A total breakdown of the institution of marriage

As a chronologically efficient, compulsively individualistic person, the problem with me used to be not being too busy in what i was doing 
which left me unable to ask for help and love when needed, I was not able to SAY "relevant" things (as circumstances are, that is what you need do?) to justify the acceptance of love and help when the opportunity presented itself.
By now luckily it doesn't matter, now that the global logical objectives have mostly been achieved! 
A 2nd chance (and no "3 lives limit") for the affairs I missed out on just because i was too fucking busy.
Now pausing to receive the love and help that i always sought but was too busy (and almost instinctively skeptical of the idea of social interaction, like "ah, she's just too hot, what the hell can i SAY" etc.) to pursue.
I'm just like, I have always obeyed this law, I do not have time and I engage with only those who nontrivially engage with me with space-time efficiency, only looking correct, straight affairs with no tricks or hooks, of love for each other and all that is good in nature and man, not using the other.
The fools who say that love basically means the hook in itself... are the fools I'd love to stay maximally away from. 
I guess the only logical conclusion to the triple talaq controversy in Islam, is the long-due total breakdown of the institution of marriage.