#T4 How to solve the Global Diplomatic crisis....


(this essay concerns the gross neurowar related aspects (gross, = continental hunters vs. analytic farmers), there is another full thesis covering the fine neurowar and ideowar aspects):

The analytic extremists seem to have failed the world, and a threat looms on the horizon, but this time, in the next greatest bastions of America. There is only one way to solve this "diplomatic crisis", a meeting must be arranged at Yalta about how to help the logical among the inhabitants of STARYI KrYM (aL-QIrIM)...


There's a case study to help western scholars prevent further violence.


https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Saint_George_and_the_Dragon, .

George the dragon killer's story is the analytic world's most widespread myth. You don't even have to read the trashy story, just read one small detail that  the "earliest known depictions of the motif [St. George killing the dragon] are from 10th- or 11th-century Cappadocia [caPPadocia, critical etymological analysis, key insight] and 11th-century Georgia" shows 2 Ps in succession, it is enough to draw a logical conclusion that this dragon slayer could often be an assault peasant misguided by papists. If such misguidance happens, it is intolerable as far as the world of thinkers is concerned (as Russia's decision shows), and democratically-sanctioned mass-bombing like in Yugoslavia and then Kosovo, can't stop the world's thinkers from talking about the problem and more importantly, how to solve it, and this explains the roll-outs of tanks and infantry seen in the world which are misrepresented by ignorant press as merely functions of nations and political leaders who they try to manipulate.

Always, many of the assassinated "dragon" officials are merely logical nonlinear thinkers mercilessly judged as "far too evil" by fate (see, for instance, the legend of paraSHURaMa's squash error, whereby many nobles were mistakenly killed by Parashurama merely because they had decided to openly destroy the peasant nature of man. Ironically, this story seems to have often been used to villainize and oppress the leading logical reformers emerging from or from the shelter of the paraSHURaMa dynasty, a widespread, and in an understandable manner constrainedly "half-logical" (in a world dominated by much-less-than-half-logical peasants) family trying to lift the rainbow (arms) to help the world, though in a manner subverted by plum (e.g.; hollywood) who misrepresented himself as hero and took the credit from the rainbow officials in the legends (see plum theme song: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fJAbH4UdciM).

For the rare type of man from this noble family who was a successful reformer, his task as Atlas was hard, caused unhelpful situation, at times he himself was blamed  though the good guy. his arms were left free for apples and plums to exploit by false seduction)....

Someitimes, the blame by the the ridiculous peasants was taken so far, they said the dragon was worthy of cowardly elimination. And in all such times, obviously, the eliminated returned, renewed as a dragon (the phoenix was its later, pharaohnic version).



Typical quantitative statue, most important seen in an open structure on the tourist trail in bratislava, papist ("christian") extremism?



Dragon (being lemon-ridden e.g. chinese "yellow people's" dragon....) is always larger, in fact:




It is in most cases, St.; George, not the dragon who is wrong.


Lemon mistakes "George" for orange:


Thus it is more typically the village idiots who, misguided by papist medievalists, spread the toxic myth of how St. George must kill the dragon" -- it is they who are worthy of elimination, this is what the budapest castle statue declares: