Korean Crisis analysis


Situation flares up again... Americanist monkees show renewed interest in false-hearted and murderous anti-Kim Jong Un propaganda and futile chest-beating.

Someone asked: "How likely would hand to hand be in a 2nd Korean War?"

A capitalist half-baked analyst emerged, beating his chest, Mr. James Packer, worked at U.S. Marine Corps (1999-2004). In his half-baked pseudo-analysis, Packer neglects the Chinese, Russian, German, and even American allies of N. Korea, and absurdly answers:

"In the opening stages of a US/S. Korean/Japanese attack on North Korea a lot of things would happen nearly simultaneously. The firat would be a decapitation strike against N Korean leadership (Kim Jong Un, his generals and ministers). At virtually the same time, we'd target his command and control systems, communication infrastructure, etc. Electronic warfare aircraft would begin broadband jamming of N Korean military communication frequencies. Within minutes at the most, large scale precision strikes would attack all known N Korean nuclear facilities and medium and intermediate ballistic missile launch sites.

Also within minutes of the first act, attack aircraft, heavy bombers, attack helicopers, and both conventional and rocket artillery would begin blasting every square inch of N Korea with 50 kilometers of the area of the border nearest Seoul. Expect high order detonation as US forces deploy multiple MOAB’s against the subterranean complexes within range of S. Korea's capital.

The first 6 hours of the war would likely be one of, if not the most intense military bombardments of all time. What would follow would be an armored spearhead aimed directly at N Korea's political and industrial heart. This war would move fast. The distances involved are not great after all.

I suspect the war would essentially shape out like an accelerated version of 2003. Pockets of intense resistance….but with large areas of the country simply cowed into submission by the shear violence of the attack. The common people of N Korea have afterall had a boot on their neck for decades. They're a beaten down and submissive people. The challenges posed by just finding enough to feed their children have been hard enough. They'll react the same way the Kim regime has conditioned them to react to overwhelming violence and aggression: docility. Even the “true believers” who have drank the state propaganda kool-aid won't last long as their reality begins to come apart before their eyes".


I commented on Packer's rather stupid and illogical, overly belligerent chest beating:

2003 war?
That’s something interesting you mention. I guess you were talking about this:
Northern Storm: The Second Korean War 2003

Very interesting, since I never heard of this war although i always used to read the papers. I guess, no indian* capitalist/presstitute news media ever discussed it, for obvious reasons.

But I disagree with your simplistic analysis.


In particular you seem overly confident of a humiliation of North Korea — but I think it might be more like the American misadventures of history, like:

Mogadishu (Battle of Mogadishu (1993) - Black Hawk Down 

Americanist humiliation at Bay of Pigs (Bay of Pigs Invasion - 

the complete fall of post-WW2 and post-Nixon shock American prestige in Iran (Operation Eagle Claw - Wikipedia)…

Or the string of failed CIA assassinations of Castro

I am of the opinion that the greatest humiliation of America ever will ensue if the invasion of North Korea is ever attempted.

Those who say otherwise ignore North Korea’s provably superior military forces (despite the “lethargic economy” of the people) and their great standing among Afrourasian elites that probably has ensured that the heaviest equipment reached them given open freight trade across the Trans-Siberian, Trans-Manchurian, Trans-Mongolian express, and Chongqing-Xinjiang-Europe Railways.

North Korean forces surely include anti-ship missiles as well as anti-assassin security guards of proven anti- (ISIS-style) assassin competence.

Underestimaters of the Korean people seem to ignore the mobility of the “supreme headquarters“ (of what is, in fact, the B blood group hunters’ alliance of Afroeurasia (* Hunters of an overly analytical prey (https://imgur.com/gallery/bAczG) )

— this largely B/O blood group army at the great Afroeurasian murder hole, is obviously an invincible real-world equivalent of what Packer misinterprets as “merely one man, Kim, in a secret underground palace”…

As the Korean media points out, it is actually the “supreme headquarters” of what is, in fact, the international (Afroeurasian) military command —

which is actually a global command (which makes me sure that your hawkish position sounds a bit too neoliberal, it belongs to an older time (more like just after WW2 and "valid" at least until Nixon shock) when America had any kind of respect in the western world.

Actually. Mr. Packer's hawkish position seems exactly 16 years too late — the world has changed!


Also remarkable is the fact that Kim Jong Un is merely the speaker of a hunting people who think more or less similarly (they are neither as docile as you think, nor just limited within the borders of North Korea as you think) —

so what do the Marines and ISIS hope to achieve by murder of Kim Jong Un?

Why atttempt such a rash and desperate and egotistic step and risk doom of Americans just because such a war in Korea seems feasibly because overly hawkish vegetobully ideologists could always dig into Japan*

* But, the capitalists can never dominate Japan — because though the newer armour is there with the capitalists in Japan because of opportunistic debasement of Yen (latest evidence may show possible intent of jizamurai business classes to move against Kim Jong Un... in concert with their Indian echo politicians -- these are the capitalist assault peasant idiot govern-mints who print money for big banks and big businesses, but do not give anything to the people, and thus are not really legitimate regimes -- kelptocracies that pretend like democracies!),

Why? becausae Japanese armour destroyers are always more sophisticated than Japanese armour,

in other words, the microproduction strategy demonstrated in Star Wolves 3 (ever more compact weaponry) pursued by the anti-Korean capitalists in Japan (or their allies in South Korea, such as the Samsung capitalist partisan minority etc.)

--> is merely a pseudo-arms race!

Meaning that military superiority of the capitalists can never be greater than 50%, leave alone "total" in Japan -- and in any case, in Korea -- as proven in the Americanists' defeat in the first Korean war


(and the 2003 war seems to have been so shameful that the presstitutes didn't even speak about it!!!)

and therefore humiliation of capitalist puppets in South Korea is typical (e.g.: South Korea's presidential scandal and Psy can merely mimic Kazoo kid and dance like a fool about it, and get famous fools to dance about it (but they later repent if having minimal intelligence)!

humiliation of capitalist puppets will be typical,

until a more concrete steps towards reform of capitalism are initiated by the ludicrous man-bat  banana-fucked-denoptiter "Mr. Pi" academic-industrial complex (which fortunately always remains less powerful than the military-industrial complex in the US, due to general inferiority of capitalistic academics).

If the Afroeurasian elites’ hunters’ core is attacked by the kind of force Packer suggests,

so that it actually hurts the extremely powerful and deep and in fact, invincible B/O (or rather, anti-A extremist) blood group headquarters in Afroeurasia,

and kills a few (relatively "realdiplomatik") men,

it is still a very risky strategy compared with diplomatic engagement of North Korea;

Results of attempted aggression cannot be guessed by leading Marine analysts:

the Afroeurasians in America, who already make Trump dance to their tune every other day (due to failure of the democratic process link 1, link 2)
-- will surely strike back.

Surely the world B blood group command will strike back against targets in America itself, using Triads infantry, Abrams tanks, Brahmos missiles etc.

Why even think of an anti-hunter (A type peasant-dominated) counter-attack?

It is possible fr all blood types to forget revenge and to live in peace as brothers of a common mankind.

What do you hope to achieve by bombing Korea?

That is just a sidekick of the “main enemy” of the A extremists (note high occurence of A blood group in Japan, is a significant detail in all this) --> which is north off North Korea and more in the general direction of Moscow ("prominent murder hole").

Here you can see the murder hole far above Korea → the hunters’ warlords who roam those lands have their main political ally in North Korea, evidently. This is the people of Krypton, anti-syllogic assaulter type of alien core, best known as "Superman".

"While the report from KCNA, the nation’s state-sponsored news network, said North Korea remained committed to fighting terrorism, it said “the main reason international terrorism is not yet annihilated” was because of US interference and claimed it foiled a US-backed attempt to depose Kim earlier this year".

All in all, I think it might be a far easier thing for the likes of Packer to acknowledge that at the end of the day, the true elite of USA is not Packer but Picard.


Packer should just watch this video instead of going to war (or alternately, see how Vegeta will always be outsmarted by Goku):

Packer should realize that the hawkish position he seems to represent is archaic and pre-2001 "realism".

The world is meant for all blood groups, merely the ferocity of the destruction of A group assault peasants in the above-shown murder hole should not be seized as justification for partial analysis (e.g.: My Boyfriend Is Type B - Wikipedia)

Especially given the systematic war (by A-led groups) against B and O blood group people -- a reality Packer ignores when he speaks of “valid revenge” -- in fact we see far larger and opportunistically manifesting murder holes against B and O blood groups!!

Packer's Japan-Germany-entrenched capitalist extremists, after the failure of the "great depression" conspiracy (thanks to wake up @ Worgl) and the backfire of their reefer madness propaganda (released in 1936, declared worst movie ever in 1937)…

The capitalist Morrel-Hitlerians pushed the world to war the very next year, they created a din in WW2 itself, but they must do a complete analysis in Sun Tzu tradition before doing anything as rash as "invading" Korea!

Right now Korea is unified (my friend Korean Tiger Ace, has been appointed by Steam and me as the King of Unified Korea), so the idea of a invasion of North Korea is rather absurd (Pyongyang is not really North Korea anyway).

A complete analysis will obviously show to the likes of Packer... that the better idea is not to go to war at all!


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