Attempts to hack my website, and other malicious cyber attacks....


Dear friends!

I should've spoken about this long time ago maybe.

But it was only the latest cyber attack against me, that moved me to post such a post.

The truth will prevail, it has returned despite the multiple attempts to hack my website, pictured below.


Exhibit 1 (status: cleaned):



Exhibit 2 (status: cleaned):


Luckily, these hackers have not been active after that.

But I've experienced cyberattacks on other fronts, and lately some Admins on a good-for-nothing, syllogician-dominated forum called "ISF"*, asked for my ID Card to "validate my identity" after baiting me by pressing a false charge accusing me of having multiple accounts:




And, gullible as I am on social matters, I almost fell for it!


Luckily, I found this page; they were self-evidently intending to impersonate me, then! The attempted attacks have been increasing in scale, then....


Though I think no harm can come to me or the body of knowledge which I advance, so don't worry about me.


* My ISF account handle was named "Ornithosaurusrex", and these were my threads (links) are given below. Be warned, those threads might be a pain to read, they're full of stupid "points" by ISF dimwits, and ad hominems and a pitiably impotent attempted gangbanging (one thinking guy vs. a raving pack of eloquent syllogician idiotai, but I loved posting there, the foolish replies were an endless supply of slapstick BIF/NLD humour):



On the priests of usury

On the GP

On utopia

On the "holy smoke"


But then I was starting to get some support as shown below, that's when they tried to pull off the above-descrived trick.


On marriage


Be careful, friends.

Don't ever "hero-worship" me -- doing so may cause a threat to my freedom or life.

I'm not here to lead you but only to impart the knowledge I have acquired, this is what I think of "leadership":