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Oh I'm sure this may be something to celebrate and that something like this is required, but before just saying that... I must make sure, became 20 is simply too powerful a number lol. It might imperil the poor newborn dragon if they don't realise the needs of the tigers, crocs etc. Yeah for us intellectuals, friendship is a much deeper concept. I just make friends and I love them but would stop short of saying that I know them enough to confirm that they have the intellectual ability to know the responsibility that comes with such sheer power (as in, it's not as if I'm no. 21 and I'm not even sure that Zeus is given that honour he deserves). Once you deeply do the research about society that is an easiest conclusion to reach, easy as pi is not something only Mr pi can say, checkmate esotericists at least now, I hope. No other way, esotericists must surrender to openness of logic and give greater insight into what's going on, because as the rise of the information age shows... Free man, who will gladly work most towards this to find ultimate happiness, and free elf and free dwarf, and all other life, is destined to redeem nature from desertification tendency by arising and realising these things, about the illogic of such categories, especially... if one poor and besieged son of Man inspired, Atum like, by love for unseen elven beauty and shown a "yeah may work, we're with you" statement of workability...by an "atypically honest" dwarf etc.

Lol checkmate though but at least don't say  that it is not as if you know better than me just because you know shitty astrology, see what I  know is deeper and while I can tell you, it is neither as if I have the time, nor the ticket, and... since the best of those in power are probably forced to devote to conservatism, those who are allowed me might have more power than ability to understand such a thing if at all they want to if I talk to them, given my nonlinear style, etc. That the frenchman speaks no English.... is no excuse for declaring the conversation over (in my case before it begun) , declaring sweet orange a bourgeoisie, and opening fire. It has never been since babylon when, when the anticapitalist logic came to town, the false gods formally emerged, splitting the tongues and running helter-skelter and creating the confusion status quo that has destroyed the world. If it was SO easy to save the world Zeus would have done it already. Yeah the idea that French scientific community appointed leading jesters are infallible compared to Zeus just because "true French", whatever it is, is the language of the first herd that successfully fled by challenging Zeus (precursor of the marathon phenomenon) is as illogical as the planet of the apes idea (or do they really want war); planet of the grapes: more important idea.

I expect neither you, rich guy, nor a "French thinker wealthy enough to buy me a ticket" (dubious concept because such seem defined as bourgeoisie and attacked, because Netherlands isn't France and Zeus has his own issues there, but that's why the machines are in France*) to understand this.

But their activities, though indeed liberating the siege on Zeus, may only lead to more chaos as the events after Hitler invasion of France showed (https://youtu.be/tlBFB1zAfKU)

See, Zeus's friend Georgie Roots is in house arrest in Colchester (also house of the amur leopard king, who is also in house arrest there, in the Colchester zoo*), and, it is not as if I am sure that Zeus is informed of all this, I won't just hit red launch button like some stupid dodo or rather deedee, as my post yday already showed. Hahaha now if that's not checkmate what is ? When Napoleon said pen is mightier than sword he forgot the printing press could be mightier and ended up going into Russia lol. qwerty input device is mightier than the sword or rather it's about brain, norepinephrine is nobler than dopamine, fuck those who like tobacco and not weed, they deserve the impotence and limp dicks they get.

If Africa is still denied water and weed, the war against the tobacco and antisharing and propharma linear thinker mafia will only intensify and the race of bad apple will be wiped out even as was killed by Caine, Abel.... the first powers who underestimated the folly of apples and now have placed their faith in the hands of iPhone x, hoping that wrong will be selected once again. I can just write this, that's a better idea than drinking 12th wall's water lol, hahaha joke's on those who claim themselves collectively wiser than Zeus and his real friends. To the fool, his folly only becomes more obvious when a new technology emerges (U-boat, Tiger tank, and now information technology hahaha and fuck those... who try to move against Zeus, because the fans of Zeus need not all the time be merely droogs, tankers, gunners etc. Better not come to me with a billion bags of gold, or gun, I'm a tiger not a mad elefant, I ain't selling out repeating the mistakes of past fans. Zeus has been working for curing the shitheads for thousands of years and he's not even expected to suggest weed, the shitheads should realise that forest is better than desert, in other words, 10 heads full of dopamine and suitcases full of secrets from the louvre, though it has an ugly battlerose** ability to kill leading thinkers of man, is ultimately not more logical than a discerning guy's head full of norepi and with a suitcase full of subpoenas even if some battles are won the war us always global.. and true love will win over fake love)

* "Young Amur leopard in the Colchester Zoo"

** yeah war of the roses episode shows that once fake love is identified as inferior, its backers will fight each have other in civil war, the red and white roses will kill each other, like the red and white army did in Russia too. I guess, when the victory of love will be announced, pink rose might do it but it can only be a statement against civil war : any haters may fight, but fight openly, fight yourselves, leave the thinkers out of it.

And please it is better if all rich haters kill themselves rather than getting... as they do.... scared into pretending to hate fake love and trying to mingle into mankind. That caused the collapse of the ussr as well. So if it's a war kind of chaos the fools want to stir up into the ongoing minimally violent corrective world war 3, it'll be a war of annihilation, and there will be no end by politicians declaration. Only individuals who swear to be pro-logic and prolove will be spared (mercifully, regardless of their past). Those who run can keep running but are fated to be annihilated when they ultimately reach their "true homes", ie in the desert.

The first confusion in the splitting of nimrod was the idea that God splitted the tongues. Zeus merely destroyed those who spoke of a split, who became inbreeding jesters with delusions of kinghood, experts in the art of throwing their shit and jumping on their horses and going to the Fort where their cousins were jesters on the throne, having killed the Kings appointed by Zeus. By the time they got there... they found that their cousin the jester had been killed instead... because inbreeding made them chokers fated to lose all games that matter.  But why else was the horse taken for a ride? Why else do they secretly support capitalism and misdefine stewies as "bourgeoisie" or "peasants" depending on the situation? Such is, "logic" of the jesters hahaha.

Although this does not mean I don't mean well to these 29 or less friends (28? Is risky heroism, it seems) of mine... I wish them great luck and full good guidance because it is easy to misunderstand (the will of) Zeus and I just about understood it theoretically and it is so intense that I am sure, nobody understands it good enough, esotericistically, and the assumption that in the information age, they do, seems wrong by a meta-empirical view and I'm not so amused by the idea of risking a khufu like "powerslave" thing of sacrificing the objectives of Zeus and Gaea and me etc to test this shaky theory by just pressing some fucking button, and I'm not the villain out here just because, due to the unreliability of the idea that Zeus must depend on the key maker, I am kicking all doors to cause a mass disruption to an anti life pseudocivilization that doesn't understand the meaning of Zeus. I'm not in that, lol.

You lie if you say I ever was. He who lies, dies. That's the rule in the information age.