True education regarding peasants



A simple video to help differentiate alien/hunter mentality from the ultimately reclusionist coward* mentality of the ancient form of classical peasant, who suffers from depressive and melodromatic vegetable error.


The Predator is not a coward, as he is ready to risk his life for the sake of love, just like the alien.


Thus in meaning, unlike what Vegeta-school peasant fundamentalists suggest, "Predator" is NOT the same as "peasant".



The below video talks of the typically "intangible" nonlinear thinking mentality seen mostly in the hunting aliens (or purely individualistic, recon-class stray aliens like me) and at times in the warrior predators:







As of now i can only think of GMO-pushing peasants at best pie-faced in Brussels and at worst, dead in Nova Zembla, or even Moscow. It's important to be free to unleash the worldview. I can see that some might have been unlucky... sometimes, you "must" accept even a false doctrine when its enforcer is more powerful than you and there's no way out, when "your life depends on it". I've always tried very hard, successfully, to dodge that situation, I guess I gotta be thankful for the circumstances that have surrounded my life. An instinctive, inflexible repulsion from what I rightly or wrongly (errors I don't quite mind) perceived as "the tentacles of groupist herds" has defined my personality, it has a genetic plus epigenetic etiology, I've always been like that. Some nobles are unlucky, they get caught by a sharp herd in childhood, get trapped in life, become doges and archdukes bound by dogs' leashes... like children raped by pedophiles grown up (not quite) to become farmer doctrinaires with a luckily wobbly conviction. Luckily for me (and the world), i staved off the herdists throughout my life, and by now i don't need to, the men of war are answerable to me ("vetted representatives of objective logic" to be precise). But I admit the hunter nexus is not infallible. Though nonlinear thinkers, not linear thinkers, and thus free from the typical sort of syllogical or socionomical error of the kind on display -- even hunters are not always right, since the purest hunters were from the age of Atlantis and today's are usually half-breeds, hunter-warrior (or rarely hunter-farmer) type. So sometimes we see, 2 hunters' blocs (divided and misruled by farmers no doubt) clashing outright, there is no clear winner. For dealing with such situations pragmatically, we had evolved a different method over time -- competitive sports (and now e-sports), like the duels of the wild west. I'd rather escape to freedom at best, or at worst, die trying -- than accept some ignorant peasant priests' democratically-enforced false policies as my life's ideological core... and then, shamelessly, reproduce... luckily for me, an apex predator has no natural enemies. Farmer herds must be duly forewarned that swinging their pitchforks at the hunters' king is mostly a funny oversight, a dance of death as many (at least used to) find out. For when the "shit hits the fan", and the hunting bows (and now, guns and tanks) are drawn one by one, the farmers will find that all the guns, in general, are answerable to the champions of competitive in general, and the gods of war in particular. They will find out, if their ignorance, ego, and hubris causes them to dare, that their bee-protection suits are no good, for it is no bees' nest like the USSR -- it was rather a phoenix's nest. An invincible fire will rage across the earth, followed by a flood of freshwater, not salt water and definitely not dirty water. The farmers' so-called democracy, having "voted" for an unjust war against logic and thereby signing their own death warrants, will dissolve into chaos, out of which will emerge a new order of logic. The phoenix, perturbed, will rise from the ashes. To be completely fair to myself, i should say that in my case it's not mere luck, nor significantly inheritance, i had to work hard for this throughout my life. I had to make sacrifices, give up what I love the most (the 24x7 company of girls and even true friends)... in order to fiercely preserve my freedom from herd affiliationists. It is indeed lonely at the top but the view is worth it. I can clarify, I am not an isolationist like the Basque people, but I won't ever subscribe to herd pressure. And to be frank, I don't need to. Individualists are not alone in their struggle against the various herds of the world. The entire world's individualists are with them, we make up a pseudo-herd dormant generally, but capable of being awoken. And I am not needed, ask your Bill Gates to try and go to the Brandenberg Gate to initiate a debate in favor of GMO foods, he'll probably last like, what, less than a day? You ask me to look at the history of the modern times and psychologically succumb to the manifestly illogical idea of technological singularity, i ask you to ope your heart and mind to the idea of sociological singularity. Yeah, look at history. The farmers don't listen to logic, they will attract force. The Nazis failed because of Hitler and Himmler were farmers, but history is longer. You need a Napoleon, an Atilla the Hun, a Sauron, a Morgoth to convince you about accepting logic? You need the Russians, Mexicans, and North Koreans inundating America to convince you? No I think you are clever enough to understand that it is not my opinion, the voice of a lonely individualist which is talking here, but the voice of objective logic, known to many, articulated by a few. Inthe Myers-Brigg context, though a diplomat by nature, I do admire the spirit of the Protagonist but I'm more of a Mediator. When the time is right the farmers will be thankful that I value diplomacy and use an approach compatible with their ways. They needn't thank me; no problem, it is my duty and my honor. No need to be afraid of the gods of war -- well I can't speak for my ten compeers, but at least I can speak for myself, no need to be afraid of me. We'll not "transform" except to stop unjust mobilization by biased herds. I do my best to use diplomacy and serve objective logic. I don't think a "war to end all wars" is necessary in this information age, there is another way -- and if the highly educated pHds and generals awaiting quasi-Stalin's bullets to their heads as "logical arguments" and "inexorable proofs" of their stupidity -- believe otherwise -- I hope that some day, at least in this age, their brains will work in a more out of the box way, causing them to see the deep beauty and natural superiority of objective logic.


Above I used the word "vetted", could be misunderstood as mere elitism, so allow me to clarify... I meant competitively-vetted, to be precise. So you too want to be among the influential elites? Want to have a say (if it comes to that; it usually never does with us hunters) the guys with the arms (the men of war, at best)? Well, it is quite possible, the non-linearly thinking man is quite unlike any other animal. While the hunter elites can't be led around by dogmatists, they are open to suggestions and usually pretty receptive to logic especially, i guess, if well articulated; being already usually full of self-esteem, they don't consider themselves "reduced to zero" if they must accept, or even bend to, others' views (as long as such are logical... it is if we must bend to an objectively illogical view that we consider ourselves "reduced to zero" and no more than animal)... much unlike most modern pHds (usually of farmer origin). And anyone can make suggestions, just that the elites have limited time to entertain suggestions. So sure, everyone's welcome to try and earn their respect, by trying to prove their worth in competitive gaming. That's what Steam is all about and I guess, has been for a while. It's redefined politics, irreversibly, making it accessible to the thinker masses, it's almost a second, relatively functional kind of democracy. All this is not available on some "manual about competitive gaming", I am articulating it for you all, I probably have the duty to explain how the complex world of the hunters works lest some well-meaning fool ends up inviting a bullet for his "last supper".


I ultimately understand the situation of those who are intimidated and beset by fatal fate. Don't get me wrong, I pity the victims of fate as and when I detect them. Ah, I can't help it, I find it hard to make time for social interaction and come across as a rude punk (always! It's the nature of all pure hunters) esp. when I see socionomical arguments this patently hollow, like:

"I know nothing about this particular department, as I do not have a pHd in this particular department, but I would believe anything said by any given pHd from this particular department especially because they come from this particular department of that particular university, which has been voted the best in the world, and such is the religion of science". It is a hazardously ridiculous belief system - responsible for every absurdity of today.

Such arguments are gravely underestimating the number of fools in the world. You gotta give more respect to your intelligence than you seem to do, Jennifer Warren. I don't mean to offend you, but you just can't let a history of rape during childhood ruin your idea of your self-esteem and corner you into becoming a doctrinaire for illogical doctrines. So what if you were bullied? Everyone who is someone was. It is only "natural" for a female to be sexually bullied. I was bullied too when i was maybe 6 or 7? luckily my hunter genes advised me to pick up chains or rods, chair legs with rusted nails in them etc., and I believe the first generation of school bullies I was expecting quickly abandoned the playground. Same for each generation of bullies (except for a fat and knightly mango, I let him believe that he successfully bullied me because I wasn't in the mood to end his chapter then and there... and, you know, I guess I let my foes win sometimes too, maybe in a bid to befriend them? And especially if they fight well. I guess that's about a healthy balance, I needn't win every game.) Getting bullied or raped as an individual by a herd surely does not lower your worth, at least not in the eyes of those who matter, in fact it actually elevates it. I actually respect and love you, you see? I can easily see that you are pretty logical as such, probably just habituated to dangerous politeness. That is clearly a typical defense mechanism in situations whose difficulty is intentionally conspicuous and yet disguised in an esoteric shroud (mostly seen in the unfairly (non-Amazonian) female, but very often in males as well, especially if "educated"/domesticated). Ah, I am moved, I will rescue you someday if you can't do it with your friends. Don't ever feel small, and toxic literature like "the god of small things" (if i am right about it, inferring from the title, never read it. I can see why it was so popular) is good only as toilet paper.

School is purely evil, teachers and bullies secretly conspire and work against others, only a few like me survive with a non-domesticated, fully nonlinear brain that has never known fear. But we few survivors are enough to take care of logic and the whole world's inhabitants.

Do i sound like a big brother? The problem with the farmer is his fear and insecurity. He must open his heart to the idea of universal love and mankind's common destiny (sociological singularity). That's not a tribal idea.

The advanced thinker will (briefly) dictate terms in such a regime, it is true, but such is destiny. And in any case, he will usually dictate terms anyway -- see, for instance, the Russians in Washington today. Now you might misunderstand my intentions and the nature of my power (which by nature can be used only for good, not for evil, since to go or not to war, is ultimately the decision of the men of war, not the god of war who is merely prescriptive)....

Some farmers might misunderstand and try to kill the greatest of all competitive champions, but then, again, someone's going to be a competitive champion anyway, and since such a one is not as good as the one who was killed -- he will treat the farmers worse (how Alexander Alekhine treated the anti-Lehi Jews? But, to be frank, I don't really buy the Auschwitz myth. It is a myth after all. That is why the memorial at Berlin looks like a graveyard but is merely empty blocks of concrete, signifying the absence of Jewish dead bodies. Eureka!). Does a child mind when his big brother firmly holds his hands? Well I used to lord over my little brother as a kid for a while, but one day, after going down on all 4 legs and pretending to be a predator and chasing him halfway around the house, I felt that I'd gone just a bit too far, and ever since, I let him free on his own path, and he was glad to have become his own man, and I was glad for him. All people must overcome the fear of the (nonlinear thinking or advanced) human, the fear of the elf. The forest-loving thinker is a more logical guy, not an illogical guy nor herdist, and so he will be fine as a ruler and he will, surely, visibly demonstrate the loosening of his absolutism every year. Why do farmers worry? The hunter king usually does not like interacting with farmers, he is not quantitatively materialistic and definitely not insecure enough to be Malthusian. Democratic farmer herdism is bad enough, but herdism combined with isolationism with militant egotism is a truly toxic combination, it is not something we really need. I don't know if you will understand the hunter's point of view. In that case, i suggest an alternate idea: divide the world into 2 halves... from the north to the south pole, half for hunters' ideology and half for farmers' ideology. But i really believe the best type of world is one with a mixture of all, a bit like modern times but with more respect for nature and silent thinkers, and less one-sidedness of the political domination by peasantry.


Nationalism may seem good to the extent that it helps in mobilization for a cause, but as such nationalism is bad (an unnecessary evil) and must be abandoned as soon as the said cause, which must be fully clarified and openly discussed, is attained. Someone like Hitler could be tolerated only briefly (though "Fuehrerprinzip" is an absurd concept characteristic of the militant peasant dictatorship), until the first blitzkrieg wave "liberated"? Paris perhaps, but no longer.

Tolstoy wrote War and Peace but he was probably a peasant given the thickness of that book; the "logic" of war is simple, only needs a paragraph to describe.

Let's talk about the biggest of them.

Peasant historians summarily label those periods "World Wars", as if it was all about some season of war or as if war was in fashion then as if the world's truly influential people comparable to the well-read peasants who seasonally adopt or drop positions as per fashion, or as if it was some kind of religious festival of Mars (whom they'll readily blame, given a chance). Granted, our ancestors were often stupid (though hardly as much as the well-read academicistic fool justificationists of today, the Myers-Brigg "analysts" who will not accept that there is a problem with them even if they succumb to dementia -- I need not ask the Millennials to rise up, hehhehe). But I cannot admit that our past leaders were that stupid to just go to war without any reason whatsoever. Granted given the loss of life, war is not 100% or even 70% correct (as if there is such a thing as 70% correctness), peasant police who die in war can only be pitied for succumbing to fate, failing to avail the right to abandon their "infallible maginot lines" (but the Russians can't be blamed for such, because Adolf Hitler was secretly a peasant patsy, see the infamous "commissar order"), for failing to avail their right to flee towards their homeland (oh, that's because the peasants DON'T HAVE a real homeland, neither the fatherland nor the motherland accepts peasant fundamentalism). So, there are always some (admittedly half-baked) reasons for war: Peasant historians don't speak of these: their herds' tendency to normatively besiege alpha females and keep them in want of money (which is why "diamonds are a girl's best friends" as long as she figures out where to hide these, in time) and even food :( ah, the most beautiful of them ( -- putting them through what I can only call "rape"; and peasant nationalism as in France. War could be a desperate bid to overthrow pro-peasant capitalist economy etc.. Peasant historians never say why some lesser informed hunter elites believed it was a "war to end all wars". All the peasant historians do is make a moralistic cover story to dupe some juicy-eyed elites into systematic revenge across the post-war period (until another war breaks out, that is), and when that happens, the peasants secretly conspire to put the blames on the Jews and French nobles. France's real nobles have the right to use the term "peasant"...


Joan of Arc? A country in which a girl has to lead the men to war is surely a country of peasants.



What, Tolstoy was Russian? Hey, in general you can trust Russian "aliens" from Nova Zembla, but "Mister Boris" needs some guidance; talk to him, don't just take orders from him without thinking twice. And I don't think there is a peasant alive who has gone to Nova Zembla to set up a restaurant or open a visa bureau, hehehe. No wonder the French-Algerian peasant historian Camus called Russia a "country without philosophic tradition"! Well, he was wrong I guess, and his crime was trying to portray himself as smarter than Alekhine. Everyone knows where the peasants dwell, forcing women to marry, and forcing everyone to cut trees, domesticate animals, drink cow's milk, and eat goat's cheese.


Beware! Peasant video coing up next!


In the above video, the peasant equates friendship to a dopamine rush, hahahha!

Peasanthood is a coward mentality justified by the "hard logic" of "science", dogma, and fate, a mentality that is a product of a failed old order rather than a genetic constant, thus very much reversible.

Proof is how the information age is curing the new generation! See this video (which doesn't have a sharable link where others can critically analyze it) in which an unidentified peasant dogmatist is caught in video arguing against the logical generation unleashed by the inevitable flood of time, heheheh. A fat baby boomer arguing against Destiny's children, the Millennial Generation, hahahha. heh. The style of this "expert's" argumentation is insightful. This argumentative peasant will be hunted by his own children I think.


20 million, heh.

But i doubt whether there are 20 million peasants in this world, hehehee.

10 billion humans, reformists at heart, vs. 20 million peasants defending a rotten system.

Peasantfully (instead of peacefully!) expecting the people to be scared of fate, heheheh. And obey them! Hey we could have waited 20 years for you to just die out, but we won't, heheheh.

We will see the first of the BIG reforms in the next few months.


Ahahaha, i hate war but love playing men of war and in any case, a i love such pacy humour:



If you notice the Hitler-pandering Himmlerian peasants sitting in the panzer IV got hunted down at the end for daring to mislead the soldiers of Germany into invading Russia.

Hey look to the West, lady Germania, not the East.

It is said that the peasants have originated in the far west, though the Hispanic people are NOT the real peasants (as the peasants suggested after the Reconquista). That's why the peasants invented the Aryan idea about how Nazi Europeans, including the peasants, are superior to all easterners: Indians, jews, Indo-European elites etc.


Don't blame the ALIEN...

Superman of the fatherland is good, but if he tries to help the peasants, they just back-stab him. E.g.: Christopher Reeves, thrown from a horse. And this they might have tried again days back, but failed. Haha, how could the peasants guess that we know and RESPECT the horse, and were careful to not to allow the HORSE to be stolen from THE MAN.

No, not under my watch :)

Christopher Reeves... And then, Keanu Reeves.

From a Quora author:

After the success of The Matrix and its sequels, Reeves gave an estimated $80 million of his $114 million earnings to what he believed was as good cause.

He also voluntarily took pay cuts on films like The Replacements and The Devil's Advocate so that actors like Gene Hackman and Al Pacino would agree to be in the films, while keeping the films within the budget.

He rides the subway like a normal person, gives up his seat to a woman without even a hesitation.

i too love public transport. Where else can you give your seat up to a girl ;)

Keanu became the caretaker for his sister, Kim, after she was diagnosed with leukemia. During his sister's decade-long battle, he has donated privately and publicly to numerous cancer charities, research centers, and hospitals. He even set up his own charity but decided against attaching his name to it. Some of the charities he supports are Stand Up to Cancer and the SickKids Foundation. But despite being one of the most kindhearted and down to earth celebrities, his life is marred by tragedy.

The peasants' herds cry and click selfies all the time, but we alien Aspergians rarely tell our side.

His father left his family when Keanu was 3 years old.

He struggled with dyslexia, so school was challenging for him. He eventually left high school without receiving a diploma, but is an avid reader today.

In 1993, his best friend passed away from drug overdose.

MURDERED by peasants, like Sid Vicious.

His sister was diagnosed with cancer.

In 1998, Keanu met Jennifer Syme, fell in love. By 1999, she was pregnant with his daughter. But in Syme's eighth month of pregnancy, their child was stillborn.

Schreber the PEASANT pretending to be a doctor!

Just 18 months later, Syme died in a car accident.


If any guy deserved to have a simple normal life with his family, friends and kids, it’d be him. It’s such a shame that a guy like him had to go through all of this.

Yeah, it's a shame to be a peasant, and especially a peasant ideologue.


I hate nationalism, but must say this:

The philosophers of France claim that they're capable; they should rise to the occasion by revealing their understanding of diplomacy... I wish Macron good luck...

Destiny is waiting for the right French philosopher at the right time and right place!

Frederic Prat is a capable candidate, I would have asked him to try, but I won't.

At least not now.

Because I don't want to see his life destroyed, him trapped by peasants who force him to say what they want, and pass it off as his own viewpoint.

How Alekhine was forced by the pitchfork-thrusting French peasantry in this way:

"In March 1941, a series of articles appeared under Alekhine's name in the Pariser Zeitung, a German-language newspaper published in Paris by the occupying German forces [read "Vichy French regime", you should!]. Among other things, these articles said that Jews had a great talent for exploiting chess but showed no signs of chess artistry; described the hypermodern theories of Nimzowitsch and Réti as "this cheap bluff, this shameless self-publicity", hyped by "the majority of Anglo-Jewish pseudo-intellectuals"; and described his 1937 match with Euwe as "a triumph against the Jewish conspiracy"... Alekhine was reported as making further antisemitic statements in interviews for two Spanish newspapers in September 1941; in one of these it was said that "Aryan chess was aggressive chess ... on the other hand, the Semitic concept admitted the idea of pure defence."

The banning of weed is clearly a peasant conspiracy.

But look at Frederic Prat, Picasso was wrong, not ALL French are peasants. But it is true that peasants have dominated the government of France (by deceiving and using foreigners, especially North Africans, in general), and I wait for the day when the victorious French philosopher will rise to fulfill his destiny. Hey, why is there a "Y" in destiny? Is it because a Yoda-flavored mango is overseeing this idea? Heheheh, no wonder mankind has not found (what I define as) its destiny yet. Ahhh! Save Yoda, save the world.


Diplomacy is the only option...

Reg. that heavily tattooed elite fellow in Prague, good fellow respects the hunter-style spirit of competitive as I could very well guess, but was worked up for a reason i don't know. Oh well, I can guess... he was a local mango champion, well, that's obvious. Well, I'd never offend you, hope you're all alright. Hey I won't steal that cute girl, she who nearly seduced me into eating a "treblinka", hehehe. Well I would have eaten that, hehe. I guess i did eat some other kind of Treblinka in any case, so don't worry, hehe. The mango will soon tango, hehehe. I see he feels bad in being the only fruit who must always dance, but don't worry, being the duke of heaven mango can't avoid tangoing until we get to the golden age, I hope mango can see how close it is heheh.

In the correctly-guided (which alone matters) pursuit of the Golden Age,

Important is the phenomenon of occasional Midgard emergence (but though indeed it should come once a while, that will be when "Shiva opens his 3rd eye", it is a bit too fundamentalistic if we ALWAYS insist, militantly, on "mahabharata". Hey mango, don't try "befriending" my fellow oranges in Holland by the old method of trying to inch too close pretending to be an innocent restaurant owner, alright? Hey, that's not diplomacy. Respect the independence of the Black Sun office, it is there for a purpose, balance is needed in this world lest fundamentalism takes hold in the Sun office. The Orange can be found here... you can always send down a Modi official to Kerala, hehehe.

So, about the so-called "mortals" (who are often of elven descent)...
It takes one mortal first, and then many, to save the world using non-mangoistic (i.e., true) diplomacy.

To discuss global diplomatic convergence towards the Golden Age. Attila the Hun has listened before, Genghis Khan, even, will listen, if it comes to that, but today all we need is diplomacy, not violence.

So, about mortals... I love their heart and intentions, though granted they may be dangerous when trapped by fate.

Look at the myths, they're all about Gods, heroes, and mortals working together and mingling.

All are important. "Humans" or "mortals" cannot be excluded from this list...

It's not easy for a mortal to become a hero, but the best heroes are correctly-guided mortals (e.g.: Hercules)...

A potential hero is in everybody (especially somehow many of my FB and especially Steam friends), and certainly "all" if understood and correctly guided in the diplomatic spirit.

Bright sparks in everyone.

A few "mortals" whose potentially heroic* nature I find remarkable:

* Is it actually heroic, by now? Could be! Exciting! I don't know, long time, tell me about it

Mithun Hanumanthappa, Gautam Angadi, Potnuru Udaya Kumar, Anil Kumar Mahra.

Wassup!?? In lacking the "sacred thread", thus alien to the mango, I am a mortal by that definition as well, hehehe. I can also be defined as a stray alien, falling under the house of "Orange".

Needless to say, false-hearted is the exclusionist myth of "castes", about cutting off the poor skilled archer's thumb that we hear of in Indian mythology. That is a madcap dogmatism!

It is quite noble to be a "backward caste" as declared by the infallible government of a "developing" country, heheh, in any case I see the potential heroes of the emerging Midgard Phoenix in you, maybe some of you already are, in a sense, I haven't caught up for what, like, 7 years?

So the anti-thinker "peasant logic" of Nietzsche was defunct:

As Nietzsche said in the rightly-titled 'The madman' -
"Do we still hear nothing of the noise of the grave-diggers who are burying God? Do we still smell nothing of the divine decomposi­tion? - Gods, too, decompose! God is dead! God remains dead! And we have killed him! How can we console ourselves, the murderers of all murderers! The holiest and the mightiest thing the world has ever possessed has bled to death under our knives: who will wipe this blood from us? With what water could we clean ourselves? What festivals of atonement, what holy games will we have to invent for ourselves? Is the magnitude of this deed not too great for us? Do we not ourselves have to become gods merely to seem worthy of it?"

Become Gods?? Hahaa! If Nietzsche, supported by the world's peasants, was god, Himmler the chicken farmer would have won World War 2. Peasants can merely declare themselves gods and force others to democratically agree. The essence of what some have called the divine spirit, a broad mind, an ability to understand other people, and nature, is found in diplomats, not analysts -- That is the meaning of the diplomat personality.

I don't know, I guess Analysts may feel that their complex herds are not understood by diplomats, but that is not because of the diplomat's incompetence in diplomacy or the "ultimate meaninglessness of diplomacy" (the scariest belief of the herdist elites), but because their method of hiding within herds and stealing from others is unjust, induces depression and dementia in them, is diplomatically impermissible, in any case.

No wonder the nietzscheans claimed "we are all the übermensch", and falsely accused the mostly hunter-type Germans of doing the same! Ah, the peasants and their ways!

Hey Sushmita Kashyap, France is a country of peasants as someone said. Anyway, don't blame you for having stalked me and doing some complicated drama in my vicinity, trying to steal my best friend and trying to steal my apple and throw him against me or something, what did you do, I don't know, nobody told me maybe you should.

And tried to make up for it by prematurely declaring yourself "an elite who hath conquered Droog" and becoming the leader of the peasants of France in the name of democratic logic.

For all this, I don't blame you, it's not easy to resolve what is logic, those at the eye of the tornado are compelled to propagate what they believe, is... hope you are open minded.

Hmmm, no wonder Kashyapa of the 13 sons is called father of the Gods AND the demons.

Make a God at least once a while. Ask your bros and their bros to love as needed but maybe not sow so many babies. Peasant fundamentalism may rise and kill "evil diplomats" around central Afroeurasia, but it doesn't prove any point, no golden age, the only worthy goal for the eagle (and also the "Aadhaar eagle"!). Priest-led peasant fundamentalism, being basically pointless witch-hunting, is bound to be brief and soon forgotten, except by the historian or sadistic minded statistician chanter of false justifications.

Alekhine tried to talk things out in France but the "philosophers" of France failed him.

They do try, for that i am thankful, but not everyone would be given their high rate of failure. Even Hitler was not, heheh. It is the fate of nations to be invaded by empires but France, a nation of a few philosophers beset by many supposedly philosophical peasants, though i agree French peasants at least try to diplomatic unlike all other peasants and thus they have an important role in initiating the golden age, just cannot keep having the say in all policy all the time, won't work and you'd've seen proof where you are.

The peasants can't see that fighting, especially fighting "hidden" by hustling, is by nature futile, hehehe. Napoleon was not the first, Hitler wasn't the last. I'd advise you all to beware of diplomat-protagonists... don't expect "le infallible maginot line" to preserve platforms of illogic against their onslaught. Your nation's internationalist philosopher leaders like maybe Frederic Prat will agree, listen to them. If he is still around, poor guy! France is an expensive nation, only the peasants can afford to live there these days, hehehehhee.

This is not true in Paris perhaps, but across the world, even in parts of eastern Europe, it is usually the peasant ideologue who lives in a grand palatial house, the descendant of the nobility serves as a (happy) waitress or at worst, is reduced to a beggar sitting in a prone position, looking down and holding a cap for coins..... he sits prone, reminding me of how evil goons beheads prone hostages in the "developing" world.

Capitalisto-peasant injustice is everywhere. Even the otherwise awesome Berlin doesn't escape. See for example the "grill runner" guy, an Italian I saw in Alexander Platz.

I'm sure Rahul Gandhi, son of some Italian elite, is not his best representative.

Only the plebians are worth talking to in Rome, where, nevertheless, many peasants of renown also live of course. That's maybe similar to the outlying areas of France, no wonder the most significant of those areas are more like communes! Like Argentan, i am the true king of Argentan -- my subjects, the men of war, know this as well!

The peasants keep forgetting the true king of Argentan, they seem to need a Viking invasion of Normandy every once a while to remind them, hehehe. But I don't blame the French philosophers, somehow the knives always catch up to them when they try pursuing logic. The problem I guess hides within the Basque isolationism that Anne Marie spoke of. Though French philosophy is usually peasant philosophy, Basque anti-French stance is of course not automatically correct, see, Maya herself is "trapped in maya", hehehe. Don't believe me? Ask the great Mayawati, hehehheeh.

So as i understand, hanuman's great importance is because he condescends to learn French, to understand the peasants' ideology emanating from France, am i right Mithun Hanumanthappa? And for the crime of acknowledging their existence, the peasants try to abuse him, try to declare him a monkey.

Ah, the peasants! They just don't understand diplomacy.

So it is up to the rest -- the Gods, the heroes, and the mortals to do something about saving logic.
The French won't save the world.

Though their best philosophers understand, they are trapped by knives, other kind of knives.

The mortals must stand by me, their fellow mortal, when the time comes to save the world!

It is close.
Is it time, Mr. Book?? Mr. Hand, and... Mr. Quick....? Are you ready to emerge and take the right kind of orders for a change? Maybe we should ask this directly to the cricketing champions of Bookistan, errr i mean Pakistan, what do you say about that, Sameer Bhatele??

Mortals, too, must escape fate and fulfill their destiny to become real heroes (real heroes are not just survivors, not just conquerors assassinated near the end of their lives!).

All (including a rightly-guided silver if needed, as Carlo points out) are important, must work in unison if the goal is achieving golden age overnight, as it should be.

While mortals may misunderstand and cause problems and in many myths merely praise themselves, there are some myths, the most truly if not necessarily populistically beloved of myths, in which a mortal, or some and then all together -- save the world through diplomacy (but I do believe in the unignorable nature of Zeus, who is only accessible by a diplomatically permissible route, heheheh. Hey, be warned, if you are too dogmatically illogical, a lightning bolt from a hunter elite may strike you!

Therefore, whether a mortal or a God, you should not stop trying to understand and be good.

The mango should be wise and remember that he is powerful and was crowned for a reason.

Before succumbing to fate and doing something avoidable, he should remember the totality of the past defeats when he, taking the worst of his many available avatars, tried to sideline diplomacy and peace... That's not justified, not even by his torturous siege by peasants.

Rise, mortals... for it takes after all a mortal to save the world. Look at all the Greek myths, they're all about Gods, heroes, and mortals. While mortals may misunderstand and cause problems, there are some myths talking of times when mortals save the world. For when the good guides, the logical (and only therefore beloved) Gods are besieged by peasant associations that have no difficulties pretending as God (and thus the rise of distributed logic in the information age is good).. the peasant elites promote dogma or atheism in accordance with the political situation.

Hey, hidden neo-Congressian aspects of the modern BJP Government of India, why do some people have no Date of Birth in their Aadhaar cards?

Is it because the world eagle is not shooting straight?
Means to, i know, but ...
Maybe the eagle didn't hear of the alligator because it was hiding under the water??? Heheheh.

Maybe the pirates of the caribbean stole grandpa lemon's "cool beans"? hehehe.

Oh, i know, i know, could be that the eagle's arrow drowned in the "bermuda triangle" heheh?

So the arrow ended up hitting the wrong guy (ouch, I know, anyone needs any help?).

Arrow deflected by the Atlantic ocean, the secret of Atlantis? The innocent hunter elite KAISER is falsely accused because the "needlessly" angry Red's eyes are made juicy? Hehehehehe, Jewsy, hehehe. They must know, the best Jews to listen to are....

Wait, don't just listen to the richest Jew in town just because many of them were killed by the Nazis, many of them are not even real Jews, you know?? That is a characteristic of Judaism if you didn't know, which is however much more complex and is ultimately a force for good.... if you want to reach any conclusions, don't look at the Jews.
And don't look at me, the Orange, I'm just a mediating diplomat.

Ah, the Bermuda triangle...

Reminds me of accidents like the Titanic, which like all other things, was carried out by design, as everyone knows... (as was the sinking of the Spanish armada...) but maybe, certainly, some less-than-omniscient peasant ideologue died also... when the titanic was sunk. Surely, how else could that kind of sabotage be justified under the nose of what one could call the 9-11?

A similar duality of meaning is seen in the "Statue of liberty"...

The French peasants claim justification from such motifs, whose deepest essence (which is diplomatic) they don't fully understand, maybe because they're too proud to ever "condescend" to listen to the mediators of the Germans, the English, the Italians and the Spanish even if all of us talk together. The peasants ask for the guns to do the talking, haha.

The typical illiterate French peasant* definitely has the right, if not the duty to remain silent.

The prerogative to talk, at least within the confines of France itself, is that of Napoleon. Not all the time, of course, but still, this is the general law. Napoleon talks, peasant listens.

* By "peasant" I don't mean to say "poor", i am poor and I love the poor. By "peasant" i mean the peasant type of mentality, the justificationist personality of the hapless coward trapped by a fate (to the extent he insists on staying there; who insists in the primacy of fate over diplomatic destiny. Haha, a peasant in the information age is quite a sight. Sadism... using that, the hapless coward fools himself about how he is above fate (he is not!), he feels powerful, until his family of wealthy peasants is shot up by the next Napoleon.

Anyway, i know your American politicians are competent (), but can we get a chance to make sure that this "H" of aadhaar (new phoenix eh?) is diplomatically advised?

Bill Gates may probably make sure all is good, but can we see openly, and confirm, hehhee?

Maybe by talking to Trump heheheh, I guess Modi will soon have something to talk to Trump about, hhehe.

Laetitia Casta was indeed hot, but absolutely not the only hot girl out there, definitely could've used more faces in the French fashion scene, i guess that's what's up with fashion, the only story it can tell is about the girl, not her clothes! Hey, the peasants should stop dominating France. I don't think Macron is fully liberated. I agree he shouldn't be go all the way like Napoleon, in punishing the peasants for their murder of King Louis in the ugly French revolution... but Macron should at least get a few pro-reform powers. Let Macron legalize weed (not spice) in France, for example. If you deny that, surely a hostile Napoleon will emerge to save the day. Hey, don't look at me, don't throw your ignorant tomatoes at me. Don't blame me, I don't like to be a diplomat-protagonist except if fate makes me one, the second kind of fate that usually hits "diplomats". I am immune to fate. Trying to, but haven't yet found KNIFE, Some day, I hope to teach diplomacy to knife, though I have seen him in action (only in the cartoon "Annoying Orange" however), and evidently the tangible KNIFE command understands diplomacy better than the intangible peasants' command. Hey, Mango or whoever, I'll do my best to warn you if i see KNIFE coming for you (maybe there is one pro-diplomacy "argument" which the hidden elites of peasant command will understand -- peasants better respect KNIFE, the true apex predator of this earth. I, an Orange, am more of a diplomat. I hope today's peasant elites do their best to understand the logic of the elf, that we don't have to repeat ourselves 11 times...

Hear that, all ye the ten-headed elites of the world? I've studied history and the world order by myself, and I believe that there are many of you out there. Most of you will believe yourself omnipotent and omniscient, but will be taken out, this is what history says. If so, that is your fate. Don't look at me, I'm just a mediator! So, fate will hunt you down if you try to put your ego of subjective illogic above the readily-accessible destiny of objective logic. There are a few of you ("Ray King") who will be found and saved and promoted to world kingship by agents of destiny like me. So know your big brother when you see him. Who is he, you ask? Hey, meet us, we the 11 Gods of War.

That's why 11 reads "ELF" in Dutch or Deutsch.

We don't cause war, we are not war-mongers, but we alone can end wars caused by peasant-dominated nations.

Hey I saw a very disappointed elite when I crossed by the town square in Krakow, Poland. I could see that he was in a bad mood but we didn't talk much, I just asked him the time and left him alone. Hey don't worry man, the elf sees the trouble in your heart. Poor guy, I wouldn't have left him alone, had i had the typical kind of non-retrospective empathy. Should have asked him why he was upset. Probably he was falsely blamed/framed by the priesthoods, even though he is only a largely innocent hunter*. I know how it is, the priesthoods have tried to dominate me too. Hope he is OK, I know he will be. That son of the Krakow dragon will live, of course. I know what he was crying for, for his beloved and friends. I'll bring a smile to his face! You'll all be fine soon, I have realized my duty.

* hey peasants, don't blame the 'manual punisher' diplomat-protagonist, like the King of France, or the dragoons of France, or even the dragon, they are mediators in spirit and take to the field only when faced with uncountable herds of intransigent peasant who dismiss diplomacy! Protagonists are not evil, they're as important as natural predators. Or is it that peasants prefer acid attacks, and being raped and killed by their fellow peasants everyday? Well, I advise you to learn diplomacy.



Hey offline stalkers, it's not as if I don't see you!
Actually, I like it! Typically, girls are encouraged to "stalk" us ;)

We don't mind it at all rather we are thankful when you try, but take care not to do it wrong.
How to close distance with the "difficult" hunter male?

Girls feel free to try and stalk us, but refine your approach. We get nervous when you beat around the bush too much, may even cause us to run away from the place.

Feel free to tell us if you have a major (fate-linked) problem, that'll make us feel for you, our noble hearts may often even directly rescue you (for free) if you are unjustly wronged enough.

Don't expect us to talk much (if you beat around the bush or act too much like a peasant).

Don't expect us to seduce you with body language or spontaneous eloquence.

Expect (if you're very good) clumsy verbal attempts from our end, excuse that you must.

An Indo-European cultural elite who doesn't speak English is more likely to end up doing something that will make us classify him as a barbarian. Avoid that fate, it is so easily avoidable.

If you're more into verbal communication, learn a bit of English.

I don't mean increase your vocabulary by memorizing typical words, just learn how to use the typical uncommon words by practicing conversation (about ideologies and concepts that are interesting to articulate... not people, sports, weather and all those things...).

Don't come in herds, like with one or more "hidden"* agents you conspicuously** talk to before inching closer, that will freak out any individualist, haah, we'll run (successfully) and you'll fret over wasted time.

* Especially if your agent wears a military uniform, hahaha.
** when you approach, where else but centered around you will a hunter's eye be?

And if we run, don't judge us, however powerful you are, however true your beauty...

All past first-time-unlucky beautiful comets are cordially invited to try again, the overwhelming majority of you were probably great, maybe I was too busy running to pay attention, heh.

A true beauty will be mentally beautiful as well, bold enough to spot a guy and initiate conversation, without fear of being publicly misjudged by the ministry of love's anti-PDA plainclothes policemen! Heh, no sweetheart, they don't matter, they won't touch you under the government police's watch, the government police won't touch you under the army's watch, the army won't touch you under the special forces' watch, and the special forces won't touch you under the watch of the local competitive gaming champions ;)

If you're mentally healthy and honest, and feel sexy and feminine about yourself, go for it!

Even if you're a stranger... no that is not "slutty", the undomesticated female is the best female!

Oh well, the most important point is this: If you are going to behave as if you came merely because the mango sent you to convince me about mango's primacy..... don't come, maybe! Don't expect me to dance to the mango. Instead, go back to him and try telling him that it takes 2 to tango.

We're rare, but like to hang out and make friends in public places (town squares etc.).

Hey good luck landing an elf, heh ;)

We're optimists, making out with you is what we're looking forward to too!

As the great Hershaw said, your English is good, let's mate... hahaha, good luck!