Victory of forest




I got this rare headache but which lone wolf ever rescued best damsel ever.


Without nearly dying.


Hitler spoke of the "one kick whole rotten structure will come crashing down" but the trick is to just work it out fully -- before marching -- why is the kick required at all?


Because Hitler isn't qualified to represent Zeus.


"Eve" maiden liberated, no dragon slain as far as can see 

(or... were there really TEN nazgul out there? Or 11?


Or many of course.


hmm coming to think of it, Duterte was behind their retirement i guess!


Key insight, the noblest cats wanted merely to eat the best of fruits, size doesn't matter. They simply evolved to become habituated to eating herbivore zombies because the latter destroyed all plant life. There is nothing (evil) "lion" or "tiger", you want villains.. consider the wildebeest error.


The big picture logic of weed legalization:


Statement 1: 

The most important victories to save the world were achieved. Forget jesters since guiding reality is about logic, not noise.


They'll just add to the noise and mass-publish it.


There are 3 main characters here:


Character 1: 
LELA (i might trust IG on this, because LELA is an all-round beauty).




LELA speaks for herself, not "her best friends".... so we ask her, first she must point out:


Character 2: 


Lela's true love: unknown most heroic son of man (Desmond Wheeler he lives, yay!)


Hyper-Character 3:


HIDDEN Zeus = the behind the scenes God of he who LELA points out as her true love


These are the only 3 remarkable pro bono consistent curers of earth's disease (desertification)


These 3 are the real... rather than jesters who might emerge to take credit.


No poor 3 people deserved to be put up, that's the suggestion of the fools.


Of the win...


It is not the conservatives. They haven't done anything for this victory but can be expected to use their remaining coin to beat their chests and claim to be character 1, 2 and 3... The only authorized determiners of weed selling rights is these 3.


Well i'll just sleep around near them during this time like their pet who might talk if i feel the need, last warning to zombies don't pull me away and try to corner them. They decide, once & for all, who sells what strains (leaf when they want, & seeds when happy).


Anna your idea of pilgrims of various religions is in the right direction, great to see, but expand it to free travel for all, that's the only way to ensure rest for Zeus,who's at the forefront of the logical push to save mankind. Agreed he gets poor in the process, dies, some might feel this is proof of fictionality of Zeus and correctness of current consensus of rich ideologues, but all of them are blinded in noise due to how all is largely noise based on egotism and fear in the large part. Zeus the true God of pro-logic probeauty and pro evolution (proforest, antidesertification), is not cared about noise, only logic.


The Greeks understood this better but Zeus gave up on the idea of Base and spread his friends (including best of plants eg those strains of weed and best of animals including tigers and eagles and best of tech, always his greatest assets and root of his ultimate victory, the method of logic). But of course Greek tradition became victim of hero centrism (hubris), I guess at times heroes blow themselves up to prove the point their dogma doesn't.