Zeus helps those who help themselves


Zeus to save "God's own country" from zombie error - Kerala situation :

Zombie error results from neurotoxicity due to neurotoxins (tobacco and alcohol) and the unhealthy high frequency EM signalling by zomboid pseudo-intellectuals (even "God's own country " can succumb to it since God is no nationalist or statist but international) and one only need overcome it by seeing the bigger picture by nonlinear thinking...

There's no point specifically calling superficial good as "good", that's an insight even I can learn from, I am called rude but I need to be so even more if facing fools, since I'm a diplomat mediator and the truth is, war is not the perfect situation either.

So speak of the noblest good:

The good:

Zeus: the de facto leader of the (nonlinear) thinkers (the so-called linear thinkers are merely communicators who ought to shut up and listen when we speak).

Man is such an egocentric fool that he calls dog his best friend.... he has no understanding about man's commonly un-understood truest unknown best friend, whose glory is such that it's not as if people automatically qualified to speak of it... even a compulsive scholar like me only after 8 years of research could partly understand the several aspects of Zeus and no post of mine can do a just description of the most complex personality ever, it is undefinable and it would be a crime to call it merely a human personality, which, today, has come to denote something largely base, or "zombie"... Though what hurts Zeus the most is when the herd forgets that, as a supreme victorious philosopher.... It's lonely at the top for Zeus, and if all the titans and Kronos types gang up to deceive Uranus and mankind against Zeus, it can get hard, ultimately fatally hard even for someone like Zeus, despite his heroic friends because... Mankind was degenerating and what he thought were heroes turned out backstabbers (the tragic heroes rejected by Zeus due to intentionally irresponsible misuse of the power he'd given)... It was easy for the low iq mortal to forget the role of Zeus and believe himself to be the beginning and end! Like Aristotle, who for all his wisdom was judged to have let the Gods down (I just saw some of his worst statements like "he who is everyone's friend is nobody's friend", so he "implied" that Zeus was nobody's friend!).... Because he could be distracted by love, even Zeus could face titanic challenges when trying to save all that is good in the world... with his brave eagles and tigers and dwindling race of human intellectuals, of whom he was the de facto and undeclared leader so it became a problem when iq became rare and to many, seemingly not any more of significance.... declaration of leadership by "proving" things to fools (more given to belief in illusion than complex reality) became a big part of the political process.... Due to the drop in quality of man's genes the heroes became unreliable, more about lip service and demand of "payment for heroism" (eg adnan sami's most famous song which became a Gospel for those of the type to whom orange was just a fashion rather than ideology.... ) than doing heroic deeds, that they didn't even understand.... Evil and degeneration was so real and massive that saving the world from capitalism and zombie suicide wasn't so easy even for the Zeus Gods and heroes, at least before the rise of Internet and Steam made it easy to show the fools their level ... If you want to understand the original... Unlike the sons of inferior prior generations of Gods like Kronos who used to eat their own children and intolerably insult the female ... The original Zeus loved his children and the rise of sweet orange tendencies in mankind thanks to his far going angels... Rather than be worried by their evolution, Zeus wanted mankind and his children to evolve, as he represented an evolved, cool stage of man, destined to be victorious in truly smooth rather than bungling and temporary "we're number one" jalapeño pseudo-smooth style... And yet many sons of Zeus died, let down or even killed by those whose intelligence he overestimated, for such could be the only error he was prone to making... his love love fur mankind could be a bit too optimistic.. The most famous of his murdered sons was Christ. But closer to our times, Sometimes the zombies justified behind his back ever baser herd dynamics... Nietzsche led a mad mob hypnotised by the original Mr. Pi, and claimed to have killed God himself... For as they said, in a world of fools, or planet of the apes.... It's hard to be (the most evolved type of) God. Zeus is the lone misunderstood highest iq strategist, who tried to save man with his team of Herculean heroes and later all by himself when apparently, mt olympus itself was besieged by "the Greeks" (the monotangoing mangoid dwarves of Moria, I'd suspect), the people he had invested most of his effort in developing ....

But Zeus applied his experience elsewhere, catalysing the evolution of "barbarian" man...

Zeus aka the true sweet orange is heir of a supreme lineage that boasts of all that's worth boasting of, I find the best of which is:

preservation of the best (noblest nonlinear thinkers, and all other talents tested by the various games) of mankind and nature (the mysterious and legendary beauty Gaea aka Passion in particular) from the zombie threat (zombie is misrepresented as "barbarian" in the vulgar or late Greek ouranid interpretation).

Specifically through the invention of Olympic games (automatic method of Hercules selection) and later, fide>Steam vac-secured (anticheat) gentleman Pro gamer culture...

Zeus is international in outlook... which lastly the Americanists tried to misrepresent as "pro-America", hope it will not carry on, such a vulgar misunderstanding of Zeus just because he is more victorious intellectual rather than rabble rousing hitlerian demagogue

Zeus was the primordial applied intellectual, inventor of tools of assured victory, wholly unlike the precursors of today's "data scientists" who considered themselves apple Gods (besiegers of Sauron, the unreliable agent of Zeus... ), boasting of operating pocket calculator a few years back .

Zeus, world's greatest nonlinear thinker was the inventor and is the rightful operator (Americanists tried to keep him out) of the divine power of scientific human intelligence, such as the Dutchboy apparatus for the remote pressurisation of corrupt politicians (ref geostorm) ...

What more can i say, to put in context let's look at those who challenge his right to advise mankind :

The bad :

Regionalist "elites" actually are, as always regionless, "wanderers" - such people claim to represent regions only to exploit people and usurp taxes from real leaders of mankind, like Zeus and his beloved Gaea and the heroes who really do things.

Well they're there everywhere and where i

live as well... Kerala's regionalist "elites" have a global presence, and deep influence in all religions thus have a moralistic selfappraisal of their herd that is locked against pro-logic progress, and they also harbour a severe hubris and disrespect towards Zeus, if their treatment of a Zeus ally like me is any indication....

They hold command over the fates of top good guys who may dare to emerge in Indian police, with power even stretching to next similars seemingly in maharashtra where they possibly sit on the spine of the orange farmers of nagpur I guess... They have a particularly dangerous nature, as seen in their treatment of apolitical kerala youth intellectuals like me.... as I've covered in a post before.

The last few months saw the murder of many diplomats sent by the currently pro-Zeus central government of India,


They paid for their lives when they came to humbly request the regionalists to abandon their antihuman policies eg jailing of children trying to bring weed from Tamil Nadu, refusing weed to leading kerala intellectuals, when they asked them to wisen up by ending their "secret" siege of the city's famous padmanabhaswami temple (which, the mango fundamentalists insisted, the sweet oranges have no place in, since they are merely logical and ought to be quiet )...

Even chief minister began listening to herd instead of convincing the grapefruit fundamentalists:


But an eye opener...

3 days back : the regionalist elites' fantastic plan to "shoot" an absurd but moral lungi flick starring:

Supreme court media cult

Ignorant population

Misrepresented young girl who probably doesn't understand anything anyway

moral terrorists, corrupt police, and the usual suspects who're not worth listing eg ak47 bhai mbbs, who couldn't appear for some reason


This proposal was revealed to be so absurd that Akhila/Hadiya was sent back to Kerala by Delhi - the catastrophic downfall of the regionalists' grand plan...

Zeus had set a process in motion, he had a plan.

So I had this event at home, 3 days before. Some brahmint elite in the guise of a priest came and said, "you are going to finally have relief from your string of defeats", and I thought, defeats, huh... Whatever... He also claimed that some arbit plant is better than cowdung when it comes to curing cancer, and when I prodded him and asked, what about ganja? He said that "Shiva loves it" but also "it is dangerous" thus me like a false monk. Anyway, upon the advice someone had asked him to give me, 2 days ago my family left for Rameswaram nice city though Kalam wasn't its noblest son although only he has a tomb there, in a world where the terror capitalist's favourite strategy seems to be pretending as Rama (Ramdev comes to mind but I'm really not pointing fingers) and maligning the true Rama... it is hard to be a Rama (true King of Himalayan province) I guess, but I think, it is rarer to find a Lakshmana (true NRI respected by the world for going on his own steam rather than because of being promoted by a consensus of Nissan and fake Ramas and global capitalists)...who only the true Rama can nurture ....

And 2 hours after I left...

The city where I lived, the capital of kerala, whose intellectuals were being oppressed by the elites, was subjected to a cyclone since these elites don't listen to logic but to force, and is risky for logicians to try talking to them, that is the logic of Geostorm.


Geostorm says hello to the regionalists of Kerala and trivandrum! Zeus is such a perfectionist when it comes to friendship, just 2 hours after I left....

Check out shashi tharoor pic, he was forced to speak for the old elites, the antiweed moralists. His umbrella tested!

The zombies' plan failed...


Haroon, my friend who dares be the diplomat in the relatively zombie infested zones (not just Muslims but inter-religious types who are interested in religious conservatism for obvious reasons) by trying to get the optimistic logic I convey, into elites who find it hard to listen to logic... shared with me a picture that I attached for you, that he found relevant, and so do I! The zombie elites plan was to have a Nov 30th barbecue in trivandrum, first feast inauguration speech by shashi tharoor showcasing their style of cannibalist terrorism by leading zombie capitalists? Probably they were expecting to eat me, in the style of Kronos eating children lol but well, plan changed. Children of destiny don't go by fate, hahaha. Anyway if the devil was brought in I wouldn't have any problem with the devil either, not just because devil is only useful for long term corruption attack against society eg papacy, and the zombie styles of attack are too slow against stray lone wolves... Devil is God's agent in all such exceptional times when devil is forced by zombies to lead a push against the rare innocent individual (in other times when his role is secondary to zombie democracy, the Devil is just not allowed by the low IQ herds to be as logical as he wants: they have learnt lesson from their failures against Zeus and use it to dominate the devil to that extent).... This even if I had been caught like the other day, anyone who insisted on barbecuing me would have found himself barbecued instead, whether or not previously approved by the sister of "world's hottest wife".

This also explains why Haroon thought that some powers thought that I wouldn't survive into December, hehehe. But I survive and this is merely the herd's umpteenth failure in weird zombie methods short of cowardly assassination which they are reluctant to do because though they are collectively in agreement that the low iq people are all very angry at me, nobody is particularly offended by me, and even the leading zomboids probably think that assassination or even disappearance is not something that I deserve if only because the thinkers of the world will not tolerate any such direct herdist anti-individual display of shameful cowardice, especially now that it's well known that I'm a real lone wolf, not some pet bulldog or rather pitbull or werewolf of some zombie elites, and neither a lamb of God like jesus. And no, I'm not a gay werewolf secretly in with vampires, the only reason I stay in my family's house is because ... I need the free food and Internet to focus on my research, win the games, and the free food, to save the world. I refuse to reluctantly whore out to capitalism merely to survive, why do that if today there is an option for one to truly live, as a hero.


Presstitute media says: nothing to worry about, we are still number one, if not Hitlers, Washington will save us:


But they realise they're no match for Zeus:


The fools never learn the lesson : if I give link they'll never learn, so better go back to YouTube and see we are number one by lazytown.

Guess who's the joke of town being discussed by who they believed was the joke of town ie "the village idiot". Well I return to the city in a few hours, that was part of the plan, so Zeus must have decided to call off the storm for now, but the lessons, geostorm or if required, military activity, will restart if the antiweed mad docs fail to learn the lesson and return to the Nietzsche nazi conclusion that "Zeus is merely a Greek myth now found not even in Greece, which has evolved as proven in how there's now no food in Greece, and we're the Gods because we're number one, as we shall prove in this world war which our chiefs of secret police Hitlers and stalins have been forced by those damn military kids to declare! For we are the console peasants" So there is an option for the antiweed demons to get away from Zeus's wrath: just legalise weed, free weed and seeds (encouraged) to all who need given by the governments and private sector BOTH ... don't make it all about 420 culture where only Hitler authorised gangs are allowed to sell weed or, if possible, spice. So they see this logic and get their heads out of each other's mutually infested arses, that's the kind of thing that, Zeus really wants and will cause the end of geostorm and other attacks against the syllogistic tumours of global civilization. Yeah Aristotle, in how he promoted syllogism over logic, was probably the greatest pseudo-intellectual the world has ever heard of, since the Gods themselves put him to death, and it follows Socrates was also at fault because the Greeks decided that his error of sophistry and pseudo-intellectualism was too great a crime and should be punished by death: something that Mr pi should understand again:

Well I don't know any regional elite but I took the number of that priest who said that "weed is not so good and sanjeevani is something different " although he admitted that "Shivan loves weed" ... It's his job to serve society as a priest, he'll sure help after all he took like 35000 bucks for that day's ritual which is like the average monthly salary for a graduate engineer in India, or me for that matter since I am bad at "selling myself" because I'm honest see, I am supposed to be bound but this is the information age and I see things and never turned an ear to the mainstream (illogical, antizeus) views of those around me, and I'm not sold to a typical capitalist company even if I take its salary, unlike the initially unsuspecting angel kid coal miners who worked 18 hour days in industrial era England... If I took any money, that's just to survive in a hostile capitalist ecology, I'm neither a pro-capitalist and neither sold... as "benevolent capitalist" after capitalist found out. So You can call Mr Niteesh and repeat this message to him, in case the elites don't get the message from here.

I'll call too I guess ...

Here's the number 9447775772

Specifically, seek a response about the weed mad doc frankenstein + zombie problem which has already been rectified in Tamil Nadu and Delhi. Get him to see how the elites who die by the geostorm are being illogical in standing against the way of the world, and being logical and thoughtful and responsible is the only way for a leader of society to live, rather than being afraid of terroristic bullies who threaten of sodomy or something I guess.......



XXXXXXXX  ----------- Not the first time I've been targetted by zombies, lol -----------XXXXXXXX


It's hard living among people who may be zombies, the average iq on offer is so dangerously low. I usually never worked with anybody because of this reason, dropped out of company after company when I found out that they were merely using me as mango pseudofriends* , but you have no choice but to be optimistic about iq if you really want to see a world where problem solving intelligence is respected in your lifetime, just because that's the right thing to do, not merely because intelligence is beautiful or always wins every world war, why do the peace/war type guerrilla police/paramilitary/terrorist type low iq people have to drive us to declare a world war each time? Why can't the herds simply accept that they will stop trying to indiscriminately exploit high iq individuals for once... We promise a world where low iq people will be respected and will gain in intelligence because the genes are there, education and nutrition is missing, so people become stunted fools and try to justify that, a situation which must be corrected at all costs... By a most open and noble diplomacy, as I did try, but most surely by world war** if diplomatic alternatives are ignored, and especially if they result in threats and weird zombie mass-social magic shows around a cut off thinker...


** that's just about containing, with least possible violence, any militantly pushy antireform zombie herds, by concerted and international army action... relocating them as individuals...

* typical in India :( youtu.be/4UG1g13wvLY...
Their excuse is that I am rude but that's a lie, they were all too lost to successfully engage me... they could have put more effort to engage me since I was too busy saving the world... cowards and fools will not help me but Zeus my eternal greatest friend, liberated from his unjust siege by me and dirtydutchman, watches for me by now (scroll to top)