The victory of Zeus

Carlo Jael Jonkers Flow? Dunno what it is... some consensus? I have no direct teacher, but Zeus despite the sheer distance is closest to teacher but much more than that word can capture... from what i understand... the sheer sophistication of his two intellectual exploits (1: philosophy of how to be considerate in a gender neutral way* 2: invention of Olympics, FIDE, Steam etc. for democratic Hercules selection in order to cure the common problems of mankind) that I have understood -- makes Zeus my favorite ever... but I'm sure Gaea is better at biology, so standing up for Gaea is the third greatest thing that Zeus did. The meaning of all this was so apparent that it became a sort of "respect the thinker because thoughts can actually be really cool" singularity moment, many more logical things followed, like discouraging the eating of children etc., making him a stable God of an intellectual population so there is no need to look for any landmarks; the 2nd landmark yet to be attained is when the 1st landmark becomes widespread (which seemed hard because all had started assuming themselves god and infallible based on wealth etc., but every great organized effort and victory of mankind, culminating in the information age, has finally resulted in organic rise of awareness behind the arch-jesters' siege against Zeus ... the arch-jesters... thought they had it all figured out after the archduke's murder... and after that unidentified Dutchman died in WW2...... how could they have guessed that, while the siege could only prevent spies from reliably passing through to Zeus and back, associative intelligence is found outside in mankind as well? How could i ever be happier? And another untold hero is my friend, Dirtydutchman, his life seems so interesting i would like some plum to make a really cool movie on that. The world moves forward by the ununderstood actions of the few, not by plums**** -- each time they sung psalms of themselves and took credit for the fine work of Zeus and his type of logical friends, while the plummish masses consumed and reproduced without adding any value to mankind and systematically sucking up all credit... well, the rest of logical mankind merely kept discussing the reality beyond the fiction and the plums became victims of their own pseudo-success... how they took credit for the hard work of the poor led and inspired by Zeus and the dwindling beauty and good and logic in man -- whose desperate victories/results however summed up.... until finally, the eclipse passed... thanks also, to the thinkers ... the strangers in the dark where mango couldn't reach to kill the young sweetest oranges the many Stewies denied money and right to be free... well, the strangers who first brought about collapse of the hocus pocus of the illuminati and slavemasonry and liberated the minions ... who must emerge next to join mankind... the pro-Zeus strangers ever feared by "the wisest phd justifiedly anti-weed sharing, good plum-eating scientist" Schreber, who was forced by capitalists (who corrupted the strangers' discussion by unknown intrigues)......... to raise an army of 1-eyed horuses on tranquilized horses (Rapey offered me ketamine too) and drum up zigurrat confusion in Babylon -- nobody bought the shit any more because the weed they used to corner and sell to their slaves under the zigurattes, became devolved in a general cancer like into tobacco. Also note map of parkinson's disease, that was the price in brain of conspirers*****
* avoidance of Jalapeno/Kronos error:
(which encourages lady pasta tendencies** and finally causes unpredictable gender war*** which returns me to the point of lesbos^)
well, so of course, it is not as if Marduk himself was at fault, the problem merely relocated when he emerged there, only to return to Iraq when recouping.... so who says beauty and logic and good are not linked?