The Continentals versus the Analytics

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What's this about Analytic and continental? Well, as I said to an analytic scholar:

"Andre, I'm a continental philosopher, while you are (it is clear) an analytic philosopher. Most of western academia is analytic, though where you're from, i.e. Germany, has seen some great continental types such as Hans Asperger as well (1). My "overly theoretical" work may not be taken seriously by the analytics, even the most important of it (2), neither do i take most of their "overly microscopist work" (such as the dopaminergic hypothesis, or the idea that much grey matter constitutes "intelligence") seriously. Analytics and Continentals are perennially at swords. It is a natural extension of the neurological details. It is true that, if the world must see the promised "Golden Age" ("Satya yuga"), both analytics and continentals must work together, side by side, polishing up the logical and syllogical aspects both... but sadly that's hard to realize, it appears. Blame the egos of philosophers though maybe our information-age-primed generation can see the end of this age-old conflict.

1) Analytic philosophy

2) Receptive Quotient And Its Role in Alzheimer's Disease

3) Analytic Vs. Continental Philosophy"

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Since humans are the most complex of objects, the Queen of all Sciences is Anthropology, the study of various humans (chiefly, their brain types) and animals of similar psychological orientations, from the chimpanzee to the bonobo, to learn more about ourselves.

Recalling the Droogie obsession with girls as misrepresented in the Clockwork Orange -- in reference to bonobos -- the incipient Droogies stuck in "our" society are "Ehu boys", a term to be interpreted in the sense of Urban dictionary's definition of "ehu girl":

"Commonly known to be sweet and polite in public, but will rip off her man's pants the second there is some privacy."

"A dirty girl who hails from the island of Hawaii".


The bonobo is more about problem-solving (like logicians), whereas the chimpanzee is more about solution-fetching (like syllogicians):






Main criticisms of the Analytic Priesthood:

Criticisms there are too many, as we'll see as we go on. Initially, only criticisms pertaining to the academic world are covered:

  1. The imperialistic, interventionist Analytic Priesthood promotes -- mostly for its own "gain" (short-sighted notions of profit) -- "good" "1-size-fits-all" "solutions" of dubious quality (e.g.: chemical pesticides) -- even though, for the most part, humans are diverse, and their environs were ideal to begin with... For example, it prescribes rote education even to Aspergian children. Their mischief in the world of social studies (in particular, economics[1]) was great.
  2. The Analytic Priesthood -- because of its excessive pollution by syllogisms owing  to the excessive presence of syllogicians in its academicistic structures -- has degraded the world of physics, as discussed by Woit, here, and Smolin, here.

[1] The economic world's corruption is discussed in "Inside Job"; an excerpt from its transcript:

Damon: "The financial industry also exerts its influence in a more subtle way; one that most Americans don't know about. It has corrupted the study of economics itself".

"Deregulation had tremendous financial and "intellectual" support.
Because, uh, uh, people argued it for their own benefit*. The economics profession was the main source of that illusion".

                                * or pseudo-benefit... that's one of the problems with capitalism; here, short-sight rules!

Damon: "Since the 1980s, academic economists have been major advocates of deregulation, and played powerful roles in shaping U.S. government policy. Very few of these economic experts warned about the crisis. And even after the crisis, many of them opposed reform.

"The guys who taught these things tended to get paid a lot of money being consultants. Business school professors don't live on a faculty salary. They do very, very well".

Those who want to know our world's America-centered problem of capitalism, watch:


Those who like this subject, watch the next 2 videos as well; those who get it, can skip the below videos



And what to say about psychiatry, especially what's practiced in sophist-dominated places like USA, of which, as Purcell says:



This paragraph discusses the reason for writing all this, the reason for why we thinkers ask for a situation of love and logic in this world -- because, to many, even asking for such a situation is illogical. The question put forth by the Priesthood's "challengist" syllogicians, is this: If competition is present in nature, why not competition in the human world? But human society is incomparable to the animal kingdom. In particular: Usual forms of "Competitive victory", in wars for example, imply usually only that the "victorious" are better at herd dynamics. Thus we ask: Is the skill of herd dynamics (which comprises many skills viz. communicative, superficial charismatic aspects etc.) -- that which humanity wants to exclusively center about and develop*? Is there no other skill in the human inventory that is more worthy of the single human experience we all get? (but there are such skills, such as the logical skill, and it is actually better, in the context of happiness). The answer is evidently "No, the herd dynamics skill is not by itself fully worthy", therefore we confront the challengists and tell them that it is not that we are shy of a challenge, but we're shy of such "challenges", or pseudo-challenges, that pit the sole individual against a numerically superior herd -- as happens in the Analytic Chantry's orthodox "competitive" conditions (nationalism, economy etc.).



* As did, among apes, most of all the chimpanzees:



If the reader thinks of it, he will find it easy to regard as true the following statement: Due to natural variations in the time taken for the evolution of logical faculty in differently evolving humans in different regions – there are some people in whom the logical faculty became more developed (the "pΨs") and others in whom logical faculty was lesser developed (the "pΦs").

But of course, in the latter, other skills are well-developed – some social and meta-communicative skills (more recently, the syllogical faculty ) – a set of skills I named "RQ", which use, or maybe "exploit" – the monoconditional signalling property of dopamine – making up for this lack of logical faculty[1]

[1] Of course, there is the "nature vs. nurture" idea i.e. logical faculty can be raised by practice even in such people – but nurture was and is rare.

In the context of history, we can neglect it.


A good chunk of humanity's history, and in any case its most central parts, can be thus summarized: the two groups trying, by persuasion or war, to modify civilization into their type of system:

absolutely logical (by which we mean "objectively" logical) or syllogical (subjectively logical).


The clash, that is, the dichotomy implicit in this Yin vs. Yang phenomena, is the underlying source of nearly all major, "irresolvable" political differences, fighting, and instability in society; and we can say that the extremists of both camps are wrong. Anyhow, this clash gives to history a somewhat Hegelian characteristic, in the sense that Hegel said that there is thesis and then contending antithesis, in the historical progression, though, as there are 2 (contending) factions in mankind, such Hegelian progression is only natural.


Of course, the right type of civilization would take into account the variations between all types of people, and thus be truly objectively logical.

That is, a civilization that respects neurodiversity...




The Case for Neurodiversity: This website is concerned with the most central and fundamental realities which define mankind and its culture, and it is therefore related to the Greek γνῶσις (Gnosis), a noun which meant, to Plato, a body of higher knowledge absent in most men. The most fundamental detail that determines and defines all other details in society, is the distribution of brain types across humanity. It is a poorly understood matter, and the “new thesis” accessible on the left contains some ground-breaking new insights on this subject. The mental differences between humans (and the resulting need for a neurodiversity-based civilization) are usually ignored by establishment educationists, psychologists, and other academics. But mentally, humans are as diverse as the lemurs of Madagascar, which had started out as one species, but diversified into many physically dissimilar subtypes. Though, in the case of men, even if the species is the same as such, and the physical differences are trivial, the mental differences are profound. Remarkably the most important of these mental differences have no significant relationships with the politicized or apparent “differences” among men i.e. race, gender, ancestral origin, color, nationality etc. And the mainstream view that one of the mental types is "right" or "normal" or "ideal", and the other types are "diseased", is partially wrong, and partially an inversion of the truth. Finding some of these exotic truths have opened the doors to finding other critical truths. From our crow's nest, the great socio-economic problems of mankind become easy to solve. The solution involves flipping over architecture on its head, as we’ll see. Hopefully the reader can join me in that project! Hopefully he can sustain himself here until he gets to know the gist of what is conveyed!

Of course, reading this website and its offerings may not be as easy as, for example, eating. But readers are assumed uninformed. Verbosity shifting focus from reality into words, as seen in most analytic (popular or academic) traditions, is avoided. Though "merely logical" non-fiction may initially look hard to one whose right-brain is out of practice due to lack of exercise – if the reader is of that type -- if he persists, he will soon see a major increase in his insight and conceptual ability. Logical writings, as opposed to fiction / fiction-type (axiom-based) analytic frameworks, are thus direct components of Gnosis.

The great WHYs of the world...




WHY #1: The estranged Scythians

Why did the Polish minister Radek Sikorski, generally viewed as a leading ally of the United States in Europe, compare Poland's alliance with USA (a nation where the Analytic Chantry is dominant) to a "blowjob"? Scythian-occupied areas: Poland (land of the Skis (SK)), Punjab (land of the Sikhs (SK)), Scotland (SK), or we can say the Saka people of Japan. They all are, ideally, logicians (in Golden Age context), but in practice in modern times, they may be estranged from the logicians due to sophist pressure. Poland, in particular, is the current "Isle of Balar" -- and similar is Belarus. We must win back the Scythians -- there is another side to these people marginalized by society, who are forced to become rebels against the "System" (which is of course undeniably hateable anyhow, but they hate it for all the wrong reasons). Mankind should be more inclusive.


WHY #2: Reforming the economy:

Punk, as you know, is a worldwide movement. The American punks, led by Matt Damon -- our faraway but important brothers whose bravery despite being surrounded by syllogicians has been great -- have exposed the problems in the economic system of America, which are at the foundation of the present era's global economic problems; see this movie by the American punks named Inside Job (trailer and excerpt below), notice the mention of the term "the Analysis Group", an exemplary manifestation of what can be called the "Analytic Chantry"...



"From Academy Award® nominated filmmaker, Charles Ferguson ("No End In Sight"), comes INSIDE JOB, the first film to expose the shocking truth behind the economic crisis of 2008. The global financial meltdown, at a cost of over $20 trillion, resulted in millions of people losing their homes and jobs. Through extensive research and interviews with major financial insiders, politicians and journalists, INSIDE JOB traces the rise of a rogue industry and unveils the corrosive relationships which have corrupted politics, regulation and academia. Narrated by Academy Award® winner Matt Damon, INSIDE JOB was made on location in the United States, Iceland, England, France, Singapore, and China". The important excerpt is shown below:





(excerpt from "Lordship of the Fifth Column")

The ancient Egyptian Goddess, Isis

The O-p* Rubicon (the Oxus secret)

But syllogicians, even if they often forego logic, are not always inclined to syllogical conclusions – they often have respect for their own, or others’, logical thinking.

In particular, (even) the American syllogicians have a point. Let’s see how.


As anonymous says, “The region now known as Iraq has always been, in many ways, world history's ground zero. Today, as it has been many times in the past, understanding Iraq is central to the world's well-being”.

The key to stability in the world order is the "Oxus" push of the Afroeurasians (Russian elites, ISIS etc.) – as we’ll see, its main aspect is what can be called “unitheism” i.e. the unity of all religionists.

Iraq is central because of how it is where the people representing Amelia (Isis), and Kurds, who the sophists (presently the N-pΦs, or American syllogicians), clash.


A second main aspect of the "Oxus" push, is Iran-Turan unity – through the Molotov-Ribbentrop pact, the fascists tried, but failed, to use the "Oxus" push for stabilizing the world order, as we’ll see.


The most important phenomenon is the Oxus push’s unhelpfully wrong misinterpretation by the N-pΦs, who can also be called anti-Pentagon[1] American McCarthyist powers; this is the basic underlying cause of instability in the world order. 

So let us study the "Oxus push".

First, we study Babylon. Let’s start from the modern situation (for understanding the eternal).


The ISIS chief is "Al Baghdadi"? What's it about Baghdad or Babylon?


The basic importance of Babylon is that it is home to the Mystery School of Etemenanki, a characteristically pro-logic institution of ancient origins (see).

Clearly, this centrally located area was the superpower of ancient times – almost the heart of Afroeurasia. Why did the idea of a German-Baghdad railway so deeply trouble the Anglo-American sophists? Because reducing Afroeurasia's heart, retarding its development, has always been critical in the view of the "American" anti-Afroeurasians. Why is Babylon (and particularly that great dame called "the whore of Babylon" – namely, Isis) abused?

Same reason.

Saddam Hussein[2] can shed more light on this... Saddam's book Begone, Demons’ characters “include the narrator, Abraham, named for the patriarch in Jewish, Christian and Muslim traditions, and his grandchildren, three cousins named Ezekiel, Youssef and Mahmoud, who represent Jews, Christians and Muslims respectively”. Considering how anti-Afroeurasians would traditionally use any means – not excluding religious means – to break up their victims – friendship between the three religious groups implies a great unity among Afroeurasians, a unity known to, and respected by, the great logicians of America. For example, how was Saddam able to win the First Gulf War (as he claimed in Arab television), by sending G. H. W. Bush’s army back to USA? Bush had evidently judged friendship with Hades/neo-Etemenanki (then represented by Saddam) to be more important than the demands of the pΦs in Kuwait (where lies, obviously, a significant netherworld; "Kua" = well in Indic); G H.W. Bush ordered the American army to go back to USA – whereby he was nearly assassinated in Kuwait!)... The Oxus push can be understood by how, in Saddam's book, Jews, Christians, and Muslims are at peace owing to the alliance between representatives of the three religions (and in such an alliance, England/Egypt must have a central role), seeding conflict between which 3 religions is so "vital" for the sophists. It is possibly the detail upheld by ISIS; possibly, it is why Baghdadi may call himself "Caliph" so soon after Morsi's bid to declare himself "Pharaoh" was crushed. The Islamic, mosque-like architectural style of the Kremlin, as seen below, supports the view that the secret of the High Medieval Age was the Oxus push, which can be called the most exotic of all geopolitical details – a unity of Afroeurasians that worked against the divisive ploy of the religio-sophists – a secret apparently now pushed by a Russo-Chinese-ISIS etc. "cabal"; the Kremlin was, in fact, built by the Italians. This unity is also reflected in the Sicilian Fatimid caliphate, or the Emirate of Sicily (831-1072).


Thus the Oxus push is about the brotherhood of Afroeurasians.

For obvious reasons, the Oxus pact is especially promoted by an informal faction within reach of the “roof of the world” (Pamir mountain range), that consists of, among others:

  1. Rajasthan/Gujarat's Vishnuist pΨs (e.g.: Udaipur’s Narayana Seva Sansthan)
  2. The Iranian KMN faction (e.g.: KhomeiniΨ, Michael Kamen et al.)
  3. Logical aspects of ISIS (ISISΨ), evidently related to the anti-capitalism idea that lies at the core of Islam
  4. Irkutsk, Astana, Moscow pΨ elites (and indeed the entire area of the erstwhile Sky God, held up by the great mountains of Afro-Eurasia).
  5.  The Singh BrotherhoodΨ i.e. the Golden Temple Sikhs etc. (see the similarity of Iranian and Sikh flags).


But of course, the customary pΦ versions plague nearly all such Scythian-type factions, particularly:

  1. The Singh brotherhoodΦ[3] (that explains the infighting in the Golden Temple e.g.: “Tension prevailed in Amritsar on Friday as two groups of Nihang Sikhs clashed ahead of a traditional martial arts display. The groups were equipped with licensed arms”…)
  2. The KhomeiniΦ faction (Khomeini is dominated by the local pro-pΦ movements like “CONTRA”)
  3. ISISΦ (reactionary aspects of contemporary Jihad)


And it is this infiltration of the Oxus people – which is the reason for the American "sophists'" opposition of the Afroeurasian elites, the O-p*s... which is the basic underlying reason for instability in the world order[4]; so the Anglo-American cause even seems justified! Western pro-Oxus (though similarly infiltrated, so partially anti-Oxus as well), are:


  1.        the Pentagon (classically),
  2.         the Elites of Malaysia (whose flag is similar to the flag of USA, see also the twinned PETRONAS towers, the successor of the Twin Towers),
  3.         Brussels/Brazil elites etc.


It is the global sophists’ infiltration of these political bodies – which provides a long-term “just cause” to the American sophists.

And this "anti-Afroeurasian sophist"[5] cause is upheld by another factor as well: The American sophists have a great group which, by mistake, often lands on their side (of the Atlantic!) – that is, the Pentagonistic N-pΨs/p*s – namely, "Kane of USS" (as in Star Wolves III) – aka "Captain Picard of the USS Enterprise" – whom we can call representative of the American logicians, and whose presence (on "the  American sophists' side") – albeit an increasingly unwelcome presence as the 9/11 attacks on the Pentagon shows – is misused to justify the American sophists' campaign of hate against the Oxus (Axis).

Yet the N-pΦs and N-pΨs are generally in conflict with each other, as seen in chapter 14. This constitutes the ideological civil war within America, which has claimed the lives of, for example, so many of America's presidents.

For example, some N-pΨs are shown as pro-Middle East "villains" in the (pro-N-pΦ) film Under Siege 2: Dark Territory.

In that film, American logicians, or N-pΨ "villains", are shown as retaking, from the N-pΦs, control of "some satellite" (or[6] more generally scientific apparatus – see, for example, "Rattmann, chapter 14).

Despite what that film might suggest, however, the likes of Steven Seagal cannot be called "N-pΦs", but only N-p*s – that's why Seagal's friendship with the increasingly ro-Oxus Putin is so publicly maintained despite the anti-Putin outcry by the N-pΦs.

Thus the root cause of instability – i.e. the American sophists (and their satellites, like the Kurds) fighting the Afroeurasian powers – is borne of a silly misunderstanding – it is not about a necessary clash which has at its root differences in brain types among syllogical and logical men (that was what I used to think), which is merely a secondary destructive factor which lubricates and completes the destruction caused due to the misunderstanding.

The current disharmony of human society is, therefore, accidental!

[1] Why do these Americans hate the Pentagon? Twin Towers, Pentagon faction is also "Nas"-ified (NASA etc. ), if its successor, petroNAS, is anything to go by. That is why we must call America's syllogician elites (Jonesists) Pseudo-McCarthyistic, not McCarthyistic. Of course, one can understand all this, about NAS, only if he reads chapter 7 of this book.

[2] How could Saddam Hussein build a base avoiding N-pΦ intervention in the first place? To answer that question, we will make recourse to another mythology, the fictional Dune universe created by Frank Herbert, in which we see "The Fremen [free-men]: first appearing in the 1965 novel Dune, the Fremen inhabit the desert planet Dune aka Arrakis [i.e. Iraq], which is the sole known source of the all-important spice melange in the universe [very important Hadorian underworlds, dating back to the time of Sauron's Etemenanki in Babylon (see Minotaur of Numenor) – exist in Iraq]. Herbert based their culture, in part, on the desert-dwelling Bedouin and Tuaregs. Long overlooked by the rest of the Imperium and considered backward savages, in reality they are an extremely hardy people and exist in large numbers. The Fremen had come to Arrakis thousands of years before the events of the novel as the Zensunni Wanderers [linked to  the Sunnis?], a religious sect in retreat. As humans in extremis, over time they adapt their culture and way of life to survive and thrive in the incredibly harsh conditions of Arrakis. The Fremen are distinguished by their fierce fighting abilities and adeptness at survival in these conditions. With water such a rare commodity on the planet, their culture revolves around its preservation and conservation". We come close to answering why the German-Baghdad railway so deeply troubled the N-pΦs – as well as the mystery of modern "ISIS". "The Fremen worship the giant sandworms of Arrakis [pΨ underworlds] as manifestations of the earth deity [earth goddess i.e. Ki aka Isis] they call Shai'Hulud [Shah Hell-dio]". The Zensunni were persecuted because they were Scythian types (included both pΨs and pΦs, though we can say that its pΦs, as the "leading pΦs", were forced into position by other sophists.

[3] And most importantly its temporal manifestation, Singapore (and Singapuram, Orissa).

[4] And it has nearly always been so – ever since the Scythian typology of the Numenorian elites (3100 BC), and indeed ever since the Noldor (5600 BC).

[5] Though we can forever argue about who are the greater sophists, the sophists among the Afroeurasian elites, or the western sophists; the former might seem more barbaric, while the latter most barbarously promotes usury and sophistry…

[6] By the way, the film also discusses a certain "earthquake-causing technology", though more proof is needed to comment on the existence of such a technology