The Gigglechuckleitis chronicles, part 1


If a president of America got shot in his car rather than blown up in private helicopter like Lebed or gunned down by heavy machine guns like Gamal Abdel Nasser, you should consider the possibility that, see, the times have been evil and peasantistically political, maybe he was incompetent and could only be removed by force, in the view of the international community. While I personally would never authorize the killing of anyone, let alone the American president, I wouldn't really cry for a dead kennedy unlike the stupid american conspiracy theorists who are always speaking of (and in fact, working towards) doomsday instead of how i speak of (and in fact, work towards) utopia. Well don't cry for Kennedy, don't listen to pop and cry while depressed only to ridiculously go all the way to Afghanistan or Iraq to avenge a dead kennedy. That may be nearly as ignorant as the peasant kids who ended up defying the OKW's orders to back off and thus wound up doomed by their ignorance to die at Stalingrad, waiting for imaginary Russian friends who would betray Stalin and dislocate the global logical consensus. Maybe, i theorize that president Kennedy had more "love" (pseudo-love) for Marilyin Monroe than was OK. Though he looked OK, kennedy could have been seen as "unfit for presidency" by KNIFE (i never try justifying knife's triger-happiness, but i am not stupid enough to find fault with knife)...or, someone who "just had to be taken out to save the world" ... who knows? Can you consider that possibility? The public always tends to overestimate the elites they know even if they are merely secretaries of the logical process such as Stalin, sometimes they devolve into worship of Hitler, as if Hitler is really some kind of Caesar (but Caesar worship is better than worship of any qualified representatives of Christ, short of Christ himself rather than charlatans pretending as Christ and making absurd jokes about what the "funny" bullshit that happens to Christ... no wonder that in the medieval world or the dark ages, it is the fool who was the subject of worship, as it is with the university headmasters of today! Yes! This must be the ultimate fact discovered just before the Renaissance, leading to the fall of the peasant paladins, probably, or should i say popish petty priests if not the potbelly police posses prancing on puny persian ponies setting out to propose a challenge to the King. Even if the Gods helped them by making the uniform look as ridiculous as possible -- the fools never realized that if a man has to wear a pope's tiara or a turban or a badge or a penis sheath to signify his significance, then he may safely be ignored. But i am not blaming the peasants for their intolerable tradition of cheating... If the peasants play fair, they suffer heavier casualties!! Like some of the more ignorant of the Basij of Iran -- many of them did not know that they were really Pasij since they lived in Persia and were not even the legitimate local princes who alone had a better understanding. Saddam hussein, poor kind-hearted brute, how could he have guessed that the world was not ready for his overly harsh plans to save the world by getting his Baath party to terrorize assault peasants, and they would betray him as he hid in the spider-hole (or at least they betrayed someone who looked like saddam hussein, whereby he, unlike osama bin laden or gaddafi who were not so lucky. Or maybe he may have caught by Anubis as he fled into what others call "the world of the dead", like the spiderhole and stuff, where lived all "bad" people who could get away with being "bad" to the mainstream, as well as many nobles trying to live logically separate from the mainstream... Intriguing and attractive, a bit similar to the alien idea perhaps. Reminds me of the logically impregnable weird song titled "weird russian singer" in Youtube ( even though this guy misguidingly named "VITAS" is "Ukrainian", not Russian, that song video, like the other "dancing drunkard who plays russian roulette" stereotype, was obviously a cunning trick to make all of the relatively silent russians seem "unmanly" (a fraud theory whose proofs were sought by napoleon and Hitler), another example "the memory remains" by metallica was an unexpected stunt pulled off against metallica fans. That doomed the worse aspects of metallica, it is parodied: ... But wait, gay is not the term to use there. To set the record straight, just how i have absolutely nothing against anyone, i have absolutely nothing against gay men and maybe i'd love a gay female even more than a straight female. I find gay males as okay or not as anyone else (but at least gay males regularly make a better effort at standing out from the mainstream zombie, that must be pointed out and appreciated)... but when it comes to encounters of the gay kind, i am a prudishly unreceptive kind of straight guy. Talking of these things to me will bear no fruit. Anyway, back to the subject of accidental kings... Who knows? Maybe kennedy, as if an ignorant vegetable, might have been merely fucking Marilyn monroe and absorbing and vegetabullistically imposing the views she was asked to convey to him... Maybe kennedy should have really loved her by telling her what is logical and true and thus saved her life. In that he failed, despite being a powerful president he was so engrossed in the lady pasta power assault fuckery of hollywood that he failed to save even his own life~ And it all may have even made playful affairs seem scandalous to the fool elites who lord over America. But who controlled Marilyn Monroe? One would guess the mad nukehead plum of Hollywood ( Ah, that plum, though you say it is "a fruit and not a vegetable", that plum can be, in very common unripe form, pretty relatively repulsive and bad even compared to grapefruit or even a typical sweet apple. Indeed plum, while indeed spheroidal and thus eternal and thus 100% pardonable if caught and potentially good and sweet (but that is merely like anyone else!???) -- is, when it comes to taste, often pretty bad if unripe. A less severe proneness to unripeness is also seen in the peach fruit (whose claim to fame is merely looking like orange from a distance) or the stupid "Asian bitter orange" who is usually not so sweet as the exotic breeds of oranges. At times, worse than a late blooming vegetable like beetroot or turnip, which can be sweet at times rather than always being sour like, god forbid, an unripe plum... well, though indeed "bad apples" with mustaches fuck it all up across the Mexico border, please understand that they are not to be blamed. Apples are often only wrongly blamed by the plum eater peasants... ah, the slowly-ripening disorder of the unripe plum... actually the most repulsive plant material i've ever tasted [and apple elongates with higher mass at top sort of vegetables like radish or turnip are remarkable in that way in how their structure or shape seems to suggest that it is approved by "gravity" -- reminds me of Gaia? -- WTF -- really? Gaia!! And the bottom heavy pear fruit shows on the other hand elongating effects one would expect of gravity. I would theorize that this structurality, or how apples or turnip or beet plant edibles evolved to be heavy at the top, may be related to how those plants tended to stick around for lesser time; pear trees tended to live longer or stuck around for longer time. So i will say apple tends to defy gravity and i am sure there might have been at least something in newton's work that made him merely an apple fundamentalist sort of dogmatist who, though correct when it comes to his theories of mechanics, may have been incorrect about the theory of gravity... the shape of orange spherical is also remarkable in that way - orange, the target of pASSION's affection, is like a spheroid fruit plant, an evolution reflecting a happy infinity of peace and friendship not too concerned with the petty political problem prophecies.