Measuring the impact of pseudo-intellectuals on devolution of culture:

In terms of damage caused to mankind... the worst quote ever has to be this:
"Better to remain silent and be thought a fool than to speak and to remove all doubt."
This quote by Lincoln became gospel among the pseudo-intellectuals of the last 2 centuries, so escapism and denialism became the norm.
The escapists disguised their fatal stupidity with silence and a shallow glamour...
Their trick was simply avoiding brain activity and pretending as meditation gurus or introverts in front of intellectuals, and revealing their true (zombie-like) nature when among those of less clout... because this was very destructive to their self-esteem, they tended to envy and attack the few creative people who actually tried speaking logically, or doing anything creative, dared to use their brains in this new shallow anti-brain culture which is in marked contrast to, for example, the renaissance era -- the pseudo-intellectuals mount their vulgar attacks from the safety of establishment pulpits and just when the creative are most vulnerable and in their "noob" stages......... after mounting their cheap attacks, they pretend as "wise critics" by flashing expensive degrees and boasting of crap pedigree from bastard children of inbred royals and wealthy peasants...
The pseudo-intellectuals poke fun at noobs... scared to be called noobs, they end up causing, well, tumors in boobs... running from intellectuals, they try to hide behind their wives...
What did Aristotle say of perfection *...
Genes may improve, or they do not*.
If cornered these pseudo-intellectuals tend to say something like, "we ain't tumours bro, we merely boobs, peace"... but they do not intend to do anything about it. They are not capable of any intellectual activity; this is why dementia is set to quadruple in the next few years but if you say merely "serves 'em right" to this, you may be missing the point, which is, to put it as bluntly as one can:
Tumors have no right to infest the poor boob...
This pseudo-intellectual culture is so common that I suspect it's mostly all tumors out there. It's up to the human to prove that he or she is not a tumor host, since evidently, most, nowadays, are...
Huh, Copper Lincoln...
So it seems more and more that all political heavy-weights who were shot, deserved to die. Kennedy, Rajiv and Indra Gandhi, etc. were obvious nuts, but i wonder what Mahatma Gandhi did to deserve it?
Well, tell me if you know.
And by the way, for such reasons, I do not wholly disagree with this guy:

The zombie style of reproduction before perfection creates a block in human evolution because of wasted opportunity to transmit epigenetically evolved (ie lamarck paradigm) genetic material... as does their criminalization of opportunism in love and murder of intellectual Stewie style babies... If Marriage is a widespread custom, it is symptomatic of the general disease of society, because only the herdist man of lowest quality finds it easy to get married. For him, it is something you do because most are doing it. Such "men", if you will, are available in great numbers, and in the eyes of real men, they are not manly (I.e. psychosomatically reliable). Such "men" habitually outsource their thinking to the pseudo-intellectuals of the world, to the pseudo-educated capitalists, and at worst, to the Hitlers and Morells... When that happens they get militant and the herd gets itself culled and a period of free love follows, but the problem has tended to return, being poorly understood.


Well I ain't taking zombie tricks to divide and rule society. Zombies are zombies, harsh reality, not prejudice. Low iq people say they're as human as others but they are parasites who go unpunished and declare that the thinker has no right to critically flay them merely because he is outnumbered 1000 to 1. The fools open their mouths to justify white collar crime, and resist reform. the zombie denies his reality. The zombie herd wants to rape the most beautiful girl and himself remain ugly, wants to take not give, wants as much land as possible and deny it to others and nature, wants to "listen" to thinkers though having no brain, and conclude that he has a problem because the low iq majority can't understand him and the thinkers are dwindling and dying out, man's brain size has been shrinking. Dementia multiplying, now the costliest disease to manage, the zombie parasites get it and guess who pays? Hard working thinkers. Then the zombies want capitalism to marry and reproduce and leave a shitty world and debt to dumber kids. They give a penny to the representatives of the beggar community to get themselves recognised as philanthropists. They have many means but a well recognised pattern, talk obscure and preferably esoterically blinding illogic to justify parasitism, All he can do is say something illogical to justify parasitism and buy time by pretensions of profundity and wisdom until whoever objects is cornered and stabbed in the back. They justify exploiting dwindling nonexploitative nonlinear thinkers by saying all are exploiting, and all are being exploited, but beyond that are nihilists at heart. They try ignoring mediators. War, until the objectives of reform (most crucially money reform) have been understood, is the only language they understand. This is well known to the truly influential political leaders of the world. I am merely bringing this fact to your and the people's notice, I believe that zombies can be saved and war isn't necessary but of course, if they want to try and ignore, war will break out. If needed, across the world. Until the zombies have been cured, and denied "rights to exploit" others and given universal basic income instead, given reliable supply of weed, and denied tobacco, Lsd etc. and alcohol.

A pseudo-intellectual zombie may say: You need a dose of spirituality, you might be able to come down from that self made pedestal. Getting by the drama that is life isn't being a zombie. Not trying to be different when you are intrinsically not doesn't make you any less of a human being.


A low iq person is expected to justify his right to an equal vote as he is "a free man like any other" , but he is less than a man. He is a brainless zombie who opportunistically exploits asocial thinkers and indiscriminately reduces genetic quality of mankind and diversity of nature.

At least I agree that my "pedestal" is self made, and the zombies still don't listen to me (though that does not bother me at all because some leading intellectuals and appliers of the world are tuned in to what I say) , instead they pander spiritualist monotangoing mango pseudofriendhip bullshit. Zombies ignore the fact that they are white collar criminals and expect to get away just because they are more, the people of mediocre iq who have blocked progress of civilization by trivialising high iq leaders and pandering the argument of democracy which is a front for idiocracy and oligarchy. Now this is the pre-ww3 stage, it appears. Our discussions will get desperate (like I saw even on Indian news for a change, like that new show called viewpoint on cnn 18, which is really cool... ) and if the zombies refuse to reform, they are going to be cut off from the thinkers, who will, if not simply liberating the earth, at the least escape to a new nation, say a fourth of all land on earth, and empty antireform zombies from there, into the arms of their brethren where they can marry each other and parasite off themselves and eat their own shit and convert the lands into a desert. Let's see how they do, printing money and eating it for supper, without any thinkers to exploit. Then they'll understand the absurdity of their spiritualist ideas, as they kill and eat each other and beg for the thinkers to come back and solve their problems. Let it be clear, parasitism and low iq is a mental disease.

The critical importance of a good life, epigenetic development due to a right life of perfection, is that such a life leads to genetic evolution of man -- the point which Lamarck was making -- a giraffe only evolved to have long neck because every giraffe's son was longer neck than father because of father's ATTEMPTs to stretch his neck and thus zombie idea "i am zombie therefore i can never think" is absurd of course -- the fact that right lifestyle leads to evolution into beauty and upgrading of genetic material... is confirmed in Aristotle's idea that the man who has chosen to do his bit to evolve into elf form of man.... should only have a child when he is 37 years old ..... because that is the age when he is not just physically attractive and fertile, but more importantly, has evolved the quality of his genes to highest possible by a lifetime of right thinking, which has of course a positive logical effect on the genes...

the key to happiness is Norepi/nonlinear thinking based mental lifestyle*. I meant just that when i said "good life" ... true, you don't need wealth for this, i for example have done $0 worth of shopping last two weeks hehe.




And this is the lifestyle which causes epigenetic (Lamarck-style) evolution instead of devolution towards diseased states of existence known as merely reproduction-oriented zombiehood ( It is taking it too far to say "no more children" --> instead, just softly encourage perfection before reproduction style of life*.

Thus it is not the science of genetics but the (scientific) realization about what constitutes actual (beyond zombie) evolution which is needed, which is pretty much summed up in this post and my comments above...