The Gandhi Deception


My Whatsapp conv with Haroon:

 That's a band
 That gandhi fellow
 Of course but I was talking about that other chap mahatma gandhi
 Lot of mass murder
 No history talks of that
 Salaried historian pseudo-intellectuals
 And genocide
 Secret systematic violence
 No historian covers that side of the story
 For me I realised the meaning of salt march
 I realised the meaning when I remembered roman soldiers were paid salt as salary
 Of Dandi salt march
 Clue, it's a weapon of war
 Well a roman soldier will (brutusistically) hurt and flee
 Another will come pretending as healer, rub salt on wounds and flee!
 So dandi salt march was about systematically weakening coastal zombie defence
 Mass murder
 Never suspected that... right?
 Link the dots
 The followers of gandhi, armed with salt killed the coast guard and bay watch females of India
 Like roman soldiers
 This is what I think
 Crazy but there cannot be any other meaning of salt march
 Rub salt on wounds
 History needs to be rewritten
 The confirmation is that sonia gandhi was apparently daughter of mussolini bodyguard


Well i searched Gandhi vampire on google, this is what i found:

"To become a more effective hunger striker, Mahatma Gandhi mixes his blood with Dracula's".


Dangerous guy!

The legacy of the congress party...

birds of the same feather flock together:


Holy ^@#)... that's scary for a zombie populist!


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No wonder Nathuram Godse is defended by some:

Moral of the story -- do your google searches!
Some really good stuff (like my work) out there that nobody covers: