The Apple/vegetable error theory



Apple/vegetable error theory understood by empirical study of WW2 by neo-mythology/interpretations by Daneboe, Droog et al.*:


Without going through the basics, this text/video-thesis uses detailed neo-mythological sources to shed light on the important mythological idea of "God commanding Adam to abstain from eating bad apple". Neo-mythological sources used fo this big picture interpretation: Annoying Orange "Fruitvengers" and "Veggie Zombies", "We are Number 1 but I'm a tank", "Frontier Psychiatrist", DragonballZ Goku Vegeta myths etc. And in the process, the secret story of WW2 is understood.

Apple/vegetable error theory


Peasants have always been a scourge against the logical people.
The chaos of the peasantry:'_Revolt

(Dane Boe pointed out a seemingly ancient and mythically prominent, and, as i discuss elsewhere and theoretically sound meta-analogy/natural symbiotic association traditionally used to describe Peasants -- vegetables... as opposed to nobles who are similarly "fruits" (Note, however, that some fruits like typically apple (
Green apple (like Granny Smith i guess) is usually guiltier of vegetable error than Red apple), and even at times citrics like grapefruit, suffer vegetable error, due to potato-tomato-radish-leek-celery-onion's typical "vegetable stew" conspiracy...)

= The chaos of the peasantry, as analogized by Daneboe:

What is responsible for vegetable error? It is the destabilization of society by those who are "close to the tree" and know how to pretend as orange but really merely siphon the rainbow money meant for Orange, and doing a shoddy job.

Even more than plum of Hollywood who is merely an insignificant type of well-meaning village idiot, the true culprit (who succumbs to terrorization by plumpkin* et al.) is apple:

>>>Above video, coolest music ever, published by Daneboe on Aug 28, 2017<<<

* (LOL @ 9 secs)



 The Chinese (and more generally oriental e.g.: Korean) ideologists are not easy to understand -- but I understand them, for I've studied Mr. Hand and the conflict of the blood groups...

The regional elites are coded "pineapple" (in my opinion), but they're falsely accused of being the ONLY source of so-called "dirty AIR" syndrome... while actually NAIR i.e. Orange (e.g.: Kerala) elites and Pear are also involved, and it is unfair to single out pineapple*....


In general, Pineapple is let down* by the folly of pseudo-orange** (truly, apple!) types...

* ("we're not related"... what a betrayal***)



*** But bad apples ultimately get nailed:


MAIN STATEMENT of theory of Apple* core of Vegetable error:

Of all fruits, the Big apple was most typically at fault of vegetable error:

The Abrahamic God of the Americas was relatively omniscient, so he said, "Don't eat the apple"...

Mr. Hand
Loki, God of Afroeurasia, relatively omnipotent, he can dare say: "Don't be an apple"...

* One clue as to apple's main base is the Syrian origins of Steve Jobs. But there are more: Schreber the shrink has important bases in Babylon/Iraq region, and Dresden, among other places.


Confirming theory by an examination of Annoying Orange Fruitvengers (as shown below, this neo-mythologt covers WW2 era):

Erring apples and the vegetables will be understood indeed, but not in Grapefruit's sense! Let's watch this:

About the above great episode:
1: 50 -- yeah that's one of grapefruit's heroic moments, justified i guess.
1:13 -- Note Orange's scuba gear! 2nd: Party Poopear? -- pear is accused of aversion to water, he's just trying to avoid dirty water...... (But it's true that often pear finds it hard to go with logical ideologies and that can cause hyper-citric grapefruitean splash error?)
2:00 -- stupid vegetables worship snow Pea (Peasant e.g. the banker Peabody)
2:07: pear is caused to take the side of the vegetables?
2:20: Grapefruit --> zombie stalker.... USS enterprise taken over by the vegetables!!! Rise of Nazism - runaway assault peasantry:
Ahaha! The fools in the Panzer IVs are supported by Peasants in stupid hetzers ("secret" peasant elites ferried by ignorant panzer IIs and IIIs)! @ 1:15 --> LOL!!! Lack of tigers! @ 1:20 ELEFANT "ELEPHANT" duped by usual method i.e. bananas LOL! 1:33 -> War's won by logical alien reps bunkered at USA --> 1:40 --> extra cheese?! underhanded tricks at France, the cheeseburger vegetabilishly hurt the poor hamburger over time -- injustice at Hamburg!!! Where Kremlin is allowed to be represented.. cheese (and extra cheese) is causing pro-vegetable error, which is why in the Matrix, the merovingian felt the need to say "French: the language of philosophy" or at least "most beautiful language" lol.... 1:42: Ultimate public Humiliation of peasant chieftains in front of the hunters of the world (for which peasants avenge in 1:50,  futile!). And then the peasants are finally silenced by jagdpanzer crews (from obviously came from Babylon, so the spinning. MARDUK, had risen i guess. 1:55 --> Lol the ELEFANT finally recovers by the end of the war, the peasant elites are doomed, a "real" Nuclear annihilation... (but the overly anti-Japan/Korea (muchignorant of peasant problem in Europe/Germany) ELEFANT fundamentalism also conceals a bit of peasant activity... that is why elePhant! Of course, operation paperclip!

Anyway, continuing timeline from fruitvengers (

2:25 --> Orange "taken out" by zombie/peasant frontier psychiatrists*, who obviously get f#@&*d and Orange ends up among mountain elites... rejuvenated (Marshmallow says yay)...


Problem in USA: babylonian fundamentalism of anti-weed flavor - latewar murder of good Germans carried out by pseudo-orange divebomber bunkered in the UK? Oh well that may explain the "Dutch famine", where Pseudo-Dutch pseudo-orange@@@ types were starved by the war consensus.

Anyway, continuing timeline from fruitvengers (

(2:38) @@@ that is, apple, who got divebombed ultimately!

Mystery there is simply pseudo-orange (APPLE ERROR -- that is, pretending as an orange! It is unacceptable!): (apple error @ 2:34 -- where it's actually oranges misled by apples (and their "elite" apple controllers) who are knifed... and it actually shows that the Abrahamic God was basically pro-Orange! Which is strange since Loki of Indochina, is Adam the man who tries to be God: ORANGE!)

Anyway, continuing timeline from fruitvengers (this is talking about the wartime period, please rewind from the 'We are number one' detour timeline if needed):

So all fruits get buffed and veggies nerfed in wartime:

2:45 - 3:00: Apple drowned and midgeted, pays for his hyper-peasant sins!

3:33: the more logical wartime venerators of martyred apple ----- linked to the largely ignorant baby boomer generation of USA!

The only good thing these rectified apple baby boomers did is to get marshmallow (elites from Russia etc.) to Mexico!!

4:00: the pear of Mexico learns how to swim in the SEA! Ultimately, mobilize Russia (becomes pro-communist... a tough talent!! To prevent that before, is why Stalin got Leon Trotsky killed in S. America obviously!!!)  -- Now there is no turning back, the European capitalist peasantry don't stand a chance and will be invaded by the full force of the Soviet motherland!!!!!

4:23: Well, before V-day... Grapefruit of USA gets an ultimate power to control all vegetables... the peasants of the world dance to citric logic...

4:30: Zuchinni's hubris... (stupid peasant crueler than a cucumber -> watch annoying orange: cruel as a cucumber to know that story!)
4:49: the American peasants ask him to free the veggie chieftain Zuchinni though...

fall of USSR (confirmed when fish stopped at Berlin and americans declared "V-day")

5:00-> vegetable peasants too slow to learn logic, kicked around the world and slaughtered.

5:44: And yet the vegetables don't thank the fruits (well they will, once we resolve apple problem i guess. Tomato is often less of a vegetable than apple yet she is overly punished).

6:00: vegetable peasants create false superhero mythology... but they little know that superheroes are essentially fruits.

6:19: Citric Core Magneto... grapefruit by now suffers veggie error due to touching them -- vegetableism is a transferrable disease!!

And becomes "worse than a mango" ("too pro-capitalism as well"), or more likely the problem is a fatal division of citric empire: grapefruit vs. the rest. The peasants "won" in their cheap divide and pretend to rule trickery.

7:30: grapefruit uses fatal plumpkin like vegetables as his hitmen!!
Ruling beyond what is due!

7:50: ignorant apple, finally aligned to the fruits' now pear-like anti-capitalist cause, tries to single-handedly fight the false vegetable zombie capitalist economy, pays the price...

8:28: copper lincoln, even America in grapefruit pocket!

8:50: tomato votes against the grapefruit's splinter citric empire's vegetabullism  

9:01: poor grapefruit is cornered and pushed to the water (the rise of Darth Vader, actually!!!)

9:20: pear mobilizes Russian army to blindly attack Europe.

Result: Darth Vader (Citric governorate) flees to deep space (bases in Ukraine and Eastern Europe, Nova Zembla etc.), and the blind Soviet fish soldiers are ultimately driven towards Germany... Darth Vader is seen later after the war, after which vegetable error is resolved and citric empire rejoins with a citric brotherhood of Darth Vader and Orange*.


9:30 -- the war is over. Pear's USSR drives out Darth Vader, but vader "had only tried to instruct the zombies of capitalism".

The motherland "wins", whatever...

The fish army halts at Berlin. The fish leave the waters of Russian sector, and will be doomed even in Afghanistan etc. ultimately.
Struggling out of water...

11:17:- Magneto (later the citric brotherhood) has the last laugh, so the peasants lost WW2.

Apple and the vegetables will be understood indeed...

The story of the post-WW2 Afghan war:

3:20: Citric brotherhood even if supported by fishes can't take Marshmallow's (Afghan) goat, oft-too-apple-inspired Marshmallow will strike.

But yeah if grapefruit was forced to become so ruthless as to call a misunderstood Marshmallow a "cream Puff"...

One cannot blame grapefruit for that. One must blame vegetable/apple error, not grapefruit the poor citric fruit who as a diplomat protagonist in a world still full of fool powers is doomed to accidental vegetabully error, and also note grapefruit's "Mosambi" equivalent in Asia. And yet midget apple, taking up the ridiculous anti-grapefruit anti-citric, anti-logic peasants' rebellion, tries to thrash grapefruit:

Well grapefruit, all he wanted to do is join the citric empire his way, poor guy says "12 huge watermelons** with machine guns...

the classical zionists' outbreak e.g.: as did Keanu Reeves with the walkers in the Matrix -- out of whom 9 are misled men, and 3 are cunning holders of elven rings... whose powers are recounted in many an anime, i guess!!!

** but then the watermelons, those misunderstood, fruity in-anime moral (classical Vegeta error) equivalents of the in-hollywood moral (like neo-Vegeta error) plumpkins, should have known that one cannot beat up** grapefruit and get away, because the grapes are at the center of the action and grapes will talk, it is  their nature to talk. Watermelons, to be accepted worldwide and treated fairly, must not disrespect the right to live owned by the elite citric protagonist Grapefruit, or else:

** but they do worse: so you see, some apple-vegetable vegeta types are known to kill grapefruits, and falsely put blame on oranges (by mailbox conspiracy, grapefruit is denied easy ways to know the identity of the real cores like me, or at least was. Vegeta's "ignorant mailman" joke on grapefruit. That can hardly be called a good or significant joke...):

And vegeta's breaks from depression are doomed to a short life:

Well the mistletoe is also seen in that episode (1:00) very interesting in this context, a Norse myth about how Mistletoe led to the death of Baldur (Grapefruit):

Darth vader is Baldur is noble, as the vegetables are too depressed to realize...

If not always in the more common type of villainous domestic tomato, this can be confirmed in the heroes of big sweet cherry and all tragic heroes of tomato origin!
Sometimes even those caught in a vegetable world or matrices can be noble fruits...
That is the origin of the blurry notion "tomato is a fruit and a vegetable"....
Debunking "Malthusian" crackpots 101:
Unlike what vegetable sellers insist, Vegetables are repulsive to the tongue for 1 reason: they are not supposed to be eaten, they have neurotoxins over-loved by militant reclusionists who should instead eat forest fruits. That's the number 1 theoretical insight the world can have, and apples must not keep a secret. So children, don't eat your vegetables, and though an apple a day, once in a while, is OK, try the other fruits much more.
Like say i can imagine fruits that look like big, red globes...
I've never been to the predator's pEAR-adise... truly, nobody ever told me about it.... even though i know that i should be the best treated guy there...
I should've guessed at least by the hints of my seemingly near-apple dynasty (well, at least he always bought the old iphones) friend Aakash Led Sareen, who like me was hunted by crazy shrinks once upon a time... from the start he had a mysterious "Zoso" tatoo ... and i never understood why guitar experts played stairway to heaven riff in front of me... i guess that's a key aspect i missed out because of the totality of my tendency of isolation as a stray alien...
And of course, then... it's been a while since i figured out:
pEAR-adise is somewhere across the South Americas (= "Lost World")
Well, the mangoes, apples, and plums, beset in a vegetables' matrix: a consensus* of Babu-academia-judge and good capitalist tradesmen confirmed by the victory of 100% profit-minded mafia, who were around me in my early life if indeed not now... collectively ensured that i developed a liking for social isolation to an extent so extreme that even me, of all, has never even heard of it from anyone, only have my own theories about it...

A theory to be tested by a visit to South America... just to catch up with my friends...
And no, no apples will be harmed despite their hijacking of the banana democratic party and betrayal of "republican" good pineapples, given there sad excuses. Wanton waywardness in bad apples will not, however, be tolerated any longer in this new world*.
*Seen in the oriental elites and in California,
Tomato (or pseudo-tomato) is a fruit to the validness of her extent to attempt to dominate* "Pseudo-orange Midget apples" who mistreat her
<but actually it is unfair to single out midget apple, a minor pseudo-orange error phenomenon comes from militant factions of all hues>
And that tomato-ness is a good example of fruit-style nobility's righteousness... though i've seen the awesome Shahtoot berry equivalents, for some reason, I've never seen the big, red fruits like they might look like redder pseudo-tomatoes i guess, must be there somewhere... wonder where those grow, maybe a part of Japan or East Asia... No, apple doesn't usually count... neither does plum, i'm talking more a reddish sweeter pseudo-plum...
Like giant, wet, succulent cherries or something....
I want to go meet the people there...
Malthus evidently missed the point. He didn't quite well frame this sentence: it is unacceptable how the vegetable peasantry domesticate apples and misuse them, and live inefficiently in general and impose their dogma by filming snuff films, a historic chapter that stalled at repeat slow motion analysis of the "most memorable ones".
Ah, the Peasants of the mainstream and their absurd theories regarded by the academicists...
Forget them...
Why is there no water cycle?
A rain forest structurally has 100% of max. water holding utilization (water in leaves and fruits), and more succulent fruits of brilliant colors. At the same time, a peasants' farm is completely barren, it has 5% of max water holding utilization as vegetation.
Apple errors were ultimately removed by the worldwide citric governorate, historically often with much violence, which luckily, in this age, is avoidable...
But though Medium Apple was indeed tied in with far too many "bad apples"* and thus pro-apple cheat codes are generally impermissible in civilization even if some apples might indeed be heroes at times--
At times (if indeed not mostly) -- Medium Apple's protest was inspired by a protest against the rich, power-hungry "logical pedophiles' sodomy and torture of "wayward midget apples" at clam's casino)....
The clam ideological elites wrongly stereotype midget apples as "evil"...
That is not what Orange is trying to do here:
The most valid song for all ages, but of course...
By now in the information age, it is evident that modern apples are repentant and begging for authorized midgethood; they want to be and should be within the self-evident logical consensus of fruits, rather than kidnapped and sodomized by vegetables (Georgie Roots might like to know that i think, Matty Eagleton).
Tomatoes and all vegetables should be helped in this way...
I gather from DSD No. 2's words that Modern midget apple core was allegedly appointed as an answerable junior under Haroon Najumudeen, so this is the time to spread good ideas for fruit-vegetable diplomacy, which is what apple and tomato is meant for. Of course all the watermelons and co. will be in our side (wasssabi corollary:
We should know: If we don't perfectly nurture and give wings to and pro-logically deploy the promising young midget apples of today, our mission will be harder.
But one thing must be said:
The true term is WASSUB plus WASZUB (both are allowed, second must have respect), rather than just WASSUP, Wazoom etc. and definitely WAZIP is the worst corporatist idea i ever heard*.
The expanded term is:
WASZUBMGDJE..........etc...... and finally, after all alphabets except the P and F and V (which will be separately inserted at random places depending on needs of situation) are inserted, all numbers are mentioned, there is a small "p" that follows to finish it off.
This will be one variant.

The second alternative variant of equal status is WASZUBMGDJE ..........etc......

Wherein finally, after all alphabets except the P and F and V (which will be separately inserted at random places depending on situation) are inserted, all numbers are mentioned, there is a large P that follows to finish it off...
The only capital P will be the one where Pear will speak (with the help of representatives of the Citric dynasty like Orange and Grapefruit*).......... and the entire world's peasantry and even the world's fish, will listen... because .

We should all meet up with Pear for good times in Pearadise, like at Peru, Paraguay etc...


Not like this:


Pear must be helped to win the clam scenario truly and now, freed from clam error, perfectly and diplomatically use his great actual renown and authorization to support the OFDSD mission of a logical world...