Cyber attacks against me


Ever tried to save the world?

Try it.

You'll be misunderstood, even attacked.



Very few are attacked in this way, and to me, it is an honour to stand among them.



First, the good news:


The attacks, overall, have failed.


I don't really care much about my secondary website, its development wasn't even fully complete anyway LOL... as my cousin said: "That's great news... your primary domain is holding. WOW. I am glad".


So, it is not as if "all is lost", far from it.

In fact, I really feel flattered and love the hackers' attention.


So, about these cyber attacks:



2014 - 2016: I had made a website to help mankind and save the world (about)....


2017: it was hacked twice in a week (these hackers are pro and have hacked many other sites, mostly sites owned by good but probably isolated people like me).


Link to my hacked website:


Screenshot of FIRST HACK (30/5/2017):



To be thus hacked by KING ZERO, I'm a rather famous guy :)


Screenshot of second hack (discovered 4/6/2017):


Ridiculously funny, i'm feeling so flattered and so important... as that same website,, got hacked again:



Ah, who's that girl, I wonder.Is she trying to hit one me? Anyway...





And yet we can discuss a far more important matter than minor misguided hackers...


I should've spoken about all this long time ago maybe... but it was only the latest cyber attack against me that caused me to write this.


So I've experienced cyberattacks, but nothing like the one I'll talk of next:


Lately some admins on a (syllogician-dominated) forum called "ISF"* asked for my ID Card to "validate my identity" after falsely accusing me of having multiple accounts:




Gullible as I am, on social matters, I almost fell for it...


Luckily, I found this page; they intended to impersonate me, and possibly steal my identity.


But friends, don't worry about me, as no harm can come to a de facto competitive gaming world champion like me :)


This website that you're reading, my main and old website, was also hacked very very long ago, it has been cleaned ever since, though; proofs:


Exhibit 1 (status: cleaned):