Open draft letter to the leaders of the Transhumanists


Hello to all transhumanist leaders,

I know many of you are reformist but this is to help you convince those who are not///

As a Myers-Brigg-type diplomat trying to engage the analysts who have a different, consensus-based "democratic" method of "seeing" reality, this attempt I make is bound to seem confrontational but the goal is peace, not fighting.


As an Aspergian lacking the typical spectrum of social skills, I cannot help but be misperceived as rude when I try to engage society by conversation. Never my intention, believe me.I wouldn't even mind not engaging at all, in fact keeping to myself has been my policy until now, but I think it can't lead to the objectively logical age that we must have, therefore at least one nonlinear thinker should try exploring diplomatic alternatives, don't blame me for trying, I'm a mortal and thus doomed to imperfection if I try. I may be misinterpreted and downplayed as just another Metternich, but if I manage to succeed in preventing the death of linear thinker elites in ragnarok, I'll be glad even though i'm a nonlinear thinker and linear thinkers have never treated us fairly (though as such we are independent and didn't need their help, so it's not a problem). I just don't have the social skills needed to be quantitatively diplomatic, I can only be qualitatively diplomatic. Let's ignore and forgive each other's unintended insults, and try talking of the other things more central to Diplomacy, if we manage that it would be a truly heroic act indeed.


I'm waiting for that day -- when I, on behalf othe house of Orange and the non-anayst type people of earth, and the transhumanists who seem to represent the analysts, reach an agreement that will be acceptable to both sides.

I don't mind being the mediator in these talks, in fact i am by nature a diplomat-mediator. The younger among the transhumanists might have to take the lead in this diplomatic engagement.


A true civilizational control intelligence can be neither an AI nor a human intelligence, but a logical synthesis of the two. The AI's oversights must be rectified by human intelligence (the aliens' method of vetting intelligence by competitive gaming is one thing, but I can even see that discourse is an option, but by that i don't meant how the analysts* see debate as a weapon to push their opinions... that style, evidently, is what discredits the notion of peasant democracy to the alien leaders. And I think transhumanism is hardly immune to the problems caused by that style).

* Though you're a biologist you may not know of this critical datum, check it out:

Though many transhumanists may be progressive thinkers especially because all forward-looking people (even Superman!) who don't know how to get peace nonviolently ultimately join transhumanism --- basically the transhumanist ideology may be more dominated by the "analyst"* method (the analytic school of philosophy**) and the aliens are more like "diplomats", i think. The entire point of diplomacy is to ensure that the conflict is reduced, and doesn't flare up to such extents that all aliens become protagonists (the classical hunters) and the analysts don't become architects (the "farmer" chieftain or peasant elite scheming to kill the King).

** The Continental school of philosophy, which is said to oppose the analytical school, is also a peasant thing; school is a peasant system. Aliens have a spoken philosophy about society if they think about reform, but it is by nature complex and scarcely ever articulated well enough. In general aliens let their actions do the talking. I am a rare exception -- join me in talks, it's a golden opportunity for the leaders of transhumanism to attain sociological singularity at their end, which is of course a necessary precursor to the attainment of what they call technological singularity if at all that is possible. More than doubling longevity through natural methods is certainly possible, but that, one of the most extremely sophisticated product of the alien brain's type of nonlinear thinking, is a biotechnology righteously guarded by the aliens, accessible only by one way -- if the analysts prove their ability to understand logic (beyond just syllogic) and thus earn it. Everything that the alien mind had invented -- gunpowder and stuff -- and shared with mankind -- got absorbed by the analysts and misused to prolong their temporary illusion of power. It's a bit similar to the regret "God" (the ancient alien leaders) experienced when the lost expeditionary forces (the defected "fallen angels") shared weapons technology with the analysts ("mortals"), and this fact let the aliens down when the first and the noblest of the diplomats sent to find out more were shamefully murdered by the peasants. I get the feeling that there is a hesitation to trust the aliens (e.g.: US Visa system), that the analysts believe that the aliens will kill them all "if we trust too much". But the fact is that the aliens can already kill them all with the tsar bomba and stuff, if they really wanted to. It has already happened once in the past, when the Americas were invaded in 10000 BC. Such is called the "Precursor invasion". North Korea threatens to do this everyday, and one day someone less friendly to the peasants than Kim Jong Un might come to power. But no, the aliens are nonlinear thinkers, and though analysts may be ruthless in their (not invalid) determination to stay alive, nonlinear thinkers are quite empathetic and we don't see any reason to attack and kill other forms of humans; some of us do, if the peasants try to publicly prove their stupidity by encroaching upon the very limited lands we have ("lebensraum"), as if they even can hohoho! -- I love the Germanic spirit of mechanical progress, but many of the German peasants supporting the deviant-peasant-filled panzer IV crews***, who died in Russia due to various unforeseen circumstances (panther tank malfunction, weather problems etc.), "deserved" to die -- the peasants bring it upon themselves, their stupidity keeps their numbers in check.


The situation is not complex.
The analysts believe that they are "number one", but logic is superior to syllogic. It is not that they are "number 2", there is nothing like that. But if they insist on sticking to syllogic and trying to prove themselves "number one", they will be proven "number 2" or whatever, if they survive. It's risky, why?

The transhumanists have a diplomatic destiny, and they should not blindly follow analyst-prescribed dogmas even if those were dominant in America in the past. An objectively logical situation is bound to come up in America sooner or later, and the path I offer is the easiest way to get there.

The psychopaths' concerns:

The transhumanists must be inclusive for good reason. So they must take into account some real-world issues with diplomacy, like, who'll be the diplomat for the sick person, like the psychopath?


When I said "psychopath", I had in mind, specifically, like these guys:
I understand that the Transhumanists have to care for them also. We will do that. Nobody will be left out.

We will not misjudge anyone as "evil". The concept of evil is a moralistic invention of the "pragmatist" who doesn't have the time to understand the other yet is in a situation where he is called upon to (mis) judge them.

The psychopath, for instance, is not evil, he is only neurally twisted due to some unfortunate past events.

Better still, all this can be corrected easily, I think.
It's the promise of the alien: There is no need to worry that the diplomatic process will override the concerns of any life-form.


The Berserks' concerns:

Transhumanism reminds me of the "Berserks" of Star Wolves 3. These berserks are actually hunted by alien-loving nationalists, not by the aliens themselves.

Actually, these berserks may be actually only the armed front of transhumanism, and the complete reason why they are called "berserk" is probably that they are fiercely independent and attack transhumanists also, half the times.

Am i right, someone who knows more?

Of course the berserk technology is superior to the rank and file nationalists' technology, but alien technology is the mother-node and the best technology.

So the berserks seem berserk because everyone falsely blames and hunts them without understanding their situation (and your leaders are also hunted like that, maybe?), because it is difficult to diplomatically engage them, the point is to just do this diplomatic mission in any case however hard it is.

Interesting thing is that the berserks have a foothold in Russian politics as well, but I believe their success in Russia's power centers is kept at just under 50% by various checks and balances*, while their power in Nova Zembla is much lesser.

* One example is the murder of Rasputin or Politskovaya

But the best example is:

The willingness to realize the importance of, and invent such checks & balances is a good example of alien diplomacy -- complete power sharing. So the new generation of leaders of transhumanism really should not worry that the aliens seek to corner all power. Last thing we need is power, and it is not as if a peasant is saying like "trust me because i'm a harmless peasant"!

the berserks are fated to FIGHT -- fight what is, as it seems to them, extremism of all types -- alien, nationalist, peasant, anti-berserk fundamentalism, or even America-centrism (a typical strain within transhumanism?). But they are destined to help us defend the bridge of peace between the alien form of mankind & the analyst form of mankind.

And as always, destiny will FINALLY overcome fate.


The Americanists' concerns:

I for one acknowledge the fact that the 10,000 BC event when the American landmass ("Atlantis") was violently invaded by the united forces of Afroeurasia, was an error of the alien emperor of those days, such errors will not be repeated again.

The Bhagavata Purana describes that Vishnu descended as the Vamana avatar to restore the authority of Indra over the heavens, as it had been taken by Mahabali, a benevolent Asura King [the first important transhumanist, if i read it correctly, confirm if possible?]. Bali was the great grandson of Hiranyakshipu, the grand son of Prahlada and son of Virochana. Vamana, in the guise of a short Brahmin carrying a wooden umbrella, went to the king to request three paces of land. Mahabali consented, against the warning of his guru, Sukracharya. Vamana then revealed his identity and enlarged to gigantic proportions to stride over the three worlds. He stepped from heaven to earth with the first step, from earth to the netherworld with the second. King Mahabali, unable to fulfill his promise, offered his head for the third".

No this will not happen again. It is the word of an alien plenipotentiary, you can trust it as much as your mother: The diplomatic mission will NOT be misused as a bridgehead to destroy the organic society of the Americas:

And you will be afforded all means to verify... The transhumanists have nothing to fear, let's work towards an agreement as soon as possible. The sovereignty of the Americas will never be challenged, it is a necessary aspect of the world order.


The concerns of old, dying transhumanists of the baby boomer generation:

I found a half-alien friend who said he'd heard of the 'elixir of life extension' made by natural methods and vaulted by the true revelations of an arcane art called alchemy (which probably is what transhumanism aims to be),, ever heard of that? Can you ask the transhumanists to hold their assault in return for the potion? I have alien friends all over the world, don't fear the unknown. Let's just begin the quest to find out. I have always found and got what i really wanted. There will be enough elixir for everyone, that is by definition the age of the Gods as all humans will be Gods, not that some will be gods (a suboptimal idea from the age of demigods; indeed most Egyptian were Kings, not Gods, but i think one Pepy ruled for almost a century and the first Numenorean kings are ascribed much longer reigns like the Abrahamic patriarchs, a recent example is Kimura who died at 118 and was fresh in old age or Rockefeller who died old also. I think the futurists should learn to respect at least those things from the past). At least we agree that the point is to understand that we must try our best to use the rest of our remaining years to preserve and enhance the quality and length of EVERYBODY's lives including animals and plants, simply because it is a valid objective.


The LGBT type transhumanists:

Yeah of course I love Pink especially given Pink's at-heart pro-female spirit --- if the PINK loves me.

But some get this wrong, I blame false education.

In short, as I understand from my own research, by "gravity" (as in the space films) people mean:

The shaky union of at least 3 societies:

1) Gaia, Queen of the American natives who reigns at Mesoamerica  ("strongest of the gravitational bodies", the earth goddess, in the codes of formerly justified scientism...). This inspires the earth so to speak.

2) Alien fighters (e.g.: my American friend). This is inspired by the earth's beauty and silent suffering and takes the earth to its destiny like Atlas. Capable but fallible, and in a sense besieged, necessarily sovereign in America -- but not universally powerful and indeed tending towards berserk nature.
Perfection of diplomacy alone can guide this in such a way that nobody is harmed, left unguided this is very difficult).

3) The difficult-to-lead society of peasants who claim to be Gaia's only qualified representatives but insist on metaphors and esotericism in para-formal academic environments, quasi-HQed at Washington (but more generally the peasants' society is uncontrolled and aggressive (anti-ideological rather than ideological), and seems to lack even the justifiably minimal control headquarters but the reasons for that are not unclear!! ).

You are an analyst, when it comes to Myers-Brigg personality type, are you?

Hopefully a debater.

No although I have nothing against gay men most of the times, I'm not gay.

Gay marriage? I'm against marriage. I'm an orange. But I'm not against gays.

The gay thinker is mostly a good human, not infallibly a right politician, nobody is so quickly like that.

Of course I'll agree with gay men on ideally all things, waiting for that day to come if it will.

But even if the German parliament majority voted for gay marriage, I don't necessarily agree to that.

I say ban ALL marriage.

Marriage can often be a dangerous attempt to hatch a typical peasants' conspiracy.

Peasants should not be allowed a partner pseudo-friend, an element of fate, for hatching plots that they themselves dimly recognize, while gay humans are denied the right to do something similar.

That is absurd and one must ban marriage for at least such reasons...

Angela Merkel didn't vote for gay marriage, I agree with her if not necessarily that tall, green-painted swordswoman outside Berlin.

I probably agree with the gay elites on most things and even their reliance on cutting-edge competitive politics.

But I may not agree with the victorious gays all the time, because gay men have a right brain no bigger than their left brain unlike others, and are therefore even more likely to be actually illogical even though close to the plane of real action (to the extent they are forced through their lives to live in the plane of action and deprioritize the nonlinear thinking that they are already slightly disadvantaged in, by cruel social fate architected by the entrapping peasants. But of course many if not most gays are more right-brained ideologically, and generally tend to be empathetic unless deceived, and ultimately sharper in meta-competitive* than the average left-brained peasant).

Even if I agree that the gay elites of Europe are, at this point of time, probably free and know what is the right thing to be done -- this is the information age after all -- i am scarcely as foolish as to generally declare for once and for all that i will be in agreement with all gay positionists (or their allies, the mainstream feminists) all the time.

*Actually, let me inform America's isolationists that, notwithstanding their possible dominance in the American Company of Heroes scene (Company of Heroes started out right, but it became too quake-like/mensa-like i.e. linear-thinker-biased to be respected outside USA!).... the gays' competitive power in America is half loyal to me and half to Steam-USA (which typically more or less sees in the same direction as Steam-Afroeurasia)... because a redhead Quious Bree Oler of Nebraska from the Phillippines, was using my Boreal Forest drop, which i didn't deny to her when she asked. Yeah, I could've been careful about getting seduced by redheads. Later thought she could be (only pro-?)transsexual.... Someone find that guy called SHRIEK or something, who weights 120 ounces? Probably some Abrahamic elite (12 X 10), lives in Nebraska.…

And tell him about this, if needed...

Do I regret that I didn't give that Russian boy from Afghanistan every counter strike drop he asked for?


Could have done that, i will find him and give it one day, may have been a true leader of the 14, true son of Laban.

Another Kashmiri fellow asked me to trade, then. Again, I gave him nothing.


Hey no, heheh, not like that.... no offense but clearly what some of you mean by stalking is outright creepy!

When i authorized the public to stalk me, i meant only that diplomatic stalking is permitted, not peasant's type of stalking supported by speaker-cum-watchers.

But no I don't want any peasant to try and offer Mango force to approach, yesterday I saw 2 people whom the media may call as "anti-beef ideologists": old-world, cat-killing peasants saying sorcery -- slow, illogical talk filled with suggestions, questions, and half-truths, hinting at unpleasant future situations, elements of an imaginary fate woven by peasants that never comes to pass, because destiny comes to pass instead.

The true mango is the most noble mango, but of course few know who the true mango is, he is a doge. Not as vulnerable as Archduke Franz Ferdinand, but quite vulnerable still. And I don't blame the true mango if even if he is intimidated and momentarily deceived against King Orange (hey no, I'm merely Utgard Loki, not the true King Orange aka Loki, who can be met at the true home of the House of Orange. But Thor and others are there too, so make sure you talk to the real Loki. Kings on thrones are no dukes, but even they may sometimes succumb to fate, though at least in the House of Orange, mostly they are agents of destiny. Peasant herds can at times together build up a fate that makes great changes, but those changes will be short-lived and tragically their topmost elites might be incapable of appreciating the fact that their mainstreams might be in error -- especially given the pitchforks directed at them.

Anyway, falsehood-insinuating, slithering intimidation can be called criminal in all cases. That guy from North India could have behaved as a sufficiently diplomatic agent of the by now I believe sufficiently-peace-minded Mango (or is one or the other "true son of mango" preferring another visit from the knife (I mean, today, maybe machine gun or, what, what do they call it? Whaaat? That which modern "stalkers", aided by the local army (not always) use to liberate or "liberate" the females of Ukraine, by hunting the Monolithians and misfiring academics armed with the "Gauss rifles"?).

Please send a sufficiently diplomatic agent from Mango's side, it could be someone like Shashi Tharoor though I don't think that he would like being insulted by being called an agent of mango), you're invited to meet me at a provably neutral location in a public area for diplomacy.

This public area would at most be an international borderland close to the sea (but not too close watch for peasant pirates) and populated by animals and nature, overseen by defenders, the DMZ is an option if not Aleppo, or even, at least not in all cases, Mexico or Portugal or Goa, the Russo-Portuguese colony in India that has too many peasant-duped coconuts for comfort.

This area must be declared public, all people must be ETERNALLY free to talk with its residents and diplomats, and have the right to respect the diplomats and the diplomatic spirit, a bit like Medina where ideally one can find many Muslims round the clock, and not just during Hajj travels.



I get the feeling that it may be hard for some of you to acknowledge the receipt of diplomatic alien transmissions, but you must attempt to lead the partisans of democracy... help will come when required, I'm always available for advice.

Not asking you to risk it all in a bid to save the world, take care for 'the pitchfork' is a lethal weapon, a peasant with a pitchfork may feel himself equal to Poseidon.

I'm an imperfect mortal myself, don't judge me as too anti-peasant, i love the peasants especially if they promise to not misunderstand and conspire against me. There's enough food, peasantry is futile... let's love nature as well as technology, again.

Transhumanist ideology should be liberated from peasant dominance.


First, why should you, the elites of the elites, listen to me?

My passport for international diplomacy (for anyone who demands one!):

I consider this one of my three most important victories. It effectively means that the Oranges have defeated the leaders of the Illuminati*. All nonlinear thinkers have the right to support me if I demand that Europe's Illuminati have the duty to seriously consider my proposals as long as I'm in agreement with the House of Orange, which is headquartered in Delft, perhaps?

* (which is, as everyone knows, ultimately a front for subversive assault peasants loyal to Mango**. by Mango i mean the typical type of illegitimate Mango, not the respected one, true Mango. Did I say, is? I mean, was. After their defeat, the leaders of the Illuminati are our vassals, as the peasants should find out if they dare)


Mango is forgetting that he has no legs*, and that his heavy-handed handshake, his "friendship", isn't real diplomacy. Hey Mango, buy me some tickets and visas... I'll show you how it's done, heheheh.

MOWAS2 is the game i love the most ... the strongest test of nonlinear thinking... our victory is proof that pseudo-Mango is disadvantaged in this talent...

thus invalid is his policy of fixing and smurfing in poker, chess, StarCraft and coh on the one hand, and co-opting key organizations on the other hand, to shakily declare himself an absolute king of the world merely because the entire world's peasants believe pseudo-Mango's propaganda or the Oranges don't "own" as much land as pseudo-Mango and "his" peasants.
This meeting may have been authorized by the aliens but I expect to see a serious peasant attempt to co-opt it and besiege Holland from the east.
Learning from history (video)...
And buzz didn't find trump 100% reliable either, hhehe:
The peasants may try to push their agenda in Hamburg, but any subjectivity will backfire. A logical agenda will ultimately prevail, and the people of earth will be saved. Soon, that is their destiny...
Svenja Lund wassup, any comments?
The peasants are advised to not try the stunt of scientistically trying to pander a space "orange" and claiming "space orange* is the one, true orange and Darth Vader is just an unremarkable idiot especially since we've besieged him"...
* Who they try to cut off from other oranges by assassinating orange-orange diplomats from Nova zembla...…/Modi-jets-Netherlands-Indias-g…

So we see that "talks"... are on.

In Holland: pseudo-Mango may be attempting to encroach into the alien citadels in Holland (clearly, Mango aims to dominate Europe after conquering the Netherlands).

In Kerala aka "God's own country":

Lokanath Behera, a North Indian (certainly some peasants are dominant in parts of North India), was yesterday promoted to commissioner of police in my city Trivandrum, but does his name "behera" (meaning deaf in Hindi?)... not tell the scheming peasants clearly enough? When the time comes (if), the true behera behind Mr. Behera will ultimately listen to Orange's trumpet, not Mango's trumpet... why do you want to find out the hard way, pseudo-Mango?

It is another matter that Modi will not so quickly hand over the reins of GST to the peasants even if Trump blows more trumpets on Bastille Day in France, next month.…/donald-trump-to-visit-paris-f…

If pseudo-Mango tries to intimidate the kings and princes of Orange and harm even one alien guardian, he will pay the price, as history has shown.

Halt, assault peasants!

Better hear that true Mango who speaks of diplomacy, not that pseudo-Mango who orders you to march to war.

Why do you want war to prove firstly that nonlinear thinking skill is the chief human skill and secondly that your nonlinear thinking is poorer; can't you just meet me in a men of war lobby and confirm?


Halt, Assault peasants!

Depeasantrification is your destiny, we'll help you avoid fate.

Turn yourselves in and you will be treated as our brothers, and quickly liberated from depression and peasantry, and enjoy much longer lifespans.


If you are fated to not understand all this, and wage war, the depeasantrification will be through a far more uncomfortable process. If the attempt to corner the Oranges, the last of the undomesticated humans, is continued, it will result in a worldwide "emission".

(a metaphor for the real thing)

The assault peasants will run, but for a majority of the unintelligent BIFs among them, it will be too late. This will be the last of the alien invasions, that's a promise. We will not forget the Oranges who fall this time if you insist that some of us must fall. The pseudo-Mango phenomenon will be reduced to history, then forgotten. Is that really what you want, pseudo-Mango? We expect Mango to earn his imperial title by assisting, if not "leading"! -- the diplomatic convergence being attempted by the Oranges of the world.

Assault peasants! Do not speak of war and "bravery" to your ignorant and misinformed fellow peasantry. Do not get your chief peasant to write another Mein Kampf.


Remember that your children, the Millennials, will not support your false-hearted war, and nobody will collect your dead bodies.


Last time when WW2 ended, the aliens took pity and did not cross into France, they stopped at Berlin. But you tend to forget that the aliens, though silent, cannot be ignored. Your misbehavior increases, you seem to need a reminder?

What the foreign Stalkers in Ukraine call an "emission"?


Remember... Russia, not the ISIS terrorists, holds Crimea, the heart of the Ukraine.


America has tried and failed, that much is evident. Optimus Prime will make peace with Contessa, and she will remove her blindfolds and he will see, clearly. Russia will lead the free world once again.


If it comes to war once again, we will not assume that the peasants may be intelligent and give them half of Berlin. This time we'll liberate the whole of Afroeurasia, including North India. Then we'll invade America and challenge the best Americans to a fair game of Men of War Assault Squad 2 against the Oranges. Whoever does best, will be installed as an America-side diplomat in a unified American continent. Washington will be forced to share power with Mexico.

Gaming results are not applicable to Machine learning or any other specialist academic domains.

Diplomacy, the master art, is NOT a specialist academic domain (that may be why the academicists seek to glorify their narrow degrees by co-opting the term "diploma").

But gaming results are still fundamentally important in a way you don't seem to see yet: they are applicable in the area of Capablanca-style convergent diplomacy, I hope you understand this point as quickly as you can.

And let's keep this simple by keeping the "game theory" school out of the picture.

My point is that there is a problem, needless conflict. You won't be denying that? If you don't see this problem, you must try and be a bit more generally empathetic and humanistic. As a leader, you have that duty, I don't need to tell you that.

I don't trust any departmentalized specialist scientists to solve this problem behind closed office walls, for all you know they may be closet Malthusians though I'm not saying that they are, but i certainly won't risk empowering them so soon.

When you say that victorious gamers are qualified brain surgeons you're making a typical mistake of neo-tribal thinking. Nobody is generally better than the other and therefore fit to be overlord. And a victorious gamer is merely potentially a better diplomat (sociological generalist), not a better specialist in neurology or machine learning.

I don't think you understand the very important point which I'm trying to make: any analytical logic you have must be routed through someone like me.

Of all "aliens" I'm in a good position to not just receive and transmit your points to the otherwise hard to approach alien command, but also to understand your points quicker given the relative breath of my education. Though I'm not at all saying I'm better than your experts in their domains!

Degrees I have a few, but don't weigh me by my grade point average, my education is of an entirely extracurricular, modern-style, self-taught from online nature, and I assure you the results are much better than traditional classroom/lab/library pedagogy.

So please assume that I am fully capable of understanding your main points (to the extent that they relate to diplomatic settlement) if summarized, and get your experts to make them to me, or you do it on their behalf.

But your main point can neither be a general deceleration of the absolute infallibility of the "scientific" community* and the non-lakatosian method of modern analytic science, nor a lengthy set of papers themed more or less similarly and tending towards obscurantism in general.

* or should I say the superstitious devotees of the dogma of scientism? Now don't call me a "creationist" haha, I'm an Orange. Better read:

Going forward, what I need is the main points explained by your best scientists, solidly presented, i assure you that we all, between ourselves, will easily understand.

What we cannot use is a general declaration of the superiority of degreed scientists and other elites and AI, and the inevitable need to stop and obey the church of scientism.

Especially if these scientists and AIs run with their tails between their legs when invited to play games that test problem-solving intelligence.

Again you should understand that I'm not saying "I am better since I won thus obey me". Not at all.

I'm only saying that I'm a qualified alien-side diplomat, you or some other transhumanism-side diplomat must understand this and the other points I make.

So please list your main points openly to be discussed in the spirit of free science.

I can see that many of your points are valid, and I agree I am not quite learned enough to judge the department experts. But I'm more interested in points that pertain to a diplomatic convergence, specifically the question of how human, natural, and machine intelligence can coexist in a symbiotic, most perfect manner.

I don't want to sound boastful but i too have a much better grasp on neuroscience and AI than you might suspect, so don't be afraid of having to start from near-sociology departmentalistic terriroty, while making your points.

Please don't suspect that I'm too stupid to justify this effort of stating the main points from your side because even if I am - such an effort is more general in potential audience and your points, once made and deemed acceptable via discussion, can finally be accepted exactly to the extent of their acceptability.


All I'm asking is for the scientists to emerge and state their main points in public view! I'm not inviting them to games which I know they have no hope of winning.

I don't need proofs of their value as human beings, I know they have a valuable role; they must at least see the value of diplomatic convergence and allow their works to be deployed with full public support for the good of the world.


At this point of time, I think it would be safe to say that though they each have their unique leanings and they are usually highly capable and successful, the Transhumanists can be defined as a group which identifies with inspiring stories of a great logical AI with great healing powers. They are a generally well-meaning bunch convinced about the need to save their immediate friends and family from want and wrongdoing.

And in that I agree with them, I may agree with many of them and am looking forward to agreeing with all of them soon, or reaching agreements which will ensure the success and good health of all life. The Transhumanists are generally learned enough to agree that there is none too qualified to try and exterminate the Brahma who guards the Mesoamerican native elites, and about the need to respect Brahma.

But also the need to respect HADES. The Transhumanists are intelligent and will agree that, if their victory is to be successful, obviously at this point of time the pinnacle of the glorious information age, after all these years of bumbling around like 5-headed Goliath in the fiery darks, man must be released from his self-appointed torture. The price for success that's paid by people, I can actually empathise with the wronged...

The Transhumanists should be thanked for having shown the liberal side of man by openly adopting the free income policy (government provides for universal income from selling oil and raw materials, and providing for basic needs, like free breakfast and water and other things to every citizen).... And i guess I could smoke some weed to some of their traditional defenses of science, like a spirit understanding the innocence of the leaders of the berserkers who are forced by circumstances into action, and the technology to go about defending against excesses.

Like Schreber of Dark City or the British Doctor or the Minions' Scientist from the movie.

Those who have available the keys to control the Dark Sun, that potentially logical entity.

They are the great Transhumanists, keepers of the final keys, and the key to utopia is merely to have peace with the transhumanists. But of course, the transhumanists have been blamed and unfairly hunted in the past. Marginalized, shunned. These are the poor guys who try to get by -- by watching each others' backs. The survivors of the wild west. A humanitarian, pro-transgender (especially since that helped them keep the power whose abuse and misuse they by dfefinition guarded against -- the American natives) -- a community of scholarly men of leading rank whose demands like long life (right to grow weed from pure seeds at home, freedom from forest fires) must be fulfilled... and they must be rescued from misunderstandings, lies, dogmas that make their intelligence seems far lesser than it actually is but of late, the seelp of the scientistic types has left the transhumanists searching for answers, and at this point of the information age it is self-evidently time for the Golden Age, peace, freedom, and security for all including most importantly the suffering natives of circum-mesoamerica and people of A blood group. In the next few years, we will see a new generation of leaders who will be the first to gladly adopt the difficult task given to them by destiny: guiding the rank and file transhumanists to use their power for the good of all mankind, including themselves. This has often happened in the past, the modern transhumanists should see the boon of their present situation, and not worry too much about how syllogical, actually objectively illogical policies were implemented in the falsely-maligned names of the "transhumanist ideology" in the recent past.

Transhumanism is not about an ideology, it's about the great potential heroicness of the role that any Transhumanist, who contributes top the success of the transhumanists in his or her own way, can potentially play if well informed.... they are well capable of the change that the information age has called upon them to help lead from the front!

The millennial generation-school of transhumanism will save Mesoamerica's friends from their problem:

The leaders of the new generation of transhumanists will probably be defined by:

1) Reducing "pro"-linear thinker bias; an increased recognition of the concept of neurodiversity, a public acknowledgement of the significance of other human mental talents (apart from linear thinking and debate)


2) An increased effectiveness in lowering their complex group's emphasis on scientistism that has been accused of attempting to shield unpersuasive positions prolonged not just by expensive yet inconclusive research considered "cutting-edge" or "perfect" only by a mainstream analyst majority (as if academics should work by a vote system!), though also by things they were not to blame for, stressed as they were, like the information loss in delays, errors and confusion which has caused great problems, most importantly a wholly avoidable opposition to homegrown weed legalization, economic reform, and so on. The baby boomers were certainly hiding in some of the plane crews that bombed Germans and other Europeans, that's like fate a peasant-dictated 'catch 22' situation; such a situation is something every American must save himself from. There is a greater notion of Transhumanism, about the destined heroism that the world is waiting for every Transhumanist to play, as the noble-intentioned "Terran") but now in the correctly guided, globally diplomatically permissible manner. The Transhumanist must overcome fate to find his heroic destiny, like I have. Then there is a lesser notion of Transhumanism adopted by pseudo-transhumanists ("the American dream"), but that is unremarkable compared to the emergent logical branches of transhumanism destined to arise in the information age? One I'm trying to describe to a relatively intellectual Transhumanist whom I randomly added on Facebook?

3) Increased emphasis on the other, more traditional methods of diplomacy. Traditional diplomats are not given sufficient respect by the baby boomer-school leadership, which has been accused of attempting to avoid and at times even kidnap diplomats. Because a peaceful settlement is denied by the debaters who buy time in the name of "respect due to the civilian", this situation forces the alien to take up arms.


I mean aliens in the metaphoric sense you know. The residents of places like Nova zembla.

According to my research, Nova Zembla seems to be a politically critical area.

I played Delta Force 2 when very young, and still remember that "Novoya Zemlya" was one of the theaters -- a hotbed for Delta Force assassination activities in the Cold War (expensive missions which might have killed some wrong targets, but believe me, no analysts have ever gone to the alien homebases and survived to live or return, i guess less than 50% of the delta force assassins reached what they called the "extraction point" successfully).


Undiscussed for obvious reasons being besieged Aspergian cores. Will be discussed towards the end of this post. In brief, so it's like the peasants have a mythology in which they refer to extremely Aspergian people like me, as aliens. But other alien like beings are also there: the other narrow focused types who make good mathematicians and good at syllogism and may sometimes be called kanner type Aspergians though of course I don't consider them Aspergian in the sense in which Hans asperger originally described in in Germany. You know the peasants bombed his city during WW2


An example of the errors caused by the baby boomer school's scientism, is the SETI (Search for Extra-Terrestrial Intelligence) project, which consists of a huge radar that allegedly points towards the alien base rumored to be at Nova Zembla. This method seems pretty pseudoscientific considering that "alien" is merely a metaphor for the rare nonlinearly-thinking kind of guy. The big radar may not be effective, at least not by itself, if the goal is to understand the logic of nonlinear thinkers.

Hear O peasants, to successfully receive alien transmission from space, just look at us, like, me, look at me.

I am a different kind, a purely nonlinear thinking kind of Alien. To be valued and differentiated from a standard assault alien, a suit or path which i could have chosen to equip but did not.

The overly scientistic SETI project must abandon the Mensa approach of dehumanizing nonlinear thinkers as "evil aliens" or "stupid goblins" or "mentally sick Aspergians" (Leif Ekblad, Tim Cannon) -- that's not going to work, even though it did indeed once work in the era of that dreaded hunter of kshatriya hunters who was later named Parashurama. But Parashurama was said to be at best friendly with the true Rama (the ELF, big brother who alone can save the great 10-headed powers from the ragnarokk to come as a result of their misguidance, the 10 suns shot down by the Chinese archer of legend), because Parashurama was half-kshatriya himself (the trouble of course is Pseudo-Parashurama types who hung out with short lifespans around Parashurama, who alone is therefore called, insightfully indeed, as the sole immortal avatar of Vishnu... the only option for a new generation of Transhumanists to become immortal, is to overcome their fear and join the immortal Orcs. Man, i understand how hard it will be for some of the old-school transhumanist school representatives, like the poor guy named Thomas R Gleeson of Ontario, who I was just too scared to add as friend. The leaders of the Transhumanists must realize your potential to inspire a beneficial change in the world.

Nobody will hear the democratistic justification that declares that the "real" social elites are elected to the linear thinkers' leadership through victory in Mensa, fixed chess, or Spelling Bee competitions. We will not use games to prove our superiority to others, we will just use them to justify the act of inviting them to the diplomatic table.

The new generation of leaders of the analysts must make an open, direct attempt to correct the phenomenon of how even the most capable of "alien" diplomats are, rather dishearteningly, denied access to their common table by wall-building (ultimately, "stonewalling" by systematically misinforming a critical mass of the hard-pressed LGBT and other populations)... walls built up by misinformed herds. These walls allow the analyst-style error-stricken dogmatists to camp, with temporary success, across the Atlantic. This style is, by design as it would seem, only difficultly corrigible because of how the "real" representatives of the South American elites are increasingly analyst-dominated as we go north, and this problem becomes serious when the elites of Washington doctrinally oppose the elites of Mexico merely because they're scared of the ghosts who pour out of Mexico because of exactly that type of ill-advised opposition!


So yes, of course, Trump's Mexico wall is the creation of some rather low IQ fellows, though maybe not Trump himself (Trump of course doesn't really support such a wall, or he would have built it). As of now it is cheaper to finance a safe diplomatic office in the Americas, an office where the epistemological problems resulting from the typical disagreements between linear and nonlinear thought process can be can be resolved. Maybe such an office can come up at Mexico in the local University's psychology department, where there works a girl called Sarah Jolene. The only issue I have with Facebook (whose hidden elites subsequently appeared to have been forced to befriend me to some extent; peace!) is that they blocked my access...! And then so did Instagram. If I read right, she wasn't quite in control of the situation unfolding around her. I could at least be allowed to confirm her safety? I just like happy places like town squares where everybody are safe. Why the cannons. The heavier the peasants make their cannons, the more heavily they are defeated. The flak tower turns out to be, like, "belong to us" as the aliens say. The wunderwaffe doesn't arrive because that's just the moralistic inspiratory meaningless ideas of superior future AI-based technology that the peasants had cooked up to inspire, into needless bloodshed and hopeless wars (which are now luckily doomed to fail) their friends and followers who were overly deficient in thinking ability.

The peasants did not see the alien nodes hatching after WW2, but I assure you they're there. Everywhere. I am not one of them! And it comes back again and again but the peasants never learn.

The one obvious fact that every transhumanist who makes an honest attempt to understand all this, is that the modern Transhumanist has duty to help the peasants attain a better way of life.



The peasant actually considers Charlie Chaplin (and then, probably Mr "cool beans" as well) to be heroic and pure hearted, especially since he passes off as such despite his errors, taking a far more studied white collar approach than Chaplin. Charlie Chaplin is thus the stereotypical "innocent peasant", and the inflexibly wilful Peasant is just the modern, well-dressed, authority-farting version of the medieval fool.
Manifesto submitted to the transhumanist leaders for urgent approval:
Ah, the problems of the dying creatures.
The peasants see none of it.
The transhumanists are right to claim that, if you ever see them agreeing to what I* say...
* I, not a body double! I, not "my" voice on mind control!
In that case, surely these elite transhumanists know more than the self righteous lumpen common peasants and are fit to instruct them and provide suggestions for serious consideration.
It is entirely justified if an anti-suffering objectively logical, diplomatically permissible societal leadership, carefully, and in full public view and with the informed international public's approval, deploy the resources that are said to be at the transhumanists' disposal for mankind's common goal of peace, health and longevity, and happiness for all life-forms. And homegrown weed for all!. This operation will unfold in a manner found to be logical by an open discussion by the world's English-speaking (if not necessarily English) population, but also it must be agreed to by the speakers of Spanish and ultimately all other regional languages. It was understood long back, probably, that all nationalist conspiracies will fail as long as a few are bilingual and understand both worlds clearly.


Appendix 1: On aliens --

It might seem quite alien to you if I speak of aliens as if they were real.
But then they are...
The world of the aliens is beyond mortal conceptualisation...
But those who've played the lost planet games will understand it more easily. Lots of mechanicals, yeah...

If you want a description of the star wars character Yoda, you know the alien worlds.

Yoda can be understood by how the Russians (whose leaders are not always wrong!) call it Novoya zemlaya. Typically if indeed not always, I'd rather believe the Dutch who called it Nova zembla.

See the 2 extra Ys?

Needless to say the mystery is etymological.

So of course the below space orange was a diplomat caught and dominated by peasants, who forced him to pretend to be an alien scientist... which alien scientist won't have electricity?

The Tesla coil:

Drag the concept of the dark sun as far as to take out ( unleashing of the thundery sky) the rare, potentially misguided but potentially employable Yoda guy of Novoya zemlaya (who at best is the space orange guy, and if he has to have any hope of survival, the proponents of the dogma of scientism should try to cease talking and let this Yoda free to Explore then think... It's ok as long as this Yoda agrees with some elven representative of verifiably nonlinear mind, someone like me, Droog of the House of orange. Hey peasants, I'm ok, I have the healthier brain, I'll save you from the curse of peasant madness. But don't worship me :D There are ways to abuse me like a clockwork orange; say if I'm mind controlled by a mad peasant doctor like morrell. But I can't be caught by a mad doctor like those hanged in the Doctors' Trial after the Nuremberg trial. Hey if there's anything I must ask you, it is this: Don't let that ever happen to me, don't let me get caught by peasants pretending to be psychiatrists or doctors. Don't let your droog leave your sight... or disappear into tavistock, which is said to be a basically medieval torture chamber meant to break strong brains and redeploy them as puppets. As of now, I am not a puppet! And I will avoid that fate at all costs.


we vet the quality and weight of human intelligence-based diplomats by holding fair games once a while.

Gaming is a reliable test of intelligence and the only means to generate victor-side and loser-side diplomats, who, if they're really good at diplomacy (the most important application of nonlinear thinking talent), should realize that it is their duty to forget about victor side and loser side (which is just an excuse to come to the table) and make an attempt to understand the other's position in the sense of Aristotle's famous quote "It is the mark of an educated mind to be able to entertain a thought without accepting it."

This is what differentiates the sufficiently-civilized man from the peasant or barbarian.

The reality is complex. As a diplomat it's my duty to try and make you understand the irreversibly harmonious new reality in northern Afroeurasia.

So you know the historic transition from:

a) the collapse of the "divine right to rule"
b) to the French press's cold shoulder to Metternich, the last of those types
c) to the concept of domination by chess champions (a continuation of the Olympic traditions to determine the public aspects of the voice of Zeus), who were often unfairly coerced and thus this system was misused.
d) Well there has been a further evolution in the recent past, that I'll now describe -- a democratization of influence on policy, and grassroots diplomacy.

Let's begin with a prologue.
In 1997, your AI defeated Kasporov in a chess match that has been called unfair, "a battle between a man* and a super-giant corporation" (and I guess more than that, this must have been when the Transhumanist submarine erupted on the stage) rather than a battle between man and a machine/AI".

* Kasporov has been called "the most prepared chess player ever" so I guess he didn't prepare quite as well as he could have; and this victory is what your AI deserved, in 1997 -- well, a pat on the back for the transhumanists.

But then diplomacy is a 1-to-1 thing, as per the valid "2 is company, 3 is a crowd" concept.

The dialogue -- diplomacy carried out in the style of the great chess player and official Cuban diplomat Capablanca -- should be publicly visible in order to be considered valid.

That is something IBM and more generally the proponents of AI absolutism seem to have failed to understand, because although some of you may have spoken to Kasporov back then, at this point of time, Kasporov is old news and there is a new diplomat on the scene, hello, that's me. For reasons next described, I am the official ad hoc alien diplomat and can be compared to Kasporov in his match that tested his (natural) intelligence against AI (Deep Blue of IBM).

But I am different from Kasporov because, being in a victorious postion unlike Kasporov, I cannot be coerced by any Mr. Beans (I suspect Kasporov's book* is not wholly free of bias)... and for that and other reasons, this must be a fair diplomatic engagement. You see that is the easier thing to do.


There are 2 remarkable things:
1) Kasporov never discusses his "defeat" in public. Kasporov never acknowledged the totality or finality of his defeat by the AI, especially given that a rematch was denied. Nevertheless that kind of finalistic decleration of superiority of human intelligence over AI is not what I seek, I seek a balance and a synthesis of the best of both worlds.

2) The old style of top-down competitive-justified positionism as at most a political bargaining chip and at least a diplomatic passport, as practiced by the chess masters of old since the days of the Mahabharata's "shatranj ke khiladi" such as the character "Shakuni", was greviously exploitable (fixable/smurfable etc.) and as of now, chess-competitive has been rendered a thing of the past given the democratization of (the ultimately political) competitive gaming, due to the rise of online gaming and Steam. This means that all the real-world influence that used to be commanded by the chess masters of old, now belongs to the world's competitive gaming champions. Most of them might be, for example, rank and file counterstrikers in say Indonesia or the Phillipines where a local boss might, for instance, give up his real gun to the new kids from Jakarta who defeated him in CSGO. Such are the rise of clans whose spokesmen should be respectfully treated as the local elites.

You seem to ignore this by trivializing gaming but unfortunately for the baby boomers, this is how the modern world is, and there's no looking back as far as the millennials are concerned (isn't it obvious to you that the millennials do not agree with America's stereotypical baby boomer elites, considering them "quite possibly peasantile" and "accidental elites" who never earned the overly monolithic postwar economic and political power that they monopolize by camping across the Atlantic, war, and assassinations. The baby boomers simply took the credit for and capitalized on the hard work done by the Russians in beating Germany's assault peasants*, whose population, given migratory activity by the French peasants after the treaty of Versailles, reached critical mass just before WW2 and logically concluded in its self-destruction.

* Who duped the relatively alien-like Oberkommando der Wehrmacht and the berserk presence in Germany into invading Russia by falsely maligning the aliens

This is the real nature of modern quasi-diplomatic political power (at least that which flows, as Mao said, "out of the barrel of a gun"). But except in places where this power overlaps with armed guerrilla or militia powers, or, for instance, special hyper-competitive thus important areas like Arabia (where the realpolitikal environment has been carved by the countless hours logged by countless players on the most popular CS bomb defusion map "dust2") this though an effective method of competitive cleansing of political reactionarism, was doomed to for instance, never overshadow, for instance, the power of the police.

So of course, this had become very difficult to control, ultimately resulting in Steam chucking out De_dust2 from the 7 official competitive maps in Counterstrike: Global Offensive. Nevertheless, 10 years back we began to see games like MOWAS2, which were the ultimate evolutions of nonlinear-thinking-testing strategy games like Age of Empires and later Starcraft (hacked!), Command and Conquer: Generals, and Company of Heroes. So the champions of MOWAS2 are generally respected by the sons of the world's army control power elites, so now the problem of corruption of the competitive system by meddling government is no longer a problem. That is why the diplomatic spirit has returned to the EU, as you can easily see.

Because of the above-mentioned 2 points, chess and old-school top down competitive positionism (pseudo-diplomacy) in general is no longer the way diplomacy works in the western world.

If a Google top exec writes a long thesis on the superiority of AI and forwards it to the alien base as a general decleration by the "AI-is-superior-to-natural-human-intelligence-which-is-absolutely-useless" positionists, failing to meaningfully and respectfully* engage diplomats like me, that is not real diplomacy.

* If i see honest, intelligent attempts to pl the pro-natural-human-intelligence (but not anti-AI) position that I espouse, I would consider that to be a sufficiently respectful treatment of an alien diplomat like me.

Especially given that me and 4 other representatives of human intelligence, a few days back, defeated 5 German AIs in MOWAS2 as you can find out from Steam or Digitalmindsoft. You can confirm this from any other of the 11 Professional representatives of the MOWAS2 community, I am one of them. This effectively reverses the old order, the now rotten and stale** post-Kasparov era.

** That "Kasporov was beaten so AI is eternally superior" judgment is rotten -- is that why you must now attempt to trivialize THE GAME as a valid test of human intelligence and weight of a diplomatic passport?

Though there is a minor but potentially serious though not fatal problem even within the MOWAS2 community, the peasants in Germany seem to shout in Digitalmindsoft-Germany, they do not play the Vanilla or original MOWAS2 (that alone is recognized by the final regional elites, i mean Darth Vader or Ukraine/Crimea; Russian, actually alien; Darth Vader is also from the House of Orange by the way, I'm from the same House).

So some of these less nonlinear-minded guys from Germany play various mods -- which are modifications of the "vanilla" game that are not necessarily authorized, quality-checked, or recognized, so winning in these mods of that most famous strategy game, which the peasants might have had more success with, will at most lend them a temporary illusion of dominance within the German military. But of course such mods are seen elsewhere in the world where the peasants do the same thing. These mods, like "Red rising", "German soldiers' mod (GSM)" etc., have been criticized and down-recognized in any case. Reminds you of school or college, these mods, popular among the realtively analytic (linear-thinking) "Number 2" class assault peasant "elites", got revamped and fixed to advantage the linear thinkers each time; and for such reasons, nobody takes those mods seriously any more, especially because Darth Vader maintains the more ojective record. And even if it is taken seriously, the champions of the latest GSM versions are more likely nonlinear thinkers. Therefore, if the German analytic peasants dare, they'll find out who's really the boss in the German army if they say "We are number one" again and trying to "prove" it by killing a few of the bravest and noblest alien fighters in sheer futility***, but this time it actually seems as if the aliens will strike first or rather have struck already.

*** This is something they don't learn from history; see:

Regardless, all is not lost for the pro-AI diplomats, which is at most what you can be. Kasporov was a kind man and seems to have investigated your AI-centric position at length, so much so that he best understands what the future will at best be for the pro-AI diplomats. Remember, Kasporov was defeated by your AI and thus tows your line, he is the best and most respected diplomat you've got who's more in your side than in the aliens' (if you recall, Kasporov stood against Putin in the elections, and lost. Of course votes don't matter, the true powers are competitively confirmed these days).

I'm another important diplomat for you, because I'm a bit more in the alien side (having defeated outlying alien representatives) but I'm making a serious attempt to understand any diplomatically-deployable logical content from what I understand of your positions or ideologies. More importantly I am one of the 5 humans who defeated the AI in Germany, so I am extremely important to you in how, if the aliens overrun Germany as they did in WW2, I am one of the only five people in the world who can actually effectively argue in your favour (but it is wholly up to me, whether to do that or not) by saying, "this is going too far, I don't authorize my victory over the 5 AIs of Germany to be used to THAT extent", i.e. request the alien commanders to have mercy on the AI that I'd defeated and maybe organize a rematch in the same or a modified or different game taking into account the extreme difficulty that an AI will face in a nonlinear thinking (IQ)-testing game like MOWAS2. In this rematch, we can discuss handicaps for the human players so that the AI will have a better chance to win. As of now I can talk about that game, the 5 AIs playing Germany (easiest team to play with best armour) were defeated quite easily by we, the 5 representatives of human intelligence, so it is justified, from my closest possible first hand experience, when I say that I really don't tend to believe you when you say "AI is better than human intelligence and therefore must be elevated to absolute power" or do you say like "AI will surely become better than human intelligence, we must elevate it to absolute power to see how". That doesn't make any sense at all, in fact it seems like the elitist style idiosyncratic to the accidental lords of the baby boomer generation. Don't think that I am sayng that without any thingking, or that I haven't made any attempt to understand your position. I have made a reasonably good attempt. I am willing to talk to Kasporov, he has a rare position that acknowledges AI and the other inputs you utilize for your school of reasoning.

It's a 2-way process. A diplomat from the alien side can only work given effective diplomats from your side. If you fail to engage me that would be the waste of a splendid opportunity, since today my word is respected in Germany as well*, so trust me, I can help the transhumanists find a footing in Europe and Russia, I can help you more than anyone else.

* This is because the present-day commander of the SS (who must be known to the modern Margrave of Brandenburg) will listen to me, as I defeated him in MOWAS2 recently.

I tried to get my points across, tell me if you don't understand something that I said. Are you the official representative of tranhumanism or are there any other significant, ideally progressive ideologists? I'm also interested in talking to "Esksposed AI" to get a first hand perspective. I'm not asking this to find and kill the "fat radish" and divide and rule over you (I promise there will be no underhanded tricks in my watch), I'm just asking to expedite the diplomatic process. I sincerely hope you soon understand that there is no way but to enter the door I hold open and join for talks in a neutral location.

There will be no trickery, and the talks will contine until everyone is on the same page. A synthetic compromise in the respectful spirit of true diplomacy is the goal, rather than analyst debater style domination by one or the other pseudo-diplomatic factions. You see that there is no other way forward.


The Hawk is in the sky...

And the eagle knows that it should be looking for advice from the orange & red-beaked black & white blue-tailed hawk, and not exclusively every hero or unwilling peasant agent named RED.


You heard of my school friend Manish Kasera? Is he alright, he may have been snatched away from me? If anyone can find out about Manish Kasera and tell me he is alright.... I don't want to feel bad about having been too busy saving the world to save him ( Maybe some of us can visit Taj Mahal, my friend Carlo says that a local Muslim pink faction in trouble, maybe its leader knows too much about women in trouble (or sometimes only claiming to be in trouble), maybe stalked... in North India, at least all the way up to Bengal and some say even the city of Pegu* in Burma, but of course more generally worldwide... this is not just a circum-Himalayan syndrome... but it is certainly an important matter worth investigating... however, ultra-Draupadist extremism (complete and blind obedience to the sun and over-ignorance of the intangible but centrally significant concept of the dark sun, the concept Mango is most likely to forget) is also a form of extremism.…/story-BiJyILYlUloErWASvKQ51…

Some government peasant was caught for killing a Muslim boy traveling to Mathura, so we must be careful and, when traveling North India, we must go out of our way not to offend any huge mangoes besieging Mr. Hand of the Himalayas with the often if not always valid (but this time false) claim that "the lemon is a grandpa". Hey in this case, certainly false.

Hey, I'm an Orange. Or at least three fourths-Orange, quarter-lemon! I'm not a grandpa lemon, heh.

But the peasant elites must see that the lemon in me is destined to save them. If only they'd help me do that...

Most North Indians don't understand that the true Rama is the ELF, the 11th one, who subdued the TEN (presently "Ray King", the real-world equivalent) and became the brother of the ten.

Be brave, all should all try and save civilians unjustly stalked by gunmen zombies (an ancient, physically-oriented less intellectual type of human who just picks up a gun and walks, killing everyone. A pitiable type, I'm sure all he wants is a good life), as shown in the game Stalker, well but I wouldn't blame CELERY, cabbage might not be right about how celery is merely a Stalker, what if he'd gone into the zone to make diplomatic contact??

I am a stray elf (obviously therefore a bit more diplomatic by necessity but also atypically capable of defending myself using means accessible within the substrate that I'm sure I'll find out if I really need to, as I have always found out in the past). I'm a non-gray (but of course not-anti-gray) elven alien. I'm not a praying mantis-type assault alien to be afraid of and stalked by magic involving increasingly half-truths and obviously ultimately an increasing number of lies, to be caught and killed after stealing a heir. I by nature am immune to the stereotypical weapon of the peasant, the lie.

I will not venture into an environment of lies, dark alleys, and shadows, in the quest for what i believe would be a "sufficiently sweet fruit". If you stalk me, dark magic is not allowed or permitted unless it involves consultation with me, because dark magic is easy to get wrong and there is not a single dark magician that I directly know of more capable of mastering it than me (I myself will probably never claim to have completely mastered it), for one has to be good at nonlinear thinking, the talent of IQ (which peasants by nature tend to dismiss. Fudu learnt an important lesson when the Parisians called his friends "peasants", heh).

To befriend me, you must non-startlingly jump into my view when i'm in a happy public place like a town square or a park where everyone is happy, and start making conversation, and maybe actually do something about helping our mission of saving and empowering the peasantry of the world, the onus is not necessarily upon me to talk about it... I am a stray alien but all aliens understand much of what i say and there are just about enough of highly powerful of them who understand everything that i say, this is an unignorable opportunity, i am a diplomat-mediator. Hey, a stray alien should be expected to be capable of defense, so come through channels that are diplomatically permissible... And definitely don't feel that I may fold up and talk about the global surveillance systems and anti-personnel space missiles aimed at those who try to mess with the 11 Elf Gods of War. Bewarned, Mango may surely find his leading 10-headed assault peasants detoothed if he tries to creep any further into Holland and Kerala. Until now fundamentalism may often have won, but any more violence will surely can in to a rapid defeat ending when the aliens emerge to safeguard objectivity in the world, in a swift campaign that will make the 6 day war look pretty inefficient in comparison. And that day, the true Ragnarok (the FINAL Ragnarok, not the many small-scale Ragnoroks that routinely occur at all levels when the leading assault peasant elites are forced into the fate of assault, as self-appointed cannon fodders, forgetting the identity of the apex predator and meeting a pitiable death in war)...

The true Ragnarok: the ultra-pyrrhic casualties resulting from the "precursor outbreak" (the "Emission"*, as the Stalkers call it), which will come if summoned by the sorceries and witch-doctories of the fools, is not the fault of the Gods (and nowhere is it mentioned as such), it is the logical conclusion of long-term attack by an unstoppable wave of assault peasants defending trapped queen positions.


The knife is coming, even the village idiots can see that, and i swear i am not the knife, i'm just warning you about the knife, so keep your pitchforks away from me. If you have any difficulties.... you can always accost in conversation and contact the 11 pro MOWAS2 representatives, diplomats who have the ability to call upon the favor of the 11 Gods of war, who will attack in any case and I assure you I can teach the knife better diplomacy, it isn't very good at it given the history of the last two wars to end all wars.

Boris the Russian, talking to a clear-headed lemon, will help you establish objective logic across earth, with the loss of absolutely zero lives, something even Gandhi cannot be called innocent of. Gandhi, being a for the most part diplomatic (an excellent attempt) peasant, knew when to feign ignorance of the situation. Though it is clear Gandhi, if he was truly competent enough to be a sufficiently-educated agent of mango, knew of the threat and should have taken extra caution around Chari Chaura. While it is true that Gandhi regretted the Chauri Chaura policemens' deaths, rightly considering it his greatest blunder (a fact understood by none of his supporting Indian peasants after that), Gandhi definitely was a "chatur banya" since he wilfully ignored what must have been ample evidence about the unjust slaughter of the cutting edge of the knife (the true apex predator) at Chauri Chaura. Remember, the knife exists as an external entity outside of me, i can only help understand and deploy it in a diplomatically permissible manner with the help of the pineapple I saw in Schonbraun palace, which has been publicly declared my safe house. Hey thanks, I'm a bit like Angela Merkel, in the sense that I do not need to be in the palace in order to rule, thanks but, heheheheh, the public areas of the city are safe enough to run from peasants and their armed police. That is where I will rule from. In other words, I am the hawk, the HORUS of the 2 horizons once I find the true leader of the transhumanists and shake my hands with her. There is no successor to my lineage. Hahahaha, i'm not the kind of guy who would be forced to sign death wills donating my treasures to my sons (or worse, my "wives"). No, I will be the dragon flown by the alien chieftain, which is probably me. I have just hatched, and St. George knows better than to try killing a baby dragon, hehehe. Hehehe, who is dancing there and begging for dates, hehehehe. Hey look, Loki has broken free but it is no Ragnarok, hehehe. It is not my fault that I "won", I have not won it is just that one of the (several, it is obvious) HORUS children, the "Superman", or the American agents of the H Orcs of Russia, who are destined to outlive all threats by virtue of an onboard peasant sensing and avoiding type of intelligence (by which many nobles end up regrettably avoided just because they were surrounded by far too many gawking peasants) and successfully grow up into a reasonably logical world and, if needed, instill logic in the Transhumanists, in order to achieve a diplomatic situation which is, as you call it, "win"; but i would definitely advise the peasants to entertain the possibility that there might be at least some truth to what someone of today, trust me what i'm saying is much closer to the truth of objective harmony than what was said even by the well-read but ill-informed and ultimately peasant-cornered Metternich; this can be easily crosschecked against known worldview and confirmed, the problem is of course that the peasant is defined as one who doctrinally avoids building a worldview, and insinuates the conspicuously absurd suggestion that wisdom is a function of number of game of thrones episodes watched, years of experience, education, and number of degrees, which as everyone knows are just means to earn a shaky but scarily-critical type of socioeconomic respect from the world's peasants (as they find out about the phds who are part of the Russian mafia), well i'm sure that someone like Anna Chapman wouldn't need that, so guess i know why the age of the HORUS of the 2 horizons, has already started to unfold, actually it's been a few months I reckon....


The alien is a living breathing guy who some may call God, you may call alien, I would call a human. RE of Latvia is a very special human, the diplomat of destiny. Maintained by destiny to be at least 50% nonlinear in thinking; sympathetic to the linear thinkers' cause; in any case undefeatable by their herds; residing in an alien base (one of the key nodes of the dark sun) distributed, I believe, in several modules across Europe. Like me, he speaks respectfully of the transhumanists but doesn't yet agree fully with the main dogma. He mentioned that you were led by an AI SAM. Some speak of UFOs but there are no free aliens in USA, it seems? Eksposed AI is "half-alien" is she? Free to explore, observe, and think? In any case, RE, the alien demigod I speak of, is destined to be a diplomat, I think he'd love to hold talks with you about how to achieve your objectives in a diplomatically permissible way. Tell me if you want me to organize a diplomatic mission to RE... RE is an honourable alien and knows better, much better than to shoot the messenger from your side. I can lead your transhumanists to RE. I don't know him deeply or personally, but I'm not afraid of such a mission, he is the son of a famous elf Luthien of Lithuania. Can you muster support for this mission from your end, transhumanists?


Appendix 2: On the fruits:

The old nobilities of the world are metaphorically called fruits.

These are not subversively-deployed nom de guerre-style codewords but communication aids.

The leading nobility is Orange (e.g.: the House of Orange) but it is more like a general purpose diplomat, rather than the edge of the knife. I am 3/4ths orange, part lemon, lemon being an important one -- all look up to lemon for advice but typically we saw that he has been ill-informed in recent times thus "grandpa lemon". Thanks to the information age i am much better informed. All this is not available online in pdf or video, neither is it easy to articulate. It is an entire worldview, not a simplistic story with easily-drawable conclusions. Diplomacy is the general conclusion, specifics have to be worked out. I found all this by my own research (my website:, contains old drafts my view has much advanced by now....)

Fruits, vegetables, colors, all mean one or the other faction. I know most of it, i've watched 50 episodes of Annoying Orange, but there's far more to see for me, and i have very little time, I even have to play almost an hour a day to defend my titles.


Oh, nice questions. I've had similar questions and my answers are from a socio-evolutionary perspective. These answers I know thanks to my self-study of mythology and neo-mythology, which only my folks believe was a complete waste of my time heh. So, let's begin with the mango. The one, truest Mango is of course royalty, a leading general of the actual powers of the Himalayas (who themselves are of Orange/lemon/assault peasant origin), but the typical mango is simply a distantly-related elite, not the one, but i guess often pretended as one. The mango elites were the leaders of those farmers who historically monopolized mango cultivation. Orange... "As of 1987, orange trees were found to be the most cultivated fruit tree in the world". I think these orange trees were linked to distributed elites who accompanied all non-peasant-type human settlements, sort of like "angel" type characters -- the "ether", or intangible qualitative aspect of society, an aspect of the dark sun (meaning the fully-unlocked potential social order).

Clearly Orange is son of the most widespread and human-loving and least herd-based type of human, the least peasantile type of man. But I think there were exceptions -- (progressively unhealthy) Orange nobles who found themselves overextended and were captured and trapped in the unhealthy world of the peasants -- who can also be called the "fallen angels". Of course all migrated and sex parties, many admixtures from all directions. This explains the evolution of the bitter orange tree, in my opinion*. In other words, like domesticated animals, the bitter orange is not nature's creation, but an abomination resulting from human stupidity.
Or is it?
A more interesting question is, what is the causality? Was it that the variously evolving humans caused the variously evolving trees and nature, or that variously evolving trees and nature caused the variously evolving humans?


Anyway, Orange-type humans are the least herdist of all types, with a brain dedicated to exploration and understanding, and not directly in contact with other oranges as a necessity for survival and therefore naturally the least domesticated, neurally healthiest form of man -- thus the "alien" or hunter form of man. This is true at least if you talk about purebreeds free of peasant admixture. Though Oranges never felt a need for social intelligence, deep down we probably instinctively believe that we can always run at least as far as to find another Orange if required, who will be intelligent and powerful enough to save a fellow orange, if threatened. Works out, won't be going overboard to say that Orange is the "ubermensch" or healthiest form of human (no wonder "Alien" is also called "superman"). In the modern world, Orange is a pretty widespread sort of diplomatic fellow, just like you're Apple (who is somewhere between Orange and Mango). Orange is like the old intellectual or diplomat, a celebrated old form could have been like the "messenger of the Gods" of Indian myth. Can warn if others' lives are in danger or not, it doesn't need secret inputs from other oranges or oracles hidden in rocks, just needs some pretty straightforward thinking and research heheh. Especially easy if you understand the world order by interpreting annoying orange neo-mythology, a powerful tool to predict the structure and direction of society. Maybe hard for most but it was easy for me given my type of nonlinear thinking brain. As of now i can comment that the global return of a logical order looks imminent, this makes me very happy. Economic reform, freedom for all, legalization of homegrown weed, and all these things that matter the most to me, will be achieved soon.

Hey don't worry, Apple is not necessarily gonna be knifed now, the wise apples go far. You, being my old friend, are probably one of the wiser apples, destined to help me save the world. You've felt the same before, old friend :)

Hope you haven't made any enemies. I have no enemies as far as i know but i really don't know if some mango is lurking around the corner or not, with a pathologically vengeful mentality.

Lemon is also interesting, being sour it reminds me of bitter orange. But it is different.

Seems like some form of supreme cultural elites who were like some centralized control system, that not just directed civilization's "wazzup" long-range diplomacy, but also included a check, as in, mankind went to them when apples or anyone were going too far, over-emphasizing action and not intellect and thus not, for instance, sharing the gifts of heaven with the others. But lately the empire of lemon collapsed, resulting in a "grandpa lemon". Most ironically in that context, a lemon tree used to grow in my mom's father's garden. Don't worry, I'm 3/4th orange and I'll never find myself in a position to authorize a slaughter of the apples!


Hey apple, know your network deeper:

Apple, remember to never go overboard, and learn a lesson from the hubris of mango!!

It is clear that Apples are checked very much by peasants (Cain killed Abel in bibles, and Cain was called a farmer (peasant?) while Abel was a hunter)...

And on Mango:
On the Mangoist school of propaganda:

I'm against those "Mangoes" who gang up in a futile bid to lord over the oranges.
I'm OK with the one, true mango who respects the personal space of the oranges :)

When i disapprovingly speak of "mango", out here, I mean the former type...

Those poor, depressed mangoes always sing and shout about their "greatness":
See the below video, you'll understand why them Kiwis don't say "waZZup" properly:
Indeed Mango does seem to swear by the strategy of "catch em young":
So Mango goes around, brainwashing children by song and dance with hidden underlying meanings known only by the half-informed "head boys" and school-monitors! And, for example, duping Japan's kids by mesmerizing them with propaganda called "Manga" (which is just a front for shokushu goukan by the jarheads).
Mango sneaks around half-informed kids, so of course he has no legs.
Unless he commandeers the eLites and wages a campaign of mangoist imperialism, in that case he has a Mongol, hahahah, or would it be Mengele, hahahaha:
It takes diplomacy and respect to become a true orange. A MANGO (like a monk) can't become an ORANGE just by wearing orange robes, hahah, no.
Well, the idea of a mango tangoing by himself is fundamentally absurd:
Mengele reminds me of....
A mangala sutra is a necklace tied around a wife's neck which identifies her as married. So of the "mangalasutra", one school of thought says:
The real answer is simpler: The Mengele-types were afraid for good reason that "their" harem wives would run away, so they said "she is Mengele's because she is wearing a mangalsutra", hahaha.
See annoying orange.
Hard to understand but every second of it is really deep, meaningful footage.