to impotently "insult" the noble dead (who cared not for insults in life, as if they would in death!)... a herdist bashibazouk, the greatest of whose weapons is the notion of "generally accepted" or the "academic consensus". Case in​ point is their mischief as from Wikipedia (from an article that is not completely ridiculous due to its inclusion of what corrupt academics might disapprovingly label "alternative facts"):

"The academic consensus is that he was of humble birth and that his father was a peasant-farmer who took his Roman nomen from his landlord, a senator of the clan Aurelius.[6] Saunders suggests that his family might in fact have been of Roman settler origin and of much higher social status; however, his suggestion has not been taken up by his more recent academic colleagues such as Southern and Watson.

Using the evidence of the ancient sources, it was at one time suggested that Aurelian's mother was a freedwoman of a member of the clan Aurelius and that she herself was a priestess of the Sun-God in her native village. These two propositions, together with the tradition that the clan Aurelius had been entrusted with the maintenance of that deity's cult in Rome, inspired the notion that this could explain the devotion to the sun-god that Aurelian was to manifest as Emperor - see below. However, it seems that this pleasant extrapolation of dubious facts is now generally accepted as being no more than just that"




Discussions on Ra

but I could have written better lyrics...
this makes him seem like too much of a tyrant!
I love the concept of Ra...
in particular, hear:
"I am the New World Order to come, I am the first* and the last**"
* [RISING SUN or white SUN]
** [SETTING SUN or black SUN]
Of course a Meta-Italian Triarii Elite (King of Heaven and Earth) will be expected to sing that...
But I like more the concept of supercharged-Ra, THIRD SUN [SUN OF THE SKY], the first [Sia] and the last [Hu] being merely the 2 main pillars that support Ra...
The King of Heaven, Earth, and Hell...
That is the truest form of Ra... not just Emperor and demigod, but a veritable God on earth, a consummated philosopher-king.


The essential Bahubali 2 review:

Prepare for a flood of "Bahubali 2 reviews" by people ignorant of the all-pervading "Sun" vs. "Black Sun" concept which underlies the film...



FF8 speed-wrap

Clues that few can use from FF8 (scroll down for review):

5 key Googleable nouns, germs of​ deep thought, if you want to understand the besieged, respect-worthy meta-Greek "defensive philosophers" from FF8 Cipher (Athens, Lesbos, Moria) and Rhodes (Rhodesia, butterfly)...

Sitting in their hidden and in any case impregnable strongholds, this syllogicians-dominated, coerced "forefront of western/Greek academia" are shown as having capacity to infiltrate "the logical team" (led by a greatly infiltrated Dragon "the Rock", and a decisively-cipher-controlled hostage nobleman, the "devil" himself, Vin Diesel, kept in line by the darkest and most murderous of threats).

Though I sympathize much with the cycle of the types played by Vin Diesel, I almost have more sympathy for the characters portrayed by (Little Nobody), Statham and his mother, and of course the Boss Baby, who plays the son of the Vin Diesel character.


FACT of the day:
Did you know? 16/4 is World (true) Asperger's Day. It is rare, around 1 in 100,000, to find people like me with true Asperger's Syndrome*
* there is another far more common type of 'Kannerian Asperger's syndrome' as well, which can be readily differentiated from true Asperger's syndrome.
True Asperger's Syndrome is a "logically functional if at times syllogically mediocre brain", a type of brain designed for natural and objectively logical (not illogical compromisist) civilizational surroundings. It is capable of self-care unlike the brains of clinical Autists or Neo-NTs if permitted objectively logical policy by what is unfortunately an increasingly unpermissive, Neo-NT-dominated society.
AS is clearly equivalent to extreme right brain dominance and has a genetic plus epigenetic basis.
I'd written long ago a drafty, unedited document on Asperger's Syndrome:
A fuller, more structured set of essays on the fundamentals of neuroscience, starting from first principles, is recommended to understand it all, but it is lengthy, one will have to warm up his pineal gland in order to read it. If all else fails, just try kick-starting i.e. like read each sentence multiple times if that's what it takes to understand at the start...
Latest Neuroscience Thesis (


God Saves:

Uninspired minds speak of replacing workers with robots and Artificial intelligence, how about replacing translators with​ natural intelligence (while giving them glorious alternative livelihoods) - make English a compulsory primary international first language worldwide. Ban all world languages if that's what it takes to make learning English at least as mandatory as drafting during wartime. Avoidance is considered worse than defection and Illiteracy is punished, or at least corrected by 1 year in jail with air-conditioned English classes... The Russians will be won over only towards the end maybe, but they too will be won over! Actually, nah, they have already been won over -- by the English and maybe even I can try and help on that front. Politically, always try for individualism, beware of herdism! Groups, even if initially well meant, always fail e.g. how the inheritors of the ideology of communism twisted its meaning and failed its originators...


Meta-Fast and the furious 8 meta-review
If indeed not anything else, the one thing the true ffs follower knows is to swing with the ffs flow, like "nataraja", the dance of the falsely accused devil whose family has been kidnapped and kept under the threat of gun, the flow of the great but unfree and manipulated meta-Cuban hero being put in a very hard position by a dark force whose messenger is a classic Mata Hari "evil temptress", a Greek Amazon warrior who herself is of course a bit unfree and manipulated.
Camus used the term "ageing adolescents" for misguided adults, but the term "ageing baby" is evoked by the exponentially more painfully unguided representative forerunners of the poor generation z, seemingly doomed, arrested by Windows 10. 
One good thing potentially sayable about them is their what can be called post-Jennerian revolutionism. Yay! Looks like the boss baby (Horus the younger) is back in power... 
Yay, because the generation z will finally be free perhaps.
Within a safe utopia.
Doing no harm to unsuspecting​ others.
Contributing truly to society.
Thriving and taking forward a happy humanity..
Pundits copy pasting stale marketing falsehoods about the millennials is worth ignoring but I'll tell you a rare, freshly derived, exotic marketing trick to understand the next Gen...
The easiest way to understand generation z is by understanding their Fast and the Furious mythology.
To not know this may be the classic weakness of the otherwise relatively humanitarian oriented millennial ideological elite.


After family guy's​ stewie, the latest and cool representation of the great baby was of course in boss baby, but he makes a hapless cameo in the new film "the fast and the furious 8".
Easily THE most elaborate, difficult (but fulfilling) to interpret work of neomythology ever written (even a harsh critic like me must admit to Cipher's intelligence and God's wisdom to have so beautifully crafted a film!
One can say if there's just one film to absorb, it's this. Thanks to my Gen Z cousins for booking my ticket. Wait yet, the only way to completely understand that movie is a simple 3 step process:
1 Watch and understand the films i made (the secrets of the ages), see the matrix and dark city before understanding if required.
2  Optional -- Watch boss baby
3 Watch the Fast and the Furious 8...
If you ever embark on this path, your time can only here be well spent, try and use your pineal gland to steer your nonlinear thinking, and enjoy your norepinephrine windfalls!


Review of "Shutterbug" by Christopher Nolan



You know what this film reminds me of?
That scene from "Dark City" where the "insane", similarly convinced ex-detective Walensky throws his shoe at the "spying cockroach"... and is there a solution to this mystery....?
Self-evidently this is a modern metaphor. A reference to the "BUG", a small, James Bondish audio receiver/transmitter ... hears what you say (IF what you say is worth monitoring), and transmits that info, can be uprooted now and then but is always replanted...
And as the last scene shows... if you catch it once and for all by taking out its planters (who pretend to be your type)... if you outsmart them, they will resort to violence (in their style, working through doppelgangers)..

Freedom vs. Duty



Well, you can  find it here...



The doctrine of Englightened Power

Jared Kohler: "War is only bad when it costs more money, technology, and lives than it saves/creates. Sometimes war is the shield that interferes with the sword of democide."
I partly agree...
Wrong is the "Gandhian" or rather "militant pacifist policy" which doctrinally declares "an eye for an eye is wrong" (while ignoring the "inevitable" direct or indirect harms inflicted as a matter of course...)
Nevertheless... on the idea of creation of money, technology, and lives by war --
It is incorrect to think that war alone can create and catalyze technological development or progress.
Wealth (therefore thriving and technology) is actually created by global economic revival, rebooting the rot in mainstream economics.

Though economic revival typically follows a war (as in Bretton Woods), economic revival need not be preceded by war.. nor, for that matter, does war necessarily beget economic revival...
Therefore war seems unnecessary even if it creates value sometimes, simply because it is not the best way to create value.
About the cost of money, technology, and lives sacrificed by a policy of war -- such sacrifice is done too readily.
War need not cost so much in money and lives.
To realize our pro-life reform objectives...
One can now use a public logical process (much different from the present "state of the art" democratic machinery),
or maybe, if needed, even an international bloodless coup (which can only be objectively logical - if it is to succeed).
(though i really don't think mobilization will be needed so generally) ...
Of course objective logic is the key concept.
For some e.g. "sociopaths" hunted by a state of "peace" (or a militantly "pacifist" policy regime) -- as you rightly said, at least in that case, war can be a shield that blocks the sword of a democide  of the sociopaths, organized and systematic -- that is why objective logic is the key word, a system agreed to by all.
Though it seems utopian, it is not a very faraway concept...
Can be done by a new concept i'm thinking of -- an online consensus platform...
Here the objective is not mutual agreement on a monolithic common policy for all -- but mutual agreement on flexible customized policy (proposed customizations to be modified until there are no meaningful objections).
But surely war cannot by itself achieve lasting peace...
While the idea of "war to end all wars" seems to make a bit more sense, it still seems wrong at a relatively fundamental level, because enlightened power's doctrine should be more on the lines of "an intelligent* bloodless coup backed by defensibly objective logic to end all wars" (and of course, this can only be international), rather than "War to end all wars" -- which can only be unenlightened (thus ultimately illusory) power's doctrine...
* intelligent on several levels:
1) objectively logical at a policy level (theoretical level)
2) feasible (short-term stability): should buy time for all to discern and agree to the vision of objective logic
3) Stable in the long-term (can only be a natural result of points 1 & 2...
And (3) is but the idea of "Golden Age" or "sociological singularity" as in the times of early Atlantis (to be differentiated from the neo-Atlantis regime that ended around 10,000 BC)...
"Sociological singularity" is also to be differentiated from concepts like "social singularity" (supported merely by brute force), which can only be stable in the short term, as it misses the critical point about objective logic...