Letter on cannabis -- the pro-weed campaign in India

A letter from a concerned relative:
Dear Unni,
I've looked through the current facts and science on the weed matter. I see danger signs.The time to act is now.
Or do you want to talk about the same things 5 years from now?
Medical use?
  - in treating nausea and pain due to cancer chemotherapy side effects (you don't have it)
  - in glaucoma (you don't have it)
  - Alzheimers (you don't have it)
  - Extreme pain e.g in multiple sclerosis (you don't have it)
  - relieving pain caused by damaged nerves e.g. accident victims (you don't have it)
  - calming epilepsy seizures (you dont)
Weed is a Brain destroyer
  - has negative effects on attention, motivation, memory, and learning that persist long term.
    Documented loss of IQ by 6 to 8 points, reduced intellectual ability etc.
    source: https://www.drugabuse.gov/publications/marijuana-facts-parents-need-to-know/talking-to-your-kids-communicating-risks

Can weed cause cancer? Similar to tobacco in that sense.
   Causes various lung diseases including cancer.
Yes it releases dopamine in the brain which gives off a feeling of euphoria... (but a baseless euphoria), which puts you in an unreal world and will make you delusional. There are other healthier means by which dopamine is created as you already know, whch doesnt have those problems.
If you are unable to abstain for 2 months continuously then you are under its grip and you have a problem. Do you have a problem or you don't ? Well...the proof eitherway needs an experiment.
My reply:
Hi ammava,

Relax, this plant is merely a plant, not a deadly allopathic chemical.
When you say, "I've looked through the current facts and science on the weed matter. I see danger signs" -- it appears that you have fallen for big pharma propaganda that has long since been discredited.
That is a big danger. It leads to an absurd war on drugs that ends with American soldiers exporting opium to USA, resulting in a crisis: the destruction of mankind.
This is a highly controversial issue that means that there is another side to the story.
To get to the real science, you have to find a source that discusses the complete picture rather than the capitalist point of view
"weed" reverses all biochemical imbalances in the body; as Melamede points out, it is a homeostasis agent; it causes equilibrium,  restoring balance to the biochemistry of the body, by boosting the body's hypoactive biochemical systems and suppressing hyperactive systems.
Absence of severe symptoms is not proof of perfect health. It is not logical to equate mere existence to health, or to try and dismiss the reality of neurosis. Health is something that should be kept perfect, by balance via homeostasis, for lengthening lifespan.
When you think it's about dopamine (the old "dope" and "dopamine pleasure system"), you are talking about 20th century "neuroscience" fallacies no better than the "scientific process of lobotomy"....In fact, "dopamine rush" is more linked to the extremely dangerous tobacco and cocaine; not all drugs are the same. I believe that all drugs are harmful except of course, weed.
You are ignoring the actual science of how cannabis works. The root cause is a fear of all drugs which in itself is irrational since you consume much deadlier allopathic drugs anyway, and this "weed" was actually, historically, a widespread plant whose widespread and extremely far-going (2.3 kms) pollen was a natural part of human intake in natural settings
The dopamine rush, to be sure, is associated with the excitement that motivates you to seek weed, but the (post-inhalation) high is actually not about dopamine at all, but about rare, exotic neurotransmitters like cannabinoids (endocannabinoid) and anandamide, that basically work to cause increase in Norepi levels (i.e., a more efficient, more nonlinear thinking based brain function).
Also weed causes neurogenesis etc. (i.e. homeostasis in less-than-optimal brains).

The expected "causes lung cancer hypothesis" is long since disproven (link 1, link 2), and i can tell you the biology of those observations also!
True, weed causes reduction in motivation to be a wage slave. But is mental harlotry a life worth living? I counter that weed causes motivation to reform civilization -- now that's a worthy life!
Yes, weed causes reduction in attention and more like a "Stand at ease" mentality -- think, rather than just memorizing! That again, is a good thing much required in this age of epidemic ignorance.
You talk about a loss of IQ because of weed -- in fact, the opposite is true.
Weed causes reduction in quantitative episodic memory -- true! But if your brain is rejecting useless data storage, it is left with qualitative memory, which is an efficient usage of the brain! Quantitative brain usage, though it malkes one a "wise muggoo", is actually abuse of the brain, causes neuropyrosis via overheating > depression and Alzheimer's (this is why weed works against alzheimer's, as you rightly point out).
5 years later?
I didn't tell you but I've been using weed for the last 13 years ever since IIT, and i've only improved, and by now I've achieved a lot --but of course, the great beneficial effects that I have had had on civilization are so huge and intricate that only a few (e.g. Edinburgh university elites) see this...helped by others, true but i've had one of the most leading roles. especially as India's most famous pro  gamer -- documentation of the massive effects has just begun) .

Singapore health policy reg. cannabis is so absurd and worthy of hobbits that we should all take great care to limit it to Singapore... When are you planning to return to India by the way?
Tamil Nadu is much better now, the government openly sells weed!
When you say "There are other healthier means by which dopamine is created as you already know, whch doesnt have those problems." -- there is a huge pile-up of syllogical error in that statement.
The problem is political, what Dr. Melamade calls BLPs (Backward-looking people) who basically fail to complete their analysis and manage to blurt most silly policy. The fact is, there is no alternative to smoking marijuana. We think low IQ people should be forcibly made to use marijuana, maybe in its edible form if that is more comfortable for them, though they need not fear since until now, not 1 guy has died because of marijuana use. A fear of marijuana is why the "developing" world has nothing remarkable to talk about except cows and panchayats full of acid throwing weaklings and idiots spreading ludicrous customs worldwide (classical music, dance, pseudo-spiritual dogma). The fact is, they are not developing! It is developed world vs. backward world.
Please don't cite US government sources. Let me remind you that US govt. was behind this propaganda film which has led to a huge confusion that persists in Singapore and other capitalist dominated "civilizational error" areas even today!

It was rightly voted the worst film of all time in 1936. And to "fix" this error, Hitler declared war soon after. The true culprits were bombed, then the true culprits were caught, but some escaped. And i'm not even talking about this. But of this rapidly dwindling race of Mr. Pi extremists, as they say, "you can run but you cannot hide". Why talk of a faction that is at the threshold of defeat? Now is the time to defect :) the whole world is doing it -- when Singapore's American backers shift gear, anytime now, probably Singapore will be the last region to change.




More theoretical basis for my statements: main, and support.


The resistance continues:

Someone asked on Quora: How many of you think marijuana is good for your health?


A false monk answered:

Marijuana is a narcotic drug which acts by binding to the cannabinoid receptors in the brain and produces a feeling of euphoria (increased energy) and is extremely dangerous for consumption. When a person keeps consuming it on a regular basis, the tolerance level of the receptors increases and as a result the same person needs a larger dose to elicit the same response.

If needed for the treatment of a medical condition, it can be purchased in the form of an appropriate formulation from a pharmacy on the prescription of a registered medical practitioner.

Pregnancy: Marijuana is UNSAFE when taken by mouth or smoked during pregnancy. Marijuana passes through the placenta and can slow the growth of the fetus. Marijuana use during pregnancy is also associated with childhood leukemia and abnormalities in the fetus.

Breast-feeding: Using marijuana, either by mouth or by inhalation is LIKELY UNSAFE during breast-feeding. The dronabinol (THC) in marijuana passes into breast milk and extensive marijuana use during breast-feeding may result in slowed development in the baby.

Heart disease: Marijuana might cause rapid heartbeat, short-term high blood pressure. It might also increase the risk of a having heart attack.

A weakened immune system: Cannabinoids in marijuana can weaken the immune system, which might make it more difficult for the body to fight infections.

Lung diseases: Long-term use of marijuana can make lung problems worse. Regular, long-term marijuana use has been associated with lung cancer and also with several cases of an unusual type of emphysema, a lung disease.

Seizure disorders: Marijuana might make seizure disorders worse in some people; in other people it might help to control seizures.

Surgery: Marijuana affects the central nervous system. It might slow the central nervous system too much when combined with anesthesia and other medications during and after surgery. Stop using marijuana at least 2 weeks before a scheduled surgery.





Hahaha, what an ignorant answer, but expected from a pharmacologist. The info you provide is false fearmongering and you should actually study the recent science instead of pandering discredited 20th century pseudoscience invented by big pharma for its own profit.


Mukul Vashishtha


I was expecting you to cherry-pick Forbes and ignore the more rigorous Procon link.
And I won’t reply to your absurd ad hominems…
You should stick to your ancestral job of milking cows and selling their milk.



Mukul Vashishtha